September 23, 2023

Top 5 Strongest Metal on the Earth.

Top 5 strongest Metals on the earth/In the world.

Strongest Metal on the earth/In the world
Strongest Metal on the earth/In the world

Today I am introducing you with strongest metals on  earth. Metals are heart of engineering. so in any field of engineering proper selection of metal is important for proper functioning of system or structure.

Selection of metal mainly depends on Application,working condition,types of stresses and Loads after that cost and appearance considered.

Types of strengths in metals

yield strength – The stress at which specific amount of plastic deformation is produced.
compresive strength-Resistance of material for breakin under compression.
tensile strength – the resistance of a material to breaking under tension.
impact strength -Ability of material to absorb shocks and sudden impacts

Generally steel is strongest metal in the world,But with various alloying elements.

But in its standard form its strength is lower than tungsten so Tungsten is strongest metal on the earth and in the world as well.

Here is list of strongest metal on the earth / In the world..

  • Tungsten 
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Chromium
  • Osmium
  • Inconel 

Strongest Metals on the earth / In the world (Non-Alloyed)

1-Tungsten – strongest Metal on earth.

Do you know strongest metal resides inside your filament Bulb, Yes it is used in light bulb because of its high melting point property.

Tungsten is strongest metal in the world in its natural form.But with alloying elements steel is stronger than tungsten.

It have highest tensile strength with yield strength 941Mpa and Ultimate Tensile strength 1510Mpa.

It is also used for alloying of steels.Highest melting point with high density and brittleness.

Color of tungsten = Steel grey

Melting Point       = 3414 degree celsius


  • Electrical and military applications ,
  • light bulb 
  • Super alloys,
  • X-ray tubes as a filament and 
  • targets welding electrodes, 
  • Heating elements in high temperature furnace 

2-Steel – second highest strength metal on earth.

Steel is also one of strongest metal in the world. Steel is made from iron.By melting iron in blast furnace and adding carbon into it.
It have tensile strength upto 5205 Mpa.
Steel is the combination of iron and carbon. It is made by heating iron ore in furnace. Carbon is added to impurities form it. This additional element affects properties like toughness. Every year 1.3 billion tonnes of steel is produced. It may be of many types. Its ultimate strength is up to 5205 Mpa
Steel have many types,according to use,composition etc etc.
but mainly its classifies as low carbon steel,medium carbon steel,high carbon steel.

Color of Steel= Whitish grey

Melting Point =1370 degree celsius


  • Transportation, 
  • Infrastructure, 
  • building and 
  • weapon industries.

3-Titanium – third strong metal in the world.

Titanium is silvered color metals. Titanium has low density and high strength. The strength of titanium is 434 Mpa. Low density and high strength makes it perfect for industrial use. Pure titanium is powerful than standard steel.
Color of Titanium= Silvery

Melting Point       =1680 degree celsius


  • Aircraft parts, 
  • Military equipment’s,
  •  Industrial application.

4-Chromium – fourth strong metal on the earth.

Chromium is hard silvery metal having bluish in color. It is strong like diamond,It is also used as major alloying element in stainless steel’s making ,It produces silvery alloys,Main application is chrome plating. and SS production.
Color of chromium= Bluish

Melting Point       =1890 degree Celsius


  • Chrome plate
  • In tanning
  • As mordants
  • Dye production
  • Wood preservers
  • Production of pigments

5-Osmium – fifth strongest metal on the earth.

osmium is bluish white colored one of high strength metal.produces very hard alloys produces fountain pen tips,needle and electrical contacts which needs high strength.10% osmium and 90% platinum is used in surgical implants like pacemakers and replacing heart valves.
Color of osmium= Bluish white

Melting Point       =3030 degree Celsius


  • Surgical implants
  • fountain pen tips
  • needles
  • electrical contacts

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