December 3, 2023

Top 5 Best Instant personal Loan Apps

Best Instant personal Loan Apps – Whenever we think about any loans then eyes get bur and mind gets blow to think about the process of banks, many documents. But in today’s time you can take loan from your smartphone only with the help of Aadhar card and PAN card. Because nowadays many Instant Loan Application have come in the market.

So, in today’s article, I am going to tell you about Top five (5) Best Instant Personal Loan Application in India. With the help of all these loan apps, you can take a loan by following very easy steps. In this, you get an instant loan of about fifteen (15) lakhs to five (5) lakhs. So let us now know in detail about Top five (5) Best Instant Personal Loan Application in India.

Top 5 Best Instant personal Loan Apps
Top 5 Best Instant personal Loan Apps

What is Instant Loan App?

There are times in our life when we suddenly need money. In such a situation, the loan
that we get without showing many documents is called Instant Loan. And the mobile
applications that give us this type of loan are called Instant Loan Applications.

Documents Required for Instant Loan Apps in India.

1) Identity Proof: – If you are applying for the loan then you should have Aadhar card, pan card, driving license, passport, and a photo of yourself as ID proof.
2) Address Proof: – You can give your Aadhar card, passport, or your electricity bill etc. as an address.
3) Bank Statement: – You will also need to submit your bank statement from which your salary will be checked.
4) Salary Slips: – You will also need the slip of the latest salary received from your employer.

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Instant Loan Apps features.

1) Here you can get a loan of about 9 thousand rupees to 3 lakhs in the form of a loan.
2) These loans are short term which can range from 62 days to 1 year.
3) If you take a loan from any bank, then you will need to wait for a few days for the loan to be approved. But here you get approval on the same day.
4) You can apply from anywhere to take loan in this. Day or night, home or office, you can take a loan whenever you want.

Eligibility criteria to Apply for Instant Loan Apps.

1) If you want to take Instant Loan from Loan Apps. So, for this the first qualification you should be a citizen of India.
2) Apart from this, you must be an employee anywhere on the job or in any registered company.
3) If you want to apply for this loan then your age should be between 25 years to 58 years.

Top 5 Instant Personal Loan Apps in India 2022.

1- Bajaj FinServ Instant Loan App

Best recommended personnel loan apps as it is Safe and Secure and you can trust them blindly as its Bajaj Company.

1- Bajaj FinServ Instant Loan App
1- Bajaj FinServ Instant Loan App

-You must have heard the name of Bajaj FinServ at one time or another. I cost you that you will not need to talk much about it because almost 99% of the people know about Bajaj FinServ. So, in this also the process of taking loan is very easy. In this, you can get a loan of 25 lakhs of rupees within a few hours of approval.

How much are the installments (EMI) for Bajaj FinServe Instant Loan : – In this you are given a calculator. With the help
of which you can know about the loan installment.

Documents for taking loan from Bajaj FinServ: – You need to submit some documents to take loan. In which you will be asked for KYC document, Employee Id card, last 2 months salary slip and last 3 months bank statement of your salary.

Download Bajaj FinServe App to apply for instant Loan.
Apply for personnel Loan online from Browser.

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2- Indialends Instant Personal Loan App

2- Indialends Instant Personal Loan App
2- Indialends Instant Personal Loan App

Friends, this app was launched on 2 March 2016. This Indialends Personal Loan App provides you loan very easily. And the special thing about indialends loan app is that it gives you a lot of time to repay the loan back. With which you can get the loan back very easily. More than 50 banks in India participate in the Indialands Loan App.

To take a loan from Indialends, you need to first go to the Google play store and download the Indialends App. Then later you need to click on the loan apply. After this
you need to upload your complete information and documents in it. Afterwards the Indialends Loan team will check your eligibility and documents. If you are eligible to take the loan, then your loan is approved. Within a short time, the loan is transferred to your account.

