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A Complete Picture of working with with real customer reviews Full Overview of The Immigration Lawyers with customer reviews

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Reviews about have always been positive in terms of the results they offer and the type of help people get from their lawyers. This is because the company focuses on offering better assistance, while maintaining its extensive knowledge of the EU’s immigration policies.

Over the last five years the company has helped more than 600 clients to realize their dream of living in a new country. The 15-member team is known for going above and beyond for European citizenships, as people report in their reviews from personal experience.

In this article, we will take a closer look at these personal experience and why LegalEUCounsel’s attorneyare steadily being recognized as the best option for EU immigration and citizenship.

What Are the Responsibilities of is known not only for the help it offers its clients, but also for the extensive list of countries whose citizenship it helps process. In general, it helps people immigrate, and even get dual citizenship.

Immigration attorneys assist people with the following citizenships:

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Romanian
  3. Slovenian
  4. Caymans Islands
  5. Grenada
  6. Latvia
  7. Lithuania
  8. Sweden
  9. Portugal
  10. Great Britain

This extensive list of services has also allowed the company to get more and more customers. The reviews are proof of how delicately the lawyers handle each case. 

From the moment they start working with the applicants, they begin to analyze their case and understand what is missing, what clients need to do and meticulously prepare the entire immigration procedure.

And as for the cherry on top, the initial consultation is entirely free. Customers do not have to make any upfront payments to get their cases reviewed. The lawyers at are completely dedicated to making the European citizenship process easier for customers. takes its customers through the entire submittal procedure and the documents therein.

Nuances Of Cooperation With The Lawyers

Each country has unique requirements for the immigrants. While for some people, the procedure of obtaining EU passport may be simple, for others, the process might be really challenging.

Immigration attorneys of make a point of being completely transparent with their clients when offering the services.

There are some cases where the applicants can immigrate to the EU without needing a passport. These cases include traveling with a residence permit or permanent residence permit of one of European Union states. The types of travel documents that can be used to enter the EU without a passport vary from country to country. 

If you are a citizen of an EU member state, you generally do not need a visa to enter another EU country. You will only need your international passport or ID card.

When you sign up with us, after the consultation, we give you proof of the legal work being performed by our professionals. This includes a basic agreement, a documented tracking process by our lawyers, and more to help you understand how we work. With this, you can also rest assured that is working according to the relevant laws!

How Can Immigrants Register For EU Citizenship With

  1. The first step in the process of registration with is to call or write to us. The agreement can be signed after the consultation.
  2. Attorneys of will help you gather the required documentation and complete the necessary application forms.
  3. They will also assist with submitting the application. The lawyer will keep you updated on the progress of your case and advise you on what steps to take next.
  4. If there are any eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill, we also advise on that and help you find the best and quickest way to fulfill them.
  5. The Oath of Allegiance is one of the most important steps, that the immigrant should handle on its own.

We will handle all the bureaucratic matters, keeping you up to date every step of the way.

What Do People Say About Us – Reviews about

Over the years, we have amassed several positive reviews on Here are a few of them for your consideration:

David Marc

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Patrick Hoey

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Olive Alexis

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Ray Scott

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Conclusion according to reviews

Reviews about are proof that the company is dedicated to its customers every step of the path. From the first time you call all the way till you reach there, the attorneys keep working in your favor.

To learn more about the company or to get started with your free consultation, all you have to do is get in touch with company’s experts. You can either call them, or simply write to them and an lawyer will get in touch with you right away!


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