September 23, 2023

Sustainable Travel & 5 sustainable tourism best practices

Sustainable Travel : Traveling is something we humans lure for since we were kids; it was fun back then when we use to pack our greasy bags and drag them across the soil of wonders while touring different places to satisfy our magical souls. Tourism changed a lot from its old style of native guides to new global insights of viewpoints which makes things much more interesting for tourists all around the globe.

Sustainable travel concepts and best practices
Sustainable travel concepts and best practices

Sustainable Travel Management

With the advent of global tourism and an unpreceded rise in the number of #wanderlust fueled tourists, we have invariably suffered with what the netizens have termed as a reality v/s Instagram phenomenon. You are lured to your travel destination with snapshots of beautiful beaches and the clear ocean to find crowds of people. Here, my fellow travelers are where sustainable Traveling comes into the picture. The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable Traveling in the following way-
“Sustainable tourism development meets the issues of present tourists and local regions while protecting and promoting opportunities for the future.

Concept of Sustainable Travel.

It is emerged as leading to management of all products in such a way that economic, social and personal needs
can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems.”
To put it in simpler terms, sustainable travel is traveling so that we do not overburden the ecological resources while reducing our carbon footprint, protecting cultural diversity, and supporting the local communities.

faceless stylish couple walking towards ancient tower in picturesque nature
sustainable tourism – How to become sustainable traveler.

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5 reasons why you should turn into a Sustainable Traveler.

There is no planet-B

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you would be aware that our planet is heading towards an environmental catastrophe while the ecosystem is on the brink of collapse. Add to it the tourism industry, which is responsible for over 40% of the carbon emission in the world, sustainable Traveling seems to be the only eco-friendly way possible.

Supporting local artisans

While tourism is focused on all-inclusive packages that provide you everything from meals to knick-knacks, you shall be gifting your loved ones. It more often than not compromises authenticity for the budget. Mass-produced gift items are preferred. On
the other hand, while being a sustainable traveler, your money reaches local artists’ pockets, supporting the cultural heritage while guaranteeing authenticity and uniqueness.

Explore offbeat places

In the age where visually appealing marketing is the way to go, everybody invariably ends up on the path sooner or later. Unfortunately, this places too much stress on the local ecosystem and puts a damper on the traveling experience, for who wants to enjoy a sunset with the thousands of other travelers on the mountain top? So while traveling sustainable, we try our best to veer off the trodden path and discover the new gems, untouched and serene.

Immerse in the local culture

Tourism is all fads, but a genuine traveler knows that to visit a place and not feel the culture is folly. Sustainable Traveling is visiting a site, living in homestays, meeting people from the local community, and returning with a wholesome experience that you can never forget in your lifetime.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Experts warn us about impending doom if we do not mend our ways. So it seems only logical that Traveling should also be scrutinized under the radar. Yet, while traveling sustainable, we cut down our carbon footprint and do our bit to help the planet while not compromising our travel instincts. So isn’t that a Win-Win?

assimilate sustainable travel by supporting locals
assimilate sustainable travel by supporting locals

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Protect your Healthy soul from turning into Trash by incorporating Sustainable Tourism.

Let’s all spend a second looking into ourselves. After a precise examination, it is concluded that we are entirely fit. We are hail and healthy. But is it the truth? You know the answer, right. Examine sincerely for a movement, and let’s be honest with each other. We are not fine indeed. Not fit. Not healthy inside. But let me convey a little fact to you. Neither a physician nor any latest techie device can’t give complete info about your health. You are the only one and best doctor for yourself. Take it for granted, and I swear, no other can give you an analysis better than you.

Now, when it is proved that you are the consultant doctor of your body, it would be better to look into yourself. This
may sound not very clear, but this comes out to be interesting. Sustainable tourism makes you healthier than ever because you cannot rely on foods that fry your intestines every day.

Every day we walk through those busy and shady streets of this ever-growing world.= Time is something that slips through our pockets every day without our knowledge. Yet, amidst all of these, we still discover ourselves to be humans who help each other, who talk to each other.

But sometimes, things don’t turn around in the way we think. Few souls slip out of our sight and walk through the hall of death; maybe it’s because we never saw any signs of their suffering, or perhaps we overlooked few symptoms of their depression. Here are few symptoms of depression that we ignore every day in and out.

Sustainable tourism can actually lighten up your mood and immerse you into a pleased soul, trust me, it’s something known to people for a long time but came to light only a few decades before.

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Frequently asked questions about Sustainable Travel.

1.How can we sustainably travel?

To travel sustainably, you have to choose a place that promotes sustainability, emphasizing eco-friendly goods and technology.
Promoting and uplifting local goods and people can help you endure lots of sustainable activities, thus fulfilling your goal.

2.Why is traveling sustainably important?

Cutting plastic consumption, saving nature, promoting local eco-friendly goods might be one of the most important reasons to travel sustainably.

3.What are some insightful examples of sustainable tourism?

Rancho Margot, Costa Rica This place holds a spot in one of the most sustainable spots. Its specialty is providing
food prepared from the local farms, making it a healthy site for survival and tourism.
Wilderness, Scotland The promotion of local people and their goods is their main priority in tourism, making it
a spot to look over.

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