September 23, 2023

6 Vitamins and their vital secrets by doctors.

A tale on how doctors advice is different from standard Google searches lets explore Vitamins and their vital secrets.

Vitamins are those tiny molecules required to cement the membranes and vital systems of our human body. In a generation where every essential knowledge is popped up on your virtual screens, getting out of the track cannot trace the actual blueprint; I’d like something to be adjourned and acknowledged by homo sapiens.

Doctors who were part of national institutes of medicine committees were shocked at how most of their friends and acquaintances gulp too many nano-capsulated pills daily. When asked for a proper explanation, they exclaim how these vitamin pills are helpful if taken every day, even though, in reality, it’s just a sweet hoax delivered by global advertisements and private endorsements.
Let’s explore through a list of common vitamins and the misconceptions created by the human brains.

6 Vitamins and their vital secrets by doctors
6 Vitamins and their vital secrets by doctors

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6 Vitamins and their vital secrets by doctors.

1-Vitamin C

Mahender Varma, MD, laughs when enquired if he possesses few vitamin C pills daily. A group of analysts at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases exclaimed their research studies after lots of experimental research. According to them, research might prove that vitamin C may act as a barrier against cancer, macular degeneration, common cold, or cardiovascular disease, in reality, vitamin C, when taken singularly like a pill, doesn’t act autonomously; it can act only after interaction with a range of variable nutrients taken through the regular healthy diets.

Vitamin C is richly available in red and green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, and citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. Some studies might provoke a method of shortening your common cold by swallowing 200 mg of vitamin C pill but gulping the pills as soon as you receive the symptoms might not be helpful in reality.

Your fragile skin wrapped body tightly maintains your vitamin C levels, so it might worsen your regulatory levels if you might gulp megadoses of vitamin C because your body barely absorbs vitamin C, which thereby leads to an excess of the amount of urinal discharge rich in Vitamin C.

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2-Vitamin D

Flyers and local advertisements worldwide might have already generated a little fear inside your brains on how fewer Vitamin D levels are linked to variant disorders like Alzheimer’sdisease, autoimmune diseases, heart attacks, cancers, obesity, and depression. One thing to be closely pondered upon is none of these advertisements or flyers show us the cause and effect of any particular condition. Vitamin D is shown to play a pivotal role in making your bones less susceptible to fractures by growing them stronger. Still, too much vitamin D supplement intake above the level of 4000 International units can show some other unnecessary internal reactions like constipation, vomiting, weakness, nausea, and weakness

. When taken more than the limiting required amounts, Vitamin D can increase the risk of calcium toxicity since vitamin D is responsible for calcium absorption as a counterpart in making your bones grow more robust.
Most humans worldwide have sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in their fragile bodies from the natural foods being swallowed every day, such as eggs, mushrooms, fatty fish, milk, and of course, the realistic ray of hopes the shining sunlight provides enough vitamin D every day.

Suppose you are someone closer to the likelihood of getting closer to the age of 70. In that case, doctors recommend taking an extra dose of 400 international units of Vitamin D as your bones are susceptible to fractures more quickly than a growing child or a young adult.

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3-Vitamin A

Researches worldwide suggest that intake of vitamin A above the limiting values of 900 units for men and 700 units for women can induce the risk of fractures by decreasing the bone-mineral density.

On top of these insightful advances, few clinical trials showcased that there is an increased chance of cardiovascular disorders and lung cancers in smokers who gulped large units of beta-carotene; this beta-carotene plays a role in the body by converting itself into vitamin A; thus, it can be deadly above it’s limiting levels.


4-Vitamin E

Concise studies among the conservative research institutes showcased that taking vitamin E more than 22.4 International units per day can induce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 17 Percentage; shockingly, the common pills found in the medical stores contain tablets constituting at least 400 International units which pose a significant risk on the aspect of attainment of prostate cancer.

Another research conducted by a group of doctors concluded that intake of 400 International units per day may even cause death before the average age of the end of a human and is also linked to strokes and heart attack if taken in excess, even after a lot of precise counsellings done by doctors many makes who carry an appointment of a urologist come to a conclusion themselves of taking vitamin E pills to lower the risk of prostate cancer.

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5-Omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are usually found in many fishes in the form of unsaturated fatty acids, which are of great concern among the health-conscious homo sapiens. According to many doctors, intake of fish twice a week is more than enough to reduce the risk of any heart disease, and taking more than twice is basically of no use.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in making plaques in arteries and reducing different kinds of inflammation; in addition to these universal facts, they also protect your fragile skin from UV rays and lighten up your mood by alleviating depression.

6-Calcium pills

Calcium pills are always under the radar of advertising agencies selling their optimized calcium pills to women to prevent their bones from being susceptible to fractures and make them stronger. And people without a second thought toss at least thrice a day to satisfy their own calcium satiety. But if your bones are healthy enough, you need not swallow these calcium pills for no reason.

According to the language of medical sciences, calcium regulates the roles of nerves, hormones, blood, and muscles and promotes the growth of strong bones. Calcium is basically required at a younger age when your bones are nurturing themselves or somewhere around 70 when your bones are susceptible to fractures due to weak bones.

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But contrary to the misbeliefs attaining calcium through natural foods is much more quickly through natural supplements like broccoli, orange juice, cereals, milk, and curd. The guidelines of vitamins suggest that a value of 1000 international units is the maximum amount to be constituted in a body let the day, and your regular food already gives a decent deal of 850 mg per day, which is a great value to be considered.

Popping up pills became popular in this new virtual visibly blind generation, who are getting convinced by every single misbelief imprinted by local sellers, ensuring proper knowledge and efficacy only can save your health from distortion and destruction. hope you enjoyed our article Vitamins and their vital secrets by doctors keep visiting.

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