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Murudeshwara Temple information & History.

Murudeshwara Temple – Murudeshwara is a town known for its temples located along the boundaries of wide Western ghats and the Arabian Sea. The town Murudeshwara is situated along the coastal line of Karnataka in Bhatkala Taluk, North Canara district. The city is famous for its sculptures of Chalukya and Kadamba under the roof of the famous Shiva temple.

Several devotees are lured worldwide for their versatility and warm spiritual ambiance. The temple is drawn for its Shiva statue, around thirty-seven meters, and is also remarkably the highest Shiva statue in India. The temple has a gopuram, also known as the magnificent entrance, which stands tall at the height of around 123 feet and can take away your breath while watching the Lord Shiva statue from the top of the Gopura.

Murudeshwara Temple information & History.
Murudeshwara Temple information & History.

Murudeshwar Temple Timings – 6 AM to 1PM, 3PM to 8PM
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Murudeshwara Temple information & History.

Murudeshwar Temple & Beach
Murudeshwar Temple & Beach

Murudeshwara Temple History.

The statue is a recent addition to the Ancient Shrine and the temple, tied to an exciting tale through the times instilled in the past. The King of Lanka, Ravana was a passionate Lord Shiva devotee who wanted to gain immense power and infinite life by possessing Atma Linga; this powerful Atma Linga is known for its mysterious, mystical powers. The Demon King Ravana performed a little penance to great Lord Shiva.

On the other hand, the witty sage Narada, realizing the consequences which might occur due to the possession of Atma Linga by Ravana, tricks Ravana by appealing to Lord Vishnu to trick Ravana into asking for Parvati Devi instead of Atma Linga.
Ravana realizing his mistake, performs penance once more to possess Atma Linga. Still, this time he receives a condition from Lord Shiva to not place the Atma Ling on the ground at any cost, to which Ravana agrees.

Murudeshwar Story of Lord Ganesh & Ravana
Murudeshwar Story of Lord Ganesh & Ravana

To save mother Earth, the witty sage Narada intervenes once more, appealing to Lord Vishnu for help, which creates a magical illusion of evening during the daylight. Ravana visualizing the sun, which is about to set, wants to offer his evening prayers, but at the same time, he is tied with the confusion of what to do with the Atma Linga as he cannot place it down. Suddenly nowhere, a young Brahmachari appears out of the bushes and extends a helping hand to Ravana, