September 27, 2023

Jubin Nautiyal’s Top 10 Songs List : Discover the Enchanting

Embark on a musical journey as you discover the enchanting melodies presented in Jubin Nautiyal’s top 10 songs list.

Jubin  Nautiyal
Jubin Nautiyal

Jubin Nautiyal has garnered a massive following of music enthusiasts worldwide. His alluring voice has the power to move the souls of listeners, leaving an indelible impression that lingers long after the music fades away. In this article, we take you on a musical journey through Jubin Nautiyal’s top songs list, showcasing the very best of his mesmerizing creations.

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jubin nautiyal top 10 songs list

1. Tum Hi Aana – A Heartfelt Ballad “Tum Hi Aana” is a heart-touching ballad that showcases Jubin Nautiyal’s ability to convey deep emotions through his soulful voice. Featured in the movie “Marjaavaan,” this song tugs at the heartstrings and has become an anthem for love and longing. Its haunting melody and poignant lyrics make it an unforgettable addition to any playlist.
jubin nautiyal top songs list

2. Lo Safar – A Melodic Exploration In “Lo Safar,” Jubin Nautiyal takes us on a melodious exploration of love’s journey. This song, from the film “Baaghi 2,” strikes the right chords with its seamless blend of emotion and grace. Jubin’s rendition of the song adds a touch of vulnerability, making it an absolute delight for music enthusiasts.

3. Humnava Mere – An Ode to Love “Humnava Mere” is an ode to love, brilliantly sung by Jubin Nautiyal, which beautifully captures the essence of longing and devotion. With heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody, this song evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth, making it a timeless classic in the world of romantic ballads.

4. Akh Lad Jaave – An Energetic Anthem “Akh Lad Jaave” is a lively and energetic track that showcases Jubin Nautiyal’s versatility as a singer. Paired with Asees Kaur, this song from “Loveyatri” boasts a perfect blend of peppy beats and catchy tunes that will instantly get you grooving to its rhythm.

5. Kaabil Hoon – A Melodic Sensation In the movie “Kaabil,” Jubin Nautiyal’s rendition of “Kaabil Hoon” strikes a chord with listeners. This heartwarming melody captures the essence of love and resilience, and Jubin’s soulful voice brings out the emotions effortlessly. It’s a song that lingers in your heart long after it ends.

6. Meherbani – A Song of Gratitude “Meherbani” is a song that showcases Jubin Nautiyal’s gratitude for life’s blessings. This track, featured in the film “The Shaukeens,” exudes positivity and joy through its uplifting melody and Jubin’s heart-touching vocals.

7. Dil Jaaniye – A Blend of Joy and Romance “Dil Jaaniye” from the movie “Khandaani Shafakhana” is a delightful blend of joy and romance. Jubin Nautiyal’s effervescent voice brings life to this peppy track, making it an ideal choice for celebrating love and togetherness.

8. Humnava – A Soulful Journey “Humnava” is another soul-stirring track sung by Jubin Nautiyal that showcases his exceptional vocal prowess. Featured in the movie “Hamari Adhuri Kahani,” this song touches the deepest corners of the heart, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who listens to it.

9. Bawara Mann – A Song of Sweet Melancholy “Bawara Mann,” from the film “Jolly LLB 2,” is a song that beautifully blends sweet melancholy with hope. Jubin Nautiyal’s rendition captures the essence of the song’s emotions, making it a favorite among music enthusiasts.

10. Phir Mulaaqat – A Tale of Reunion “Phir Mulaaqat” is a heartfelt song that narrates a tale of reunion and lost love. Jubin Nautiyal’s emotive voice adds depth to the song’s lyrics, leaving the listeners immersed in its heartfelt storytelling.

With this curated list of Jubin Nautiyal’s top songs, we hope to have taken you on a musical journey filled with emotions, romance, and unforgettable melodies. Each of these songs is a testament to Jubin’s exceptional talent and his ability to create music that resonates with people of all ages.

jubin nautiyal total songs list

Jubin Nautiyal: The Complete Melody Collection

Jubin Nautiyal

Discover the Soulful Harmony of Jubin Nautiyal’s Total Songs List

As music aficionados, we are always on the lookout for artists who can touch our hearts and leave an everlasting impact with their captivating melodies. In the realm of soulful voices, one name that shines brightly is Jubin Nautiyal. With his enchanting vocal prowess and moving performances, Jubin has secured a special place in the hearts of millions of music lovers across the globe. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the mesmerizing world of Jubin Nautiyal’s total songs list, celebrating the incredible talent that has taken the music industry by storm.

Introducing Jubin Nautiyal: The Melody Maestro He burst onto the music scene with his debut song “Ek Mulakaat” from the movie “Sonali Cable,” instantly capturing the attention of music enthusiasts. The Unforgettable Hits: Celebrating Jubin Nautiyal’s Musical Brilliance

Jubin Nautiyal songs

download 4 Jubin Nautiyal's Top 10 Songs List : Discover the Enchanting
  • 1. Tum Hi Aana
  • 2. Lo Safar
  • 3. Humnava Mere
  • 4. Akh Lad Jaave – An Energetic Anthem
  • 5. Kaabil Hoon – The Song of Resilience
  • 6. Meherbani – A Grateful Melody
  • 7. Dil Jaaniye – A Celebration of Love
  • 8. Humnava – A Soulful Reverie
  • 9. Bawara Mann – An Emotional Masterpiece
  • 10. Phir Mulaaqat – A Tale of Love and Longing

jubin nautiyal romantic songs list

  • “Tum Hi Aana” – A heart-rending ballad that touches the deepest corners of the heart, featured in the movie “Marjaavaan.”
  • “Humnava Mere” – An ode to love and longing, this soul-stirring melody is from the film “Hamari Adhuri Kahani.”
  • “Lo Safar” – Embark on an emotional voyage of love with this track from the movie “Baaghi 2.”
  • “Phir Mulaaqat” – A poignant tale of reunion and lost love portrayed beautifully in this song.
  • “Kaabil Hoon” – A song of resilience and hope from the movie “Kaabil” that tugs at heartstrings.
  • “Dil Jaaniye” – A celebration of love and togetherness captured in this track from “Khandaani Shafakhana.”
  • “Bawara Mann” – An emotional masterpiece that showcases the depth of love and emotions from “Jolly LLB 2.”
  • “Gazab Ka Hai Din” – A soulful rendition of the classic romantic song from the movie “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.”
  • “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” – A melodious duet that embodies the magic of falling in love, from “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.”
  • “Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye” – A mesmerizing remake of the iconic song from the movie “Kaabil.”
  • “Socha Hai” – A nostalgic and melodious track that pays tribute to the timeless love anthem “Kehdoon Tumhe.”
  • “Meri Aashiqui” – A heartfelt song that beautifully portrays the depths of love and devotion.
  • “Lambiyaan Si Judaiyaan” – A heart-rending melody that captures the pain of separation, from “Raabta.”
  • “Dil Ka Dariya” – An emotional track that delves into the complexities of love and relationships.
  • “Tera Ban Jaunga” – A romantic track from “Kabir Singh” that resonates with the essence of true love.

jubin nautiyal first song

Jubin Nautiyal’s debut song, “Ek Mulakaat,” marked the auspicious beginning of his musical career. Released to the world with a wave of anticipation, this melodious masterpiece showcased Jubin’s raw talent and distinctive vocal charm. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melody left an indelible mark on listeners, instantly captivating their hearts and earning him a dedicated fan base. With “Ek Mulakaat,” Jubin Nautiyal embarked on a journey that would lead him to become one of the most outstanding singers in the Indian music industry.


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