November 28, 2023

Fiewin App – Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

Hello my name is Ketan & I am using earning applications from last 10 years and have been using Fiewin app to make money online. So today I will tell you about Fiewin app or game to make money playing games. One of best game recommended by me along with fiewin is Daman games.

So Fiewin app is online earning game where you can play different fun games and invest some amount on that game and when you win your investment will multiply. It is best gaming platform for best experience. Over 5,000,000 + users play on this cash earning app, Has 900,000+ Investors and till now people earned 750,000,000 on Fiewin.

FieWin app - Earn real cash
FieWin app – Earn real cash

Why Fiewin is Best online earning game?

Fiewin Closed – Recent update on Fiewin.

Dear friends, The Fiewin app has been closed permanently, and you cant make money on this app anymore. The reason behind closing of fiewin app is unknown. You can see in image below that the website is no more responding.

Fiewin app closed - fiewin alternatives
Fiewin app closed – fiewin alternatives

Fiewin app alternative and trusted earning apps.

There are lots of online colour prediction games and online earning websites are closing within a year. So here I am with alternative to Fiewin app. The best Fiewin alternative app is Daman Games, This online casino game is trusted and not gonna close. They offer quick withdrawal of your money on daily basis so dont take risk play online earning games on daman games and withdraw daily basis to avoid loosing of your hard earned money.

Join Daman Games now.

Safe Payment gateways.

There are many reasons to call Fiewin best earning app for Mobile devices. On of the reason is safe and reliable payment options, Its supervised by banks and has cooperation with 4 payment institution.

Trusted earning app
Trusted earning app

Top customer service.

Fiewin provides 24*7 customer service so you can rely on them. They have professional team to provide you VIP services. Some salient features of their services are Fast withdrawal and Fast recharge you can deposit min 20rs.

Online earning game with best customer service
Online earning game with best customer service

Best way to make money.

There are many ways to make money on Fiewin like daily check-In rewards, If you login and check in on app you will get rewards without even playing game. You will earn higher amount if you check-in consecutively for 7 days. Also get task rewards for completing different tasks like – 1st recharge, Invite friend, more than 100 orders.

best way to make money 1 Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

Also Lucky rupees option available where you can receive free money from some telegram channels.

How to create Fiewin Account?

1-Click on this link first Join Fiewin App.
2-Then Click on Register.
3- Enter mobile number Then click on get verification code.
4- Input verification code you have received via SMS.
5- Select password and click on Register

Done you have successfully created Fiewin earning app account now you can play different online games and earn real cash.

image 1 Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

Fiewin App available games to earn real money.

As shown in below image there are 06 games available to play on Fiewin.

  • Fast Parity
  • Dice
  • MineSweeper
  • Andar Bahar
  • Hi-Lo
  • Crash game
  • Fiewin Circle game
Fiewin earn money games
Fiewin earn money games

1- Fiewin fast parity.

As shown in below image every 30S a colour and number results will be declared, You need to show your colour prediction and number prediction skills and bet on right colour or number, After 30 seconds if that colour comes in results your money will get multiplied. Right colour prediction will double your invest amount, number will give you 9X earnings and If you bet on Violet which comes in results sometimes only along with number 0 and 5 you will get 4X of your bet amount.

Fiewin fast parity cash game
Fiewin fast parity cash game

2- Fiewin Minesweeper game to make money.

Minesweeper is another fun to play game, I suggest to play these games as fun if you bet higher amounts in excitement you may loose. So play responsibly. In minesweeper as shown in below image There will be 1 mine out of 16 blocks, You just need to tap on options where money hidden, If you click on mine you will loose. I recommend even you earn small profit stop game and don’t go for next block.

Minesweeper earn money
Minesweeper earn money

3- Dice online monmey making game.

Dice is another crazy game to play and earn you need to adjust the given selector predicting next result value. If results are below your set value your investment will multiply otherwise you will loose. Lower the value of selector higher the risk but higher the rewards.

DICE game real cash
DICE game real cash

4- Crash Game.

