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5 Best investigative series based on true stories

5 best investigative series based on true stories, compiled here. Watching, is one of the best activities that people love to do. Ever since the introduction of series, they have gained massive number of people who love to follow up and now how the story is unfolding. I am a huge lover of watching series, I often tend to not only have fun and be entertained but also learn a lot.

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I have really learnt a lot from the characters in the story. Consequently, series stories usually have a good plot twist, you end up being surprised and you can’t help but marvel, at how creative the content writers are. There are different types of series, in this case we will focus on series based on true stories, meaning that they actually happened in the real life. If you are looking for the best type of series that deal with true based stories then look no further. Below is a list of 5 best investigative series based on true stories:

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Best investigative series

The watcher

The Watcher, has to be one of the 5 best investigative series based on true story that I have ever watched. That’s why it had to top the list, it’s the ideal definition of an investigative documentary. Trust me you will never have a dull moment with this one, because your head will always be filled with so much questions and suspense. The writing of this story is on another level. The Watcher, was created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, I must admit that this two are super talented. Basically, the Witcher is about the haunting that goes on in the 657 Boulevard.

Where the owners of this house, always feel as if they are spyed on. A new family purchased their home, which was actually their dream house. They then, started receiving threatening letters from someone known as the Watcher, who is actually stalking them. It is so serious to the extent that, this stalker knows information about the couple and their kids.

The stalker has been watching the home for years, thus he knows details about the house, this was back in 2014. So in 2019, the house was sold to a young family, who actually have not reported any suspicious activity. If you want to understand what goes on later in this series. Then you should definitely look for it, it’s the best and we had to include in our 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

5 best investigative/detective series
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The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

This one, will amaze you, it is another master piece from the work of Ryan Murphy. It’s about the story of a serial killer who is convicted, he murdered more than seventeen ( 17) teen and young men, most especially those who were black in colour, and gay. A great story that deserves to be on our list of 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

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It tells the story from an angle of Dahmer’s victims, neighbors and people who were close. Glenda Cleveland, is also captured since he tried to actually stop him from doing this heinous acts. The main aim and center point of the show, is to show the consistent failures, that actually allowed Dahmer to remain in the public for so many years.

This show is actually a number one # success, but this doesn’t really mean that it hasn’t received a backlash, it has received a variety of backlashes , because of the dramatization of the story. You should definitely look into The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, you’ll definitely learn a lot from the investigative documentary, bearing in mind that it is actually a true story. No doubt, it’s one of 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

Image showing how Jeffrey Dahmer movie looks like.
Image from Netflix

Killer Sally

This is also one of the 5 best investigative series based on real life story. Killer Sally, is a beautiful investigative documentary series. In this story, a mini gist of it is that, Sally and her husband Ray McNeil, had an awful marriage experience. Their marriage was actually at the verge of collapsing, since Ray used to abuse Sally physically, this did not end there, since he could actually go ahead and beat up the kids too.

Sally, reached a point where she was actually tired of it all, so to safeguard herself and the kids she killed the husband on a valentine’s day, by shooting him . So, if you get to watch the series, you’ll get to listen to the events that actually made Sally to kill her husband, both from Sally, the neighbors and friends. Look for it, a wonderful movie to include in 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

5 best investigative/detective series. Image showing Killer Sally.
Image showing killer Sally
Killer Sally movie

I am a stalker

Just by the tittle of it, you can tell that this series definitely raises eyebrows. I am a stalker, comes from the same producers as I am a killer. It is a true based documentary, since in 2019, roughly about 4 Million were victims of stalking, that is based from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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In this story, an interview is held where convicted stalkers who were notorious, get to disclose on how they ended up commiting the crime. You should definitely consider checking them out, since you’ll be able to know how most of them ended up committing the crime. We had to include it in this list of 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

5 best investigative/detective series
Image from Netflix

Night stalker: The hunt for serial killer

This series, is a real one. A great movie we had to include in this list of 5 best investigative series based on true stories. It basically shows us how a serial killer was trucked down and finally captured. In the 1980s, there existed a serial killer who terrorized San Francisco and Los Angeles, he was known as the night stalker. However, his real name was Richard Ramirez, he stalked, raped and even murdered more than fourteen ( 14) people, this was inclusive of both men, women and children.

The shocking part of it all, is the fact that all this murders were done between a period of seventeen months ( 17). Through this documentary, you are able to see how he was traced and then arrested so that he can be brought to justice.

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The hunt for a serial killer,is a true based story, that you can be able to engage with it and observe the steps that were taken overtime, to reach the final arrest. You should definitely look into it, you will not only enjoy it but also you will be able to learn and gain so much knowledge about hunting a serial killer, and the necessary steps that you can take. Ensure you check this one of the 5 best investigative series based on true stories.

Image showing Night Stalker movie
Image from Netflix.

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