September 28, 2023


hello guys’ lets discuss some easy ways to gain organic Instagram followers.

 The strategies of disguise to be unfolded

The light piercing your fragile eyes to show you a beautiful sunrise every day through the windowpane of your two-story great building is something we dream of every day while awakening ourselves. But, listening to some tiny tweaks, hummingbirds humming the songs of the earth while you grab a coffee to push the button of reality is not something which we watch every day, thanks to Instagram to make our dreams come true, at least virtually.


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Instagram as a social platform has done more than just allowing us to post perfect pictures of people all around us, but actually sets a virtual portal to connect with everyone and at the same time give us a virtual feeling of a celebrity surrounded by a group of gorgeous fans whistling their everlasting excitement through their fan posts.

Maybe someday you could be the next Instagram celebrity or, in terms of endorsement a super influencer with followers list hitting the top of the table, for that to happen, you need to understand the algorithm of Instagram and the ways through which you can become the next queen bee of the thriving comb of followers. It all looks upon how you maintain your gravity and gradually gain followers through this process. so lets see how to gain organic Instagram followers easily?

Practical strategies to gain organic Instagram followers

With Instagram emerging as an all-inclusive platform offering everything from an overnight rise to fame to a sustained business model, it is no wonder that organic follower growth is the most sought out service.

So, if you are looking for Instagram organic growth tips and organic growth strategies, you are in the right place.


5 basic growth strategies to gain organic Instagram followers

1)Consistency hold the key to grow on Instagram.

If you are an upcoming Instagram account, consistency should be your first tool. You need to post content aligned with a schedule, 2 per day being the most effective in a line of the Instagram algorithm.

Consistent crafting of creative collections can constantly give your higher reach and a more significant number of followers, as psychologically, it can create an essential bond of regular insightful views by your followers.

Visualize what’s the most critical thing your followers want to watch in your feed; analyzing the situation from your follower’s perspective can pave a perfect way of understanding what to do next; this helps gain followers and saves your time from other irrelevant things.

2)Call to action – Technique to boost Instagram followers.

Content engagement plays a huge role in deciding how the Instagram algorithm works with your posts.  So use CTA  on your Instagram posts to boost your concentration and let the algorithm do the rest.

Some simple CTA to be used include:

  • save the post for future reference
  • Share with friends and family
  • tag your friends who would find it relatable
  • comment if you found it useful
  • These tricky techniques are basically just like immersing yourself as an invincible salesman in the thriving virtual market.

You act as a hidden agent and target your audience from their comfort, making them realize that you are worth something valuable. Then later, as soon as a virtual bond is created, the algorithm starts working in its own way, making things relatively more straightforward.

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3) interact with your audience – Organic way to boost Instagram fan following.

Make it a point to interact with your followers and have them feel a connection to you that goes beyond the screen. Personal interaction builds followers’ loyalty as they feel a bond with you, which is way more significant than a virtual presence. So reply to your comments, DMs, and maybe even comment on their posts once in a while.

Conducting Instagram live sessions with a perfectly executed theme can grab a lot of attention; this not only creates a virtual portal for your followers but makes sure to entangle your followers to your upcoming posts with a lot of excitement.

After all, it’s not fair to boredom your followers by just boasting about your lifestyle; maybe you could start new Instagram challenges and ask your followers to tag you in their challenge posts, which gives them excitement and gives you more and more organic followers as well.

4) Use different content types – Followers boosting strategy.

With Instagram offering various features such as posts, reels, stories, and IGTV, to name a few, you must utilize these to the fullest. Each content type targets a different audience set and ensures that your presence spreads across the maximum possible users.

A library is only exciting to book readers because it never lands only on a specific genre. Similarly, your Instagram feed cannot be a place pale and still like a pond with the same type of content. You have to generate new ideas to grab your follower’s attention; it need not be something like a complete scientific breakthrough or English literature. You can choose a mixed type of genre, and maybe you can hire a few handy creative writers or analysts who can make sure to settle your posts in a place where it requires the attention the most.

5) Do not underestimate hashtags – Key to reach more audience on Instagram.

Hashtags provide one of the best free organic growth opportunities on Instagram. Use 30 hashtags on every post; each is a gateway to a different set of users: research and use trending, popular and relatable hashtags according to your niche.

Whenever a follower or a regular Instagram user scrolls through his Instagram explore page, he views different content blocks filled with the exciting genre, and now these hashtags come into play.

Instagram sets a perfect algorithm for each user; based on the user’s shared interest in a specific type of content, it virtually displays everything of it to grab his attention. If you lock few popular hashtags in your post, there is a chance that your post might pop up on his screen. Maybe he/she rolls down your Instagram page, which thereby makes it an easy trap to gain followers like this.

For example; if your niche is travel, some popular evergreen hashtags include:

#travel #traveler #wanderlust #travelholic

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All of these are the most straightforward Instagram organic growth tips. Still, they are entirely practical and go a long way in boosting your Instagram engagement and Instagram follower growth. So lets try these ways to gain organic Instagram followers.