In crash game you need to predict when will plane crash and need to stop before crash and you will earn money multiplied by factor where you stopped.

5- Andar Bahar – Easiest game to play and win cash.

Andar Bahar is my favourite game, Its easy to play, first one card will appear on display, You need to predict in which side same card will appear, If you bet on correct side your earnings will be double. You can also bet on Tie means card will not appear at any side and if match ties you will earn 14X, Betting on Tie gives higher returns but there is high risk.

Fiewin app andar bahar game
Fiewin app andar bahar game

6- Hi-Lo earning game.

During start of the game a hole card is shown, and the next card will be lower or with higher value if you guess between Hi/Lo correctly your money will get doubles. There is also jackpot reward available if you win continously and result is 7 continously you will jackpot 3,14000/-

7- Circle game – Latest trending cash game from Fiewin.

This is another trending earning game from Circle is spin wheel to win kind of game so luck is very important factor to win in circle game, there is no trick to win every time. You just need to show your prediction skills. You can bet on Elephant, Lion or Cow with these earning chances are higher. If pointer and spin wheel stops on option you choose you will win.

Circle game - Latest trending cash game from Fiewin.
Circle game – Latest trending cash game from Fiewin.
Circle game to earn money online
Circle game to earn money online
Fiewin Circle game
Fiewin Circle game

Also read – Best colour prediction games to earn money online.

Fiewin App apk download.

Unfortunately fiewin removed app download link from their home page. But my question is why you require app. The app version doesn’t work well. Fiewin works fine on any browser like Chrome, Stock browser etc. My recommendation is using Chrome browser to play Fiewin games. Google chrome works better thatn last version of Fiewin app. So Apk is not at all required.

Join Fiewin App & start making money online.

Fiewin app refer & earn – Make money without Investment.

As discussed about Daman games fiewin additionally has invite and earn scheme in which you may earn 3 degree referral sales. You just need to refer your buddies to play the sport and ask buddies to refer greater human beings so you each may be benefited. Whenever you invited friend plays the game and win you’ll also get commission from them.

Fiewin refer and earn invite scheme
Fiewin refer and earn invite scheme

They additionally has agent million coins boom plan in which after finishing every invite project you may earn huge rewards recently I got ten thousand RS reward for referring a hundred customers to app, after I will whole 2 hundred refers I gets 20,000RS assignment bonus in conjunction with commission. I earn 1500-2000 rupees day by day on Fiewin.

So Invite and earn is the manner to earn money with out funding, you may withdraw your incomes or use that cash to play games and win more.

Fiewin Agent 10 Million Cash growth Plan.

Fiewin refer & Earn agent 10 million cash growth plan
Fiewin refer & Earn agent 10 million cash growth plan

The Fiewin agent 10 millions cash growth plan is divided in 8 levels. After completion of each level you will receive exciting cash rewards. when you completed highest reward called grand master award, You will receive 10 million Indian rupees, that you can instantly withdraw in your bank account. Recently I have reached Diamond Level i.e. level 6 D3 is ongoing task.

After completion of Diamond reward D2 I have received 20000 INR. In total till now I have received 35853 INR in Agent million cash growth plan. Next reward i.e. Diamond 3 is for inviting 300 effective users after completion of task I will receive 30000 rupees.

how to earn 10 million cash reward in Fiewin?

If you want to reach Grand Master reward which is 10 million means 1 crore rupees. you need to invite as many as users to play the game. After inviting 280 Active members I earned 38000 reward then you can imagine how much you need to work to get 1 crore reward. It will not be easy you need to work hard. But keep in mind along with these rewards you will keep earning regular commissions when your invited referrals play the games on Fiewin app.

To start earning rewards Go to Invite Section > Click on Agent 10 Million banner > Start Task and receive award after completion of task. you need to Invite users from direct contacts, Social media, creating YouTube videos etc.

Fiewin Withdrawal proof.

Fiewin is trusted app and fastest paying app, You will get your money quickly in your bank account after clicking on withdraw. Withdraw also works on Sat-Sun so no worries you will get your money 24*7 without delay.

