September 27, 2023

Top 10 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money

Best Travel Jobs to Make Money
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Discover the best travel jobs to make money while exploring the world. Don’t let your 9-5 job discourage you from experiencing new adventures. Now is the perfect time to embrace your youth and adventurous spirit. 

If you’re craving excitement and eager to explore, numerous job opportunities are available that allow you to earn an income and travel the globe. These jobs offer the freedom to combine work and travel no matter your career.  So why wait? Start your journey now and unlock endless possibilities while making money. 

Best Travel Jobs to Make Money

Flight Attendant

Best Travel Jobs to Make Money
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If you want a rewarding career that combines travel and decent pay, consider becoming a flight attendant. Flight attendants receive reasonable compensation, although the job requires long hours and physical stamina. What makes a flight attendant top the list of best travel jobs to make money is that you can swap flights with your colleagues, allowing you to maximize your in-flight hours and enjoy more days off. 

Working for a major airline also comes with excellent benefits, including medical coverage, retirement plans, and overtime benefits. However, standing for extended periods can be challenging, especially for newcomers. You must have excellent customer service skills and an outgoing personality as a flight attendant since you will interact with passengers throughout the day. You must also handle stress and work under pressure, even when flights may not operate smoothly. 

Become a Travel Writer

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Freelance writing is one of the best travel jobs to make money, especially if you have a freelance account. Freelance travel writing is common, as publications often seek firsthand accounts and personal perspectives. Websites like and Upwork provide platforms to search for and bid on travel writing assignments.

As one of the best travel jobs to earn cash, travel writing and content creation offer a fulfilling way to combine your writing skills with your passion for exploring and sharing the world with others.

Become an English Teacher Abroad

With numerous countries offering English teaching positions, you can explore different destinations while earning an income. Teaching English is considered one of the best travel jobs to make money, as it often requires minimal qualifications, and many native speakers can secure teaching positions.

Even non-native speakers can find opportunities to teach English. Obtaining a TEFL certificate through an online course can enhance your job prospects and lead to higher-paying positions. Investing in a TEFL certificate is a worthwhile step that can open doors to more teaching opportunities. Teaching gives you a chance to impact the students’ lives positively.

So, embrace the adventure and consider teaching English abroad a rewarding travel job.

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Become a Travel Photographer

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Photography is a good career travel career choice if you are passionate about it. While some news organizations hire staff photographers, freelancing is a common path for many travel photographers. There is a demand for photographers in various locations, including tourist attractions, local events, and luxury resorts.

Specializing in a specific niche within travel photography, such as destination weddings or capturing the essence of travel destinations, can help you stand out in the industry. It can be one of the best travel jobs to make good money while doing what you love.

Try Hostel Work

It’s no longer a secret that hostel work is one of the best travel jobs for backpackers. The best part is that finding hostel gigs is incredibly simple. Just inquire if they have any available positions at the hostels you’re staying at. They will understand exactly what you mean. 

Typically, hostel work involves tasks like operating the front desk during the night shift, cleaning and tidying up, or even working at the hostel bar. You’ll receive free accommodation and sometimes even meals in exchange for your assistance. This is an excellent opportunity to make cash and add new friends.

So if you’re a lone ranger seeking adventure and camaraderie, consider hostel work one of the best travel jobs to make money while enjoying the perks of the backpacking lifestyle.

Become a Sports Scout

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Working as an athletic recruiter is one of the best travel jobs to make money for sports enthusiasts. Both colleges and professional sports organizations employ recruiters to travel nationwide, visiting schools and sporting events to discover new talent. 

This job needs deep knowledge of the sport you are working on; you also need to know all the requirements of a good athlete and how they may improve the teams. Being able to travel to different locations while watching and evaluating talented athletes makes this job an exciting opportunity for sports enthusiasts looking to combine their passion with earning a living.

Construction Manager

Construction work is among the best travel jobs to make money, as it offers opportunities worldwide. While you can find construction jobs in various destinations, some locations may offer higher pay rates. If you have experience in construction, consider exploring work exchange platforms where you can find affordable volunteering opportunities. 

Many hostels, farms, and other establishments advertise their needs, hoping to find skilled travelers. You’ll receive food, lodging, and often some compensation in exchange for your work. If you have specialized skills as a plumber or electrician, you can earn a substantial income and even secure positions that involve traveling to different projects worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to leverage your expertise in the construction industry to earn money while exploring new places.

Foreign Service Officer

Being a Foreign Service Officer is a fulfilling career and one of the travel jobs to make money. FSOs serve in diverse roles abroad, including positions at the State Department, US Embassy, US Consulate, and other US diplomatic missions. Some even hold positions at intelligence agencies like the CIA.

Foreign Service Officers represent the United States, promote diplomacy, and maintain international relations. In addition to the fulfilling nature of the job, the average salary for foreign service travel jobs is around $49,000 per year. However, top earners in this field can make six-figure salaries annually, depending on their experience and education. 

Travel Nurse

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If you’re a nurse or considering a career in nursing, becoming a travel nurse is undeniably one of the best travel jobs to make money. As a travel nurse, you can work in different locations for thirteen to twenty-six weeks while covering your travel expenses. Housing is typically provided as well.

The high demand for travel nurses and the urgency of their services often result in higher pay rates than regular nursing positions. This career allows you to combine your passion for nursing with the adventure of travel while also having the potential to save a significant amount of money. Travel nursing is a fantastic way to explore new places and enjoy the benefits of both a fulfilling career and an exciting travel experience.

Travel Vlogger

If you want one of the best travel jobs to make good cash, then travel vlogging should in your list. There are several choices, from opening a youtube channel to a podcast. The best part is that anyone who can record and upload footage can become a travel vlogger, making it accessible to all travelers. 

You can use these platforms to share your travel experience and gain revenue. To succeed as a travel vlogger, it’s important to have travel hacks to save money. Websites like for hotels, or Kayak for renting cars, and Skyscanner for cheap flights can be valuable resources.

So grab your camera, explore the world, and start documenting your adventures as a travel vlogger.


When it comes to working and traveling, creativity is key. Not every travel job needs to be a long-term career; simply covering your living expenses is a great starting point. The skills and confidence you gain from these experiences will take you far. Taking a leap of faith and pursuing a new vocation while traveling can lead to a fulfilling career filled with adventure and exploration. Embrace the possibilities and enjoy the journey of discovering a career that combines work, fun, and travel.


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