September 23, 2023

How to improve Reading skills? Will it help to crack CLAT?

Reading skills can bring about a huge difference in the productivity of a student. There are a lot of reasons why you should put stress on improving your comprehension and reading skills. They refine your learning skills as well. There are a lot of ways one can enhance their reading skills. 

One of the most efficient ones is planned reading. It doesn’t even require addressing that reading randomly and in a sloppy manner gives you no productive output, and most of the reading goes into thin air. But with proper planning, one can be able to grasp things quickly and easily. 

Before you start reading, make sure to go through the in-depth scenario of the picture and the entire syllabus that needs to be covered. And then, follow a certain pattern that will help you learn the technique quickly and efficiently. A planned reading is always known to help students retain and understand the technique better. 

How to improve Reading skills? Will it help to crack CLAT?
How to improve Reading skills? Will it help to crack CLAT?

How to improve Reading skills? Will it help to crack CLAT?

A general pattern for a planned reading

  • Skim through the entire assessment

It is vital to drop the idea of selective learning and go through each and every aspect of the topics under your preferences. Build your vocabulary then and there. Emphasis on the habit of surfing through a word’s meaning and enlightening about it then instead of scheduling it or just looking over it. 

  • Reading the assignment rapidly

You do not necessarily have to be a long-time reader just in order to add to your inventory, but at the same time, it is important to add to your capacity to grasp a larger amount of portion. Reading slowly consumes time, and it also makes it mandatory for the reader to go through the same information repeated a number of times. 

  • Read the assignments for the exact meaning that they carry

A long term career development can be done just by keeping a keen focus on your reading inventory. Bigger ideas and information held together can associate and bring about a very precise meaning to the exact word. This can also help you draw a general outline and link ideas and words. 

Language proficiency also helps you to manage the total sum productivity. By maintaining good reading skills with proper language proficiency, you can easily go ahead and maintain clarity in cracking certain exams. Begin your journey towards pleasure and comprehension, and this will accelerate your overall career development. 

In this case, CLAT is one exam that mainly focuses on reading, thus requiring you to outline all the information provided. The Common Law Admission Test is a national-level competitive exam conducted for admission into a 5-year or a 3-year based LLB degree.

Potential candidates in the final year of their graduation are also eligible for applying into the CLAT examination. Upon successful completion of the same, you shall be eligible to get a potential admission into any one of the top 22 centralised law universities of our country. This also includes your successful admission into 70+ affiliated colleges all over the country. 

Syllabus and pattern for the CLAT

CLAT exam majorly emphasises language, reasoning and general knowledge. 

The exam carries 200 marks, with a total of 200 subject areas of questions. This includes: 

  • English Comprehension: 40 marks
  • Current affairs/general knowledge: 50 marks
  • Legal reasoning: 20 marks
  • Quantitative techniques: 45 marks and, 
  • Logical reasoning: 45 marks. 

While one prepare for CLAT, there are a number of reasons that should be avoided, but a very important point to consider over here is the reading habit that most of the candidates have acquired. Getting into a potential law degree demands nothing less than a well, thorough and to-do study of the assignments and clarity of your vocab. Considering a few points and changing your regular reading pattern can help you ease up with the initial stages of your exams. Fluency in the English language is one of the most important aspects of the examination, and it should be taken seriously. 

There are a few steps that you can follow in order to get clear about the reading aspects of the examination. Let’s have a look at some of the steps: 

  • Start with a high school grammar concept that will help you get past all the complicated words, phrases and their meanings. This will also help you put stress on grammar and vocab. 
  • Increase your reading speed by setting a target. Set a particular number of words for a definite number of minutes and hours, and this will give you a brief on the amount of time consumed by you to finish a certain portion. 
  • Practice thoroughly with sample papers, and this will help you get through solving almost half of the CLAT exam. 


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