September 23, 2023

Propellerads Review, CPM Rates & Payment proof

Hello Publishers & Advertisers,
Here we are to give you detailed Propellerads review, CPM rates & Payment proof . We will share all about Propellerads ad network. Propellerads is CPM based ad network which let you make more money with your traffic. The monetization platform which discover true value of your website audience. If you are looking to generate more revenue through your site and need the advanced monetization solutions – you are in the right place! With PropellerAds, no matter what kind of publisher you are – you have multiple opportunities to earn money.

Propellerads Review, CPM Rates and payment proof
Propellerads Review, CPM Rates and payment proof

Propellerads Review, CPM rates & Payment proof.

Who can make money with propellerads monetization platform?

Below are the categories who can make money using Propellerads advertising network.

  • Bloggers/Website owners.
  • SEO Masters
  • Domainers
  • Ad networks & brokers
  • Social media marketers
  • Plugins/Extensions

Propellerads Review – CPM ad Network.

Propellerads is a popular ad network working in On-click Popunder, Native Banner, Push-Notification ads, Interstitial and direct link advertising(Smart Links). Its advanced monetization network, their algorithm is also improved which will serve high profitable ads on your website.

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Propellerads AdSense Alternative ad network.

Yes propellerads is one of best AdSense alternative ad network. If you did not get AdSense approval don’t worry you can try PropellerAds as an AdSense alternative. It gives excellent CPM rates for Tier 1 & Tier 2 countries & also has 100% fill rates means Global traffic can be effectively monetized by propeller Ads monetization platform. Its Top popunder advertising network serves 700+ million ad impressions daily & has 4600 + active campaigns. Has top partners in the list like SnapDeal, Matomi, Alibaba, MobVista, ExpertMobi, Zynga etc are the few big names among partners of Propellerads review

Details of Propeller Ads advertising network.

Propellerads started in 2012, currently its one of fastest growing Popunder ad network. Provided high CPM rates to all kind of traffic. Accepts all kinds of traffic & gives 100% fill rates so every impression on your website will be paid so it will boost your earnings. They also accepts small bloggers with low traffic so this platform welcomes all kind of webmasters to make best money on their blog or website.

They offer multiple ad formats & also their ads are compatible with other advertising solutions. So you can use Google AdSense with PropellerAds without any problem to make additional income. Their CPM rates are also impressive. The smart technologies Like Multi-Tag allows publishers to increase their revenue. Just add MultiTag and enjoy automatic platform optimization. Combine ad formats and get 50% higher CPM rates.

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Propellerads Publisher requirements for Approval?

Signup Process of PropellerAds is very simple just register providing simple personnel details and confirm your email address. They you can start making money with propellerads. Propellerads doesn’t have any strict requirements for approval of your blog or website. They accept small blogs with low traffic as well. Subdomains are also welcome.

They do not accept adult content websites, but They do accept all other sites. It is also best ad network for Torrent, Piracy, Warez websites. So torrent websites can monetize using Propellerads and can make huge money. So its easy to Monetize your website with propellerads and start make money ASAP.

Join Propeller Ad ad Network.

Why Publishers choose Propellerads as their advertising partner?

More than 150K publishers are using propellerads for monetizing their traffic. The reason behind the trust of publishers is on time payments, PropellerAds’s proprietary technologies, Expertise in Market from last 8 Years & most important Big-Brand advertisers which makes them to provide best CPM rates in the industry. Their ads bypasses almost all adblockers so increase your revenue further by more than 20%.

Propeller Ads review for publishers/Bloggers
PropellerAds review for publishers/Bloggers

Propellerads Ad formats.

Propellerads Ad formats for best cpm rates
Propellerads Ad formats for best cpm rates

They has multiple ad formats as below.

  • Push-Notifications.
  • Onclick ads
  • In-Page Push Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Smart Links
  • Popunder’s

Propeller ads Earning Model.

They have Hybrid CPM earning model which allow publishers to make more money as this model uses combination of CPM, CPC, CPL & CPA & effective CPM rates for publishers are calculated on the basis of individual ads performance considering all these. Below are the Earning models. Propellerads provides 80% revenue share to publishers and they keep 20%.

  • CPM – Cost per 1000 impressions – advertisers pays fixed amount per 1000 impression.
  • CPC – cost per ad click.
  • CPA – Cost per action, whenever visitor performs actions like buying something, signup, completing survey etc then you will get paid.
  • eCPM – effective cost per 1000 impressions uses all earning models and pays effective rate to publisher.

Propellerads CPM Rates & Earning Report.

Propellerads is best cpm ad network, pays best cpm rates to publishers. Popunder ads & Smart links are best paying ad formats among all others. Interstitial ads performs well on mobile devices. I suggest to use all ad formats for week or two then analyze which works best for you. Below is country wise CPM rates of propellerads.

Propellerads CPM rates
Propellerads CPM rates

Average CPM rates of propellerads is 2$ considering Mixed traffic from all countries, For Tier 1 countries CPM rates will be above 3$. Asian countries like India will get lower cpm rates compared to Tier 1 countries but these rates are decent compared to other CPM ad network The average CPM rates for Indian traffic is 0.5$ to 2$.

Propeller Ads CPM rates & Earning Report
Propeller Ads CPM rates & Earning Report

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Which websites gets Best CPM rates with Propeller Ads?

Below are websites Niche gets high CPM rates and fill rates and compatible(Native) ads. So below niche bloggers will get best Propellerads CPM rates.

  • Streaming websites.
  • Movie download sites
  • Viral content blogs as well as regional Viral content blogs.
  • File sharing sites.
  • Images, Wallpapers & Music websites.

How to make Money with Propeller Ads ad network?

You just need to Register Free publisher account, then Put ad codes on your website and start making money with Propeller ads advertising network.

Make money with propellerads
Make money with propellerads review

Propeller Ads Payment Detail’s.

Propellerads payment terms are very easy you will get paid once you reach 5$, Yess you read right their Minimum payout is only 5$ so small bloggers and beginners can withdraw their earnings easily. Also they pays via NET7 method means weekly payments are processed. Below are propeller ads Payment Methods.

  • PayPal (min. $5)
  • Payoneer (min. $20)
  • ePayments (min. $5)
  • Skrill (min. $5)
  • WebMoney (WMZ) (min. $5)
  • Bank wire (min. $500)

Join Propeller Ad ad Network.

PropellerAds Review – Make extra Income apart from Traffic Monetization.

If you want to make some extra income then you can refer other bloggers & website owners. Propellerads provides 5% referral earnings for lifetime.

Propeller Priority – Latest from PropellerAds.

Propeller priority is beneficial for premium publishers who are earning huge money with propellerads network. for example if you are earning 1500$ monthly you come unbder Gold Level Publisher so there will be only 4 days hold on your earnings. You are also provided with separate manager to support your faster & better. You can request payments Twice a Month. you will also get access to API

Propellerads review - CPM ad network
Propellerads review – CPM ad network

So our PropellerAds review is completed here, We highly recommend Propellerads to publishers who wont get AdSense approval. As propellerads provides high CPM rates and Also payment terms and simple & its legitimate ad network. So you can Signup for propellerads Now and Boost your website earnings now.

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