September 28, 2023

How to boost your immunity to fight corona / Covid19 ?

Fight corona – Living a lustrous life is like swimming across the tiny tides of the deep red sea without any obstacles or hurdles; let’s portray this scenario from the other side when we used to babble over those boring lectures given by our grandparents to consume more and more oranges and lemons whenever we used to scrape out our fragile glassy skin against those tiny pebbles while playing amidst the wet mud, where they used to tell us the importance of vitamin C in boosting our immunity.

Now it’s time for the event to unfold where we have to put on our super immunity Cape and consume many human immune engine boosters to tackle this deadly coronavirus from gulping our souls.
Here are the favorite foods of our fragile immune system you can consume to forfeit our fears of corona attacking us & fight corona.

How to boost your immunity to fight corona / Covid19 ?
How to boost your immunity to fight corona / Covid19 ?

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8 foods that will boost your immunity to fight Corona Virus/Covid19


Beets not only shape and sharpen your mind but are the ones that escalate the blood flow through your human body. They just don’t act like a mere circulatory system circulating only the major peripheral organs. Still, they help in blood flow through those portions of the brain engraved with degeneration and dementia if disrupted.
These nutritious beets can thereby promote active resistance against coronavirus by its underlying mechanisms. So helps fight corona.

2-Orange pith

Oranges, as they always present themselves, are outstanding reserves for vitamin C.
The fragile spongy white portion amidst the zest and the underlying fruity pulp that sticks to the orange introduces us to the orange pith.
Orange pith consists of tons of antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals from attacking our immune system, thereby act as an active immune booster for our human body.


Something tasty to crunch and easy to invigorate to boost our immune system is a combination you might receive in lamb meat.
Lamb meat is an outstanding source of omega-3 fatty acids, providing a scaffold against heart diseases and stroke. The portion of iron persistently present in the lamb can act as an active immune booster for your human body.


A fruit that rarely presents itself as a calcium reserve and provides preventive measures against bone loss and anti-aging is none other than these tiny figs.
Figs prevent aging by providing antioxidants and are superior to many other supplements available in the market. It also lowers the marginal risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancers, thereby acting as an active immune booster for our human body it helps fight corona virus or covid 19.

5-Sesame seeds

Our immunity is not something that only can be uplifted through certain supplements; it’s an underlying combined mechanism that regulates our immune system.
Sesame seeds are proven to be little ones that reduce LDL cholesterol levels; just gulping few spoonfuls of sesame seeds can lower your LDL cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent, which proves to be something to be invigorated in our daily healthy routine.
Reduction of LDL cholesterol levels can further act as an immune booster by scavenging those reactive oxygen species that hinder the heart’s smooth blood flow; this serves as an active immune booster for our human body. so its greate alternative to fight corona / covid 19 virus.

6-Fresh Cranberries

Cranberries are noted as an alternative treatment for urinary tract infections. Still, they are the ultimate reserves for flavonols, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, and plant chemicals which provide a barrier for LDL cholesterol to oxidize and stay closer to the arteries.
This reduces the marginal risk of cardiac problems and can be linked to be an active immune booster with the help of an underlying mechanism; thereby, it acts as an active immune booster for our human body. so will helps fight corona.


Kiwis are closer to helping as a personal assistant for our eyes with the help of zeaxanthin, antioxidants, and lutein. Still, a significant point to be taken down is how it is also richly packed with vitamin E and vitamin C and other phytochemicals, which definitely play their profitable roles in scavenging free radicals.
These central outlooks of kiwis turn out to be an active immune booster for our human body.


A fighter against infections and inflammations of lungs and arteries, with a sword of packed sulforaphane, is also an immune booster on ice.
The frozen portions of broccoli count to contain 35 percent of extra beta-carotene than standard dry broccoli.
On top of it, the high reserves of vitamin C help cement collagen, thereby keeping your skin glassy and glowing. This implies broccoli is an active immune booster for our human body. These foods will increase your Immunity to fight corona virus or covid19.


Foods to avoid to improve immune system for fight against corona virus / Covid19

1-Energy drinks.

If you are in the mood to take a break from all those greasy green veggies, you can switch to beverages like tea or coffee for your afternoon session.
Energy drinks contain tons of sugar which might imply a sudden stroke, convulsion, heart attack, or even death under certain circumstances. This will definitely hinder your immune system and can degenerate your fragile body.

2-White Rice

White rice accounts for about 17 Percentage of higher chances of a person to acclaim diabetes, making sure the less consumption of white rice can improve your immune system as these white rice are nothing but some skimmed refined grains which contain more fat than fiber.

3-Smoking and drinking

Smoking a pack of cigarettes or toggling up a bottle of costly wine is an old way of showing yourself out of the box; learning the right things about how smoking destroys your immunity can covert into a saint screaming with excitement.
These activities only account for the deterioration of your human body and can completely ruin your concrete immune system.

We are surrounded by people who love the habit of gulping the fat-enriched foods or foods which claim to be healthy only on their revenue-generating advertisements; few go for a weekly diet while others stick to knowledge-less campaign activities.

Your immune system is like your garden thriving with beautiful flowers and fruits spread across the green grassy field, and it’s you who have to realize how you can protect y9ur fragile soul by protecting your human house, which your skin-wrapped skeletal structure of the human body. The way you change your angle, the more you receive the reflection of the right things. These things will help you increase immunity to Fight Corona virus.

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