Fiewin withdrawal proof Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.
Fiewin withdrawal proof

How to recharge on Fiewin App?

How to recharge on Fiewin
How to recharge on Fiewin

Recharge process of fiewin is relatively Easy. First login using your credentials then click on recharge, Select or type recharge amount then click on recharge. There you can pay directly scanning QR code or select your UPI app like phonepe, Gpay, Paytm, Amazon Pay etc. Copy QR code then go to your UPI app and complete payment after completion go to details of transaction take screenshot then again go to fiewin window and uploads screenshot and wait for verification. Done your recharge will be successful.

Fiewin Tricks or mod apk to earn money.

Many websites and youtubers claim to give you fiewin earning tricks and mod apk to generate income automatically but all those claims are false there is no any trick or mod apk available. You need to win using your prediction skills. So never fell for such scams at the end its skill based earning app.

More FAQ’s of Fiewin earning app.

what is fiewin app?

Earn real cash on Fiewin app

Fiewin is online earning app where you can use your mobile, PC or laptop to play different kind of games and win real cash.

How do you make money in Fiewin?

best way to make money Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

You can make money on fiewin by playing different games, As well as by completing daily tasks, also another method available Invite and earn.

What is Fiewin platform?

Fiewin is skill based gaming platform where you can earn real cash by playing showing your gaming and prediction skills. Games like colour prediction, Dice, Minesweeper, Circle, Crash, Andar Bahar are available to play and win money.

Is Fiewin trusted?

fiewin payment proof Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

Many people asks is fiewin real or fake, Answer is its Legit & trustworthy app because I am earning on this app from last 1.5 years and they always paid me on time. So fiewin is trusted attached payment proof for reference.

How do I withdraw money from Fiewin?

withdraw money on Fiewin

Its easy to withdraw money from Fiewin, Just login to your account, Then click on Add UPI after adding UPI , Input your withdraw amount and click on withdraw. Your money will be credited your account in 5 minutes.

How to download Fiewin App apk?

Fiewin app download for android - Official release

Fiewin android app is now available on Google Playstore. Its revision of fiewin 5.0, 6.0 & 6.2 apk download You can download it in easy steps.
Step – 1 First register account from your browser – Register Fiewin Account. (Important step)
Step – 2 Download Fiewin App from Google Playstore . (The latest version app is available here)
Thats all, Start making money.

Is Fiewin Secure?

Yes, Fiewin is real, Trusted and secure app. As you can see payment proofs attached they pay users on time which shows fiewin is real paying and is secure to play. Please checkout payment proofs section for more details.

Final Words – fiewin app review

Its conclusion time and we found that Fiewin is one of the best online earning app, Where you can play different games and make money. There are many games available to play like Dice, Colour prediction, Andar Bahar, Circle which is like Spin wheel to earn money, Minesweeper. So there are many games you can try to earn real money so due to fast payment policy we declare fiewin best earning app to earn real cash.

Fiewin App Review and Ratings.

Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.
fiewin featured image Fiewin App - Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

Fiewin App is online real cash app works for all devices include Android, Ios, Windows, MAC OS etc Because its can be accessed through google chrome as well. This app works on chrome browser better than apk. You can earn money by playing different games like color prediction, Andar Bahar, Dice, Minesweeper, Hi-Lo, Circle- Spin and Win etc. You can also earn using their promotion scheme called refer and earn.

Price: Free

Price Currency: NA

Operating System: Android, IOS, Google Chrome, Windows, MAC OS, All Devices having Google Chrome

Application Category: Rewarding Game

Editor's Rating:


  • Online Earning App
  • Earn Money faster within 2 Minutes.
  • Faster Withdrawal - Get money in your bank in single click.
  • High Earning potential if you have skills.
  • Variety of Games - Colour prediction, Circle, dice, Minesweeper, Andar bahar
  • Earn without investment using promotion- refer and earn scheme.


  • -Recharge Process is little bit lengthy.
  • -This game involves investment so play wisely.
  • -Chrome browser interface for game is better than Fiewin Apk.
  • -Some glitches in App so recommend using browser version.


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