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Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram

Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram – Sometimes heartbreaks will give you a hard time to overcome it. Tiktok videos are popular in entertaining, we have some of the best songs that will lift your spirits during this period. You are heartbroken and looking for the best breakup songs for creating short tiktok videos/reels, you are at the right place.

You might be feeling very bad right now but someone elsewhere had the worst feeling. Moreover, this tunes will enable you to overcome that bad feeling, and walk comfortably from that relationship. In this article, we have selected the best breakup songs for creating short tiktok videos. Take a look at the following breakup songs.

Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram
Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram

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Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram short videos.

1- Surrender by Natalie Tylor – Best breakup song for TikTok & Instagram reels.

This is undoubtedly one of the best, as well as popular song on tiktok for heartbreak. The American singer, Natalie Taylor released this song “ surrender” back in October 2015. However, it’s global success was met in 2020. Appearing in a number of TV shows and going viral in social media platforms including the video sharing app, tiktok.

In this song, Natalie addresses her romantic partner. As this song progress, you’ll find out that Natalie and the addressee aren’t together. Natalie comes out clearly that their separation has left her in bad state. Natalie have had enough and wish that they both “surrender” and come together again. You can search this song and hear the message, the tune is also outstanding for heartbreak videos.

reels song on separation/Heartbreak/Breakup

Use this Heartbreak reels song for Your videos.

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2- Ariana Grande- Thank you, Next – Best heartbreak reels song for TikTok & Instagram.

Ariana Grande released this song in 2019 to her ex boyfriends. This mighty song “thank you, next” is a great song to overcome breakups. It has been used in tiktok videos by a good number of tiktokers. You can to check it out if it’ll impress you. This song talks about how you feel grateful for the experience you had before the heartbreak.

best reels song for positive vibes after heartbreak

Use this Breakup reels song for Your videos.

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3- “Screaming infidelities” dashboard confessional – Best breakup song for Instagram reels.

When you discover that your partner is a cheater. This is one song that you must listen to. The song is clear that you shouldn’t worry since you are better without them. Though you might find yourself curling in bed, but you’ll surely release the emotional tension while listening to the song. With tiktok app, this song can make the videos lovely when the tiktoker is creative.

best reels song on heartbreak due to cheating partner

Use this Broken reels song for Your videos.

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4- “My heart hurts” by Dax – Breakup reels song in English.

If you are looking for the best heartbreak song for creating catchy tiktok video reels, try this one. This heartbreak song is somewhat new in the industry, released in 2022 and has kept on trending. I encountered it on Tiktok and decided to listen to the whole song. Indeed, this song has the best tune, you can also take a look at the video. When creative enough, this song will fuel your tiktok video to be more enjoyable and Trendy. The lyrics “ my heart hurts, in the worst possible way. You came first, but now we have to go our separate ways” has it all.

best reels song for separation Tiktok/instagram reels videos

Use this Heartbroken reels song for Your videos.

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5- Irreplaceable by Beyonce – Breakup Reels song Hollywood.

Beyonce is one of the best R n B musicians. Her breakup song “ irreplaceable” is a great song if you feel heartbroken. This song has a great tune as well as the message inside. The song reminds a Brocken soul that no one is irreplaceable, if it was mend to be, it would. You can enjoy it in short tiktok videos.

best heartbroken reels song

Use this separation reels song for Your videos.

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6- Breakup song by little mix – Best heartbreak reels song Hollywood.

Little mix have several fantastic songs in the market, including some best breakup songs. This is one of their best breakup song, released back in 2020. The song has perfect lyrics and tune to comfort you during that hard time. This song is also used by tiktokers to pass critical messages to their ex. Here is the message from the lyrics “ I’ll be good all by myself, yeah, I’ll find a way to dance without you. In the middle of the crowd, I’ll forget all of the pain inside.”

best breakup reels song for TikTok & Instagram reels short

Use this Breakup reels song for Your videos. (Not available on Instagram Reels)

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7- Faded by Alan walker – Best breakup songs English.

This list would not be complete without including this popular song. The song has a message, just like the title of the song “faded” meaning the love and everything has now fade away. The tune will undoubtedly warm your heart, you can try it in case you haven’t hear it. The song has been used in several tiktok videos, passing message on how something like moments, love has fade out. This song has at least 3 billion viewers on YouTube, clear evident that many have loved it.

Trending Tiktok reels song for breakup videos

Use this trending Heartbreak reels song for Your short videos.

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8- Sip alcohol by joeboy – Best Tiktok songs for heartbreak

You can’t talk about best heartbreak songs for tiktokers without including alcohol by Joeboy. The song was released in 2021 and has been trending in 2022. If you haven’t hear this song yet, then you have not been active in tiktok. Many tiktokers have been using this song and they came up with a challenge.

I really enjoyed those heart warming challenges made on tiktok from this song. If you haven’t encountered them on tiktok yet, you can search, you’ll definitely like it. The song has a message to the heartbroken “ I sip alcohol, I don’t wanna reason bad things no more. I don’t wanna go back to where dey before. Make nobody stress me, no disturb me.”

Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram

Use this popular breakup reels song for Your videos.

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9- Unforgettable by Sway Lee and French Montana – Best Instagram reels song for Breakup.

This is another popular hiphop/dancehall song from french Montana and sway Lee, released by Epic Records. French Montana has been a Pro in the industry, having several hits including this song. The song was recorded in 2016 and released in April 7th 2017. This song has a message to your ex, informing them how it’s been difficult to forget them after parting ways.

difficult to forget reels song for TikTok/Instagram/YT shorts

Use this Love Break reels song for Your short videos.

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10- I don’t wanna know by Maroon 5 – Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram

Maroon 5 is a successful musician across the globe. He has some of the best songs in the music industry. This song “i don’t wanna know” was released in 2017. The song has a perfect tune and message for ex lover. Here is part of the lyrics “ wasted (wasted). And the more i drink, the more i think about you. Oh no, no i can’t take it. Baby, every place i go reminds me of you.” You can try this song if it’ll impress you for your videos.

Top 10 Best breakup Reels songs for Tiktok & Instagram

Use this heartbroken reels song for Your short videos.

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Bonus Songs for Breakup/Heartbreak Reels English.

  1. ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ by Etta James
  2. You just want Attention by Charlie Puth
  3. ‘Pain In My Heart’ by Otis Redding
  4. ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor
  5. ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ by Al Green
  6. ‘Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye’ by Leonard Cohen
  7. ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison
  8.  ‘Without You’ by Harry Nilsson
  9. ‘I Want You Back’ by the Jackson 5
  10. ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston

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