September 23, 2023

Top 10 sites for job search in 2021

Internet has made it easy for job seekers. Before internet, people used to seek jobs in newspapers and other printed materials. Today, the internet has made it easy for job seekers, especially this error of unemployment.

Top 10 sites for Job searching.

There are several online platforms for advertising jobs, for example, social media, networking groups, job boards, company websites and more.

When searching for a job platform, you need to be careful with fraud, which is at an alarming rate in internet. Job websites, are not only the best but also most efficient way of seeking job opportunities.

So, which sites are the best for job search? Worry less, this article will guide you through the best job search engines. There are many websites for job seekers, but here are the top 10 sites in 2021 after doing our research from dozens of websites.

1-LinkedIn – Facebook of Professional, Easy way to get Jobs by directly connecting to HR.

This site is among the best search engines for online jobs. Up to 50% of the jobs posted in this site are easy to apply by just making a few clicks. Moreover, you can specify your field while searching to see the exact jobs for you. You can involve yourself in a discussions by joining different groups then participate in their conversation.

online social media platform to get job
online social media platform to get job

2- Indeed – Find millions of jobs online.

This website has job listings from various job boards, career sites, websites, associations and classified adverts in newspapers, leading to millions of job posted. You can either look for job in your area or other countries. This site allows the job seekers to make their resumes then share the customized links to employers.

Indeed best website for job search internationally.
Indeed best website for job search internationally.

3- Naukri – Indias largest & trusted job site.

Naukri has proved to be among the best job sites in 2021. This site allows users to find their desirable job easily, and has currently attracted many followers. The site has also unlimited jobs for various job seekers. Naukri is also keen on scammers and has promised the users to make their job search free from fraud and safe. indias best job site with 100% results indias best job site with 100% results

4- Monster – Find faster & Better job online.

This job site is among the most visited and it’s popular across the globe with a million plus users. The site displays the company profiles, networking boards, career advice, search alerts and salary information. Additionally, this site gives the job seekers a chance to upload their resumes.

Monster best job portal site
Monster best job portal site

5- – Indias leading Jobsite, Find jobs, network & Learn

This site has useful information when you take your time to navigate through. If you take your time reading then watching videos on their YouTube channel, you will learn how to create, compile and execute direct mail campaign of your own with up to 85% success rate thus securing a new position (within 90 days).

BAyt - List of jobs sites
BAyt – List of jobs sites

Top 5 sites for searching Jobs.

6 – Careercloud – Guide for your career.

Careercloud enables you to access growth plans and business announcement in your place. This gives you a chance to know which companies will expand in future. This enables you to reach the companies before they start advertising jobs and hiring to avoid stiff competition. The site also provides actionable and important tips for job seekers to enable them navigate each stage of job changing, job hunting, negotiating and other things happening at work.

careercloud trusted job site
careercloud trusted job site

7- Dice Leading career site.

This is the best site for those who are searching for tech jobs. The site offers several articles to give tips as well as advice about jobs in IT field. Hopefully, you will find up to 87000+ jobs posted on this site according to job titles, specific company names, skills, type of employment (full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, etc.), or location. In October 2004, managed an Alexa rank of 901 in United States.

dice - best international job site
dice – best international job site

8- CareerBuilder – International Jobs site.

Apart from United States, this site operates in 23 more countries. The site has proved to be among the best job search today with up to 24million unique visitors per months. This site enables the users to post resumes and also save jobs and searches.

Careerbuilder international jobs search site
Careerbuilder international jobs search site

9- Jibberjobber – Premium Job search Platform.

This is another awesome job search engine and should not be excluded. It is useful for individual career development by helping you to track and manage network relationship. It is an individual’s relationship manager to your career, organize and also keep tabs to companies that you target and apply to or want to apply.

IMG 20210320 125407 781 Top 10 sites for job search in 2021
JobberJobber premium job site & career builder

10 – Glassdoor – company information, employee reviews and Job search.

This site has managed an Alexa rank of 137 in United States. Apart from offering job search platform of up to 6000+ jobs, it also offers company reviews and salary information from employees. This job search website has job listings adding up to millions, and you can apply directly in their site.

glassdoor top 10 job sites
glassdoor top 10 job sites

What you need to know
When registering for a job in online sites. You should consider registering to more than one top site so as to increase the chances of landing to the career of your choice. When exploring some online employment platforms, you will also find career insights and advice in industry trend and company culture. Have a successful job search!

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