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Hostinger Best Web hosting review

There are several web hosting companies in this digital world Like hostinger, Godaddy, WordPress, Bigrock etc. As a web developer, you need a reliable web hosting company in order to succeed online. There are a number of features to consider in website like loading speed, security, and more. With a lot of web hosting companies, it can be overwhelming to pick the best option for you site. Meanwhile, I have a review of one of the popular web hosting company, hostinger. You will be able to know the good and bad side of this company then decide on weather to take it or not. Therefore, below is hostinger web review.

Hostinger - Best web hosting review
Hostinger – Best web hosting review


This is a very crucial part when choosing the best hosting platform. Every web site owner needs a quality server for their sites. A great server should offer high loading speed for your website. In other words, the speed of your website is crucial such that the it’ll provide a positive user experience. In hostinger, you’ll get the following performance features;

  • Solid state drive hardware (SSD hardware)
  • 99.9 uptime guarantee
  • Custom built cache manager

You will be able to identify your uptime data over 24 hours and even the past one week even in a month. This is a feature that even most of the hosting providers don’t offer.

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Almost every web owner want to secure their websites and if you are one of them. Hostinger provides tools that will allow you secure your site. You will gain access to free security socket layer (SSL) certificate in both VPS and shared hosting. You can also decide to purchase one for yourself separately. This certificate allow you to secure the connection between your site and the visitors device. This is a vital product for your site safety. Moreover, their are other safety and security measures to protect your site from attacks and threats.


We have made our research well and believe us, hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers. If you need a low cost from as low as $1.99 every month. Hostinger will offer you with a low monthly rate and you can sign a contract with them for the next 48 months. Though many will prefer paying every month which is relatively low and to avoid that huge cost at once. You can even do this calculation to come up with your conclusion. For instance, $1.99 every month compared to four years hosting costing you $100.

The monthly payment seems less compared to the amount you pay every year. When you renew your contract, the rates may increase a little bit. The single hosting option will renew at a total amount of $3.99 every month once you complete your four years payment of $1.99/months. It is not a bad move the world of web hosting.


This is another great feature to consider after knowing the price. You might have selected a shared wordpress hosting but you need to consult something. Normally, there are a number of things you may encounter and wish to know more. A reliable support is important for web owners. There are a number of technical problems that may come up or you may need to enquire on something. Luckily, the hostinger support is available for 24/7 offered in more than 20 languages. The support personnel we contacted was friendly and we can say that their support is reasonable.

Simple interface

Hostinger web hosting provides an easy interface for users to navigate easily without struggling. Even if you have little or no experience in web hosting. You’ll be able to manage your website and find what you are looking for quickly. The platform have labelled everything for you and you can easily access installed apps, for example wordpress. You can also perform other operations easily, like upgrading your plan, manage domains, change emails, and more. Though the interface is not perfect but it’s easy to use.

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VPS hosting

If you are an owner of business website, and looking forward to make waves with the site. Then VPS hosting might be the best solution for you. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, VPS means virtual private servers. This means that you will get your own private servers rather than sharing. You will be able to access up to six different VPS hosting plans. The minimum hosting plan starts at $3.95 every month for 48 months. With that price, you’ll get 60 GB storage, 3 GB Ram, plus 3 TB bandwidth.

Those plans will include more other features till the VPS 6 plan which will offer 160 GB storage, 8 GB Ram, plus 8 TB bandwidth. The amount you’ll pay for VPS 6 is $ 38.99 every month for 48 months. We went on and ask a question to see their response rate, they responded in an more than 4 min. It I not perfect but quite good and we give you the challenge to try on hours at home.

Minecraft Hosting

This is another great feature offered by hostinger web hosting. This service by hostinger is unique compared to most of the competitors. The Minecraft Hosting is a solution for gamers and you’ll pay $8.95 every month for 48 months. Gamers will get a variety of services with this plan, including game modes and more other things.

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Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting is somewhat new hosting service but it’s also great. This hosting has a number of plan for you as follows;

  • Cloud startup

You’ll begin with $9.99 every month. (The renewal price is $19.99)
SSD storage of 200 GB
3 GB ram
2 CPU cores.

  • Cloud professional

Starts at $14.99 every month (renewal price of $39.99)
6 GB Ram
SSD storage of 250 GB
4 CPU cores

Wordpress vs Hostinger Hosting Plan
WordPress vs Hostinger Hosting Plan

WordPress hosting

This is a popular as well as the an alternative for most web developers. Many websites in the internet use this hosting service on their sites. We have more other hosting options in hostinger and you can read more as you’ll take the best choice for your site.

WordPress vs Hostinger which is best platform?

If you buy hosting directly from WordPress you will be charged with around 10000 RS(123$) per year whereas with hostinger cost is only 3000 RS(37$) per year. With hostinger you can enjoy WordPress CMS. With WordPress you need to buy Individual plan for each domain name whereas with hostinger with single plan you can use 100 domains thats best thing I like about Hostinger hosting plan & best thing is you can enjoy WordPress CMS platform with Hostinger plan.

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Pros and cons of using hostinger Web hosting


The hosting plans are affordable
Easy wordpress installation and a free domain name.


Not all the plans have windows option.
The support has a moderate response

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