September 28, 2023

Basics of HTML/CSS course for beginner’s & Bloggers.

Basics of HTML/CSS course for Bloggers free.

Basics of HTML/CSS free
Basics of HTML/CSS free

As we all know nowadays blogger and WordPress platforms doesn’t need any coding or html knowledge still having some basic knowledge will be added advantage to setup custom blog templates on your blogger blog.

So here we are starting a Continuous course Post on Basic’s of HTML/CSS for bloggers and Beginnners.

I am launching one training module on Basics of HTML/CSS . In which i am going to teach you about HTML (Hyper text markup language),CSS which stands for cascading style sheet,

You can Ask any questions on comment sections of any post i am available for solving your query as soon as possible.

So i will start teaching with Basics like what means a website,what is web design,what is HTML,what is CSS etc.

Please comment suggestions.

Topic’s Covered in Basics of HTML/CSS Course.

  • Introduction To Website,Design, Hosting & Domain.
  • Introduction to HTML & Its main Elements.
  • Attributes and Tags used in HTML.
  • Introduction to CSS and its elements
    • What is CSS?
    • Types of CSS
    • How to use CSS in webpages.

and Many more things will be added in this Basic html and CSS course for bloggers so Bookmark this page and visit Every money for Next post.

Table of Contents in Basics of HTML/CSS online course for Bloggers and Beginners.

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