November 28, 2023

Popcash vs Popads: Best Popunder ad Networks.

Popcash vs popads Payment proofs
Popcash vs popads Payment proofs

Hi, publishers, I am making this post for publishers getting confused between Popcash vs Popads . It’s very hard to compare as both the ad networks are performing very well, both paying their publisher’s daily basis I am getting payments within 2 hours from then that’s the best thing about them.

Note- I do not recommend Popunder ads for article writing Bloggers, Popunders are best suited for Adult streaming, online videos, dating and Downloading sites.

Popcash and popads are very popular advertising networks in the popunder advertising industry. I tried both ad networks on my blog and sharing the review. You may have different experiences as every blogger has a different quality of traffic and niche of websites. 

I tried Popcash and Popads on my website each for a week, Will share the results at the end of the post.

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Payment methods of Popcash & Popads.

Both ad networks supports all digital payment platforms like Paypal, Payoneer, Wire, Paxum etc.

Popads vs Popcash Features.

Both accept traffic from all countries, in terms of features Popads I think is a winner as you have more control over your CPM rates, you can set min bid price, Popads has higher fill rates than popcash. Both give realtime stats your earnings get updated each and every second.

Popads vs Popcash Approval requirements.

Both have very easy approval requirements, There is no traffic requirement from both popunder networks all kinds of content, traffic accepted they also accept torrent, piracy and copy-paste websites adult websites are also welcome and get decent rates from both ad networks. The only thing they don’t accept is fake and bot traffic.

Ad types with Popcash and Popads.

Popcash has only popunder option.
whereas popads gives you options to select from Popup, popunder, tabup, tabunder, floating banners, and Push notification ads.

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My earning experience with popcash vs popads.

I tried both ad networks for a week each and below is my experience with them. You may have different experiences so give a try to both.
One thing to clear CPM rates depends upon factors like country of visitor, quality of traffic and website, Day of the week and time of the day.

Popcash CPM Rates.

They pay an average of 0.2$ to 4$ CPM, In my case, I have more traffic from Asian countries I got 0.25$ per 1000 views also their fill rates for me are very low they not counted all the impressions.

Popads CPM Rates.

Popads guarantee the highest rates in the world, for unique 1000 US visitors they never pay below 4$.As they said they are paying me an average 0.4$ CPM for Asian traffic which is high enough.

Also they have high fill rates, so my websites every impression gets counted so generated higher revenue than popcash for the same traffic.
Below are the Stats.With PopcashI earned 1$ in a week with 4000 impressions counted avg CPM was 0.25$. 

With Popads I earned 7$ for the same amount of traffic because it counted all my impressions properly, Impressions counted 16400 avg CPM I got is 0.4$
So in this case for my website the highest paying popunder ad network is Popads, So in the above trial of Popcash vs Popads ad network the winner is Popads because of its higher fill rates and Ecpm. 

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Popcash vs Popads Best popunder ad networks review

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