How much are the EMIs of Indialends instant loan app: – Indialends Personal Loan Apps gives you a minimum of 3
months and a maximum of 60 months to repay the loan taken by you.

Documents for taking loan from Indialends :- To take loan you need Aadhar card, PAN card, Address proof, Selfie and Bank statement of last 6 months. .

Download Indialends App to get instant personnel loan in India.
Apply for personnel loan instantly from your browser.

Note – Same as Indiabullls – Indialends has many negative reviews on Playstore so please check before applying to them as it may affect your credit score.

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3- KreditBee Instant Personal Loan App

KreditBee App is a mobile application providing an instant personal loan. This application is approved by NBFC. And does its work according to the rules of RBI. This app was published on Google Playstore in 2018. And till now this app has been
downloaded by 10 million people i.e. 1 crore people.

Which provides instant loans to needy people across India. With the help of this app, you can take a personal loan up to Rs 2 lakh very easily. Here you are provided with a personal loan for the maximum time with the least interest. With the help of this app, you can take loan as per your requirement and repay it in very easy installments.

How much are the EMIs: – After taking a loan from KreditBee Loan App, you can repay it very easily through EMI in 3 months to 12 months.

Documents to take loan from KreditBee :– To take loan from KreditBee Loan App, you need PAN card, Aadhar card, a photo and salary slip.

Download Kreditbee for Iphone (not available for android as RBI banned 1200 instant loans apps – that doesn’t means its not trustworthy but if you fail to pay EMI then these apps are risky except Finserve )
Apply online for instant personnel loan on KreditBee

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4- Home Credit instant Loan App on minimum docs.

Best instant personnel loan apps in India
Best instant personnel loan apps in India

This organization is also from Gurgaon, Haryana, which gives instant loan at least on documents for the last few years. Taking loan in this is very safe and secure. Initially this institution used to give very small loans but now Home Credit can give your personal loan up to Rs 2.4 lakh.

Home Credit Personal Loan app is available for Android users. And this application can help you to apply for loan, track loan status and know your offers anytime and anywhere. It is very easy to take a loan from Home Credit. To take loan from this app user just need to follow few steps. Just like Dhani app, you need to apply for loan by creating an account in it.

How to contact with Home Credit: – To contact with Home Credit, you can use the option
given below:-
You can call on (+91)-124-662-8888.
You can send an email to
One can fill the complaint form online at Home Credit’s site.
Documents for taking a loan from Home Credit: – With Home Credit, you can get a loan
by online processing in no time. But for this you need some documents like, Id Proof,
Address Proof and Bank Statement or Salary Slip.

Similar to KreditBee and Indiabulls home credit is also removed by Google Play as per RBI guidelines.
Apply online for home credit instant loan using web based browser

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5- India bulls Dhani Instant Loan App.

India bulls Dhani Instant Loan App.
India bulls Dhani Instant Loan App.

This India bulls Dhani Loan Apps is a very old company which was started in the year 1999. It is very easy to take a loan from Dhani App. For this you just need to follow some steps. First, you need to open Dhani App by downloading and installing it in your mobile. After this, you need to create an account in it and after that submit your Aadhaar number and submit it by entering the loan amount according to your interest. Then you will get the loan in no time.

How much are the EMIs for indiabulls instant loan app : – Loan installment from Dhani Loan Apps ranges from 3 months to 24 months. If you want more information about this, then you can visit the official site of or you can call Customer Care Helpline No. You can get more information by calling on 18604193333.

Documents for taking loan from Dhani App: – With Dhani App you can get loan by online process in no time. But for this you need some documents like, Aadhar Card (Aadhaar Card), PAN Card and your Mobile Number (which should be linked to your Aadhar Card).
Note – One of my friend has bad experience with indiabulls they are very good until you pay all EMI’S on time but they will be worst even if you miss single one.

Negative review of indiabulls dhani instant loan
Negative review of indiabulls dhani instant loan

Download Indiabulls Dhani android app to get Loan.

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