September 23, 2023

How to make shortcode of any wordpress widgets?

hi friends, Sometimes its difficult to add widgets inside Page or post as some wordpress widget plugins doesn’t provide shortcodes so we are not able to add them inside posts or pages so here is simple method to make shortcode of any wordpress widgets and place them anywhere on your wordpress site.

How to make shortcode of any wordpress widgets?
How to make shortcode of any wordpress widgets?

Generate/Make shortcode of any wordpress widgets using Shortcode Widget Plugin.

Generally some widgets don’t provides short codes so we can add them only in specific areas like Sidebar, Header and footers. So we need to generate short code to show the widget anywhere like in pages and posts, So to generate it you have to install one plugin and follow steps i provide to generate shortcode of any wordpress widget using a plugin. I will also show one example in below tutorial.

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How to Generate or Make shortcode of any wordpress widgets?

How to generate or make any wordpress widget shortcode to show on pages and Posts?

Here we will see tutorial on How to make shortcode of any wordpress widgets? so that we can showcase any widget on wordpress posts and pages of our choice.

  1. Install Widget shortcode Plugin.

    install shortcode widget - convert any widget into shortcode

    Go to Plugins > Search for Shortcode widget > Install and Activate “Widget Shortcode” plugin

  2. Go to WP Admin.

    how to generate shortcode of any wordpress widget?

    After installing and activate widget shortcode app > Go to “WP Admin”.

  3. Generate Shortcode of Widget of your choice

    Create shortcode of wordpress plugins widget

    In WP admin > Got to Appearance > Widgets > There you will find 2 areas one is Available widgets and another is Widget shortcode. > You need to Pick needed widget from available widget area and then place it under widget shortcode option. As shown in above image i placed currency converter widget there.

  4. Copy Generated Shortcode.

    widget shortcode generator for wordpress website or blog

    As shown in previous step > after placing widget under Widget shortcode area > Referesh or reload the page > Then under “Widget shortcode” area click on name of your placed widget > At the end of you will find shortcode option > Just Copy shortcode and you can put it anywhere, inside any page or any post of wordpress.

  5. Add WordPress widgets inside Posts or pages.

    convert widget to shortcode using wordpress plugin

    Now just paste the shortcode anywhere you want it to appear > in our example i added it in a page > as shown in above image. Then you can test it using preview. Done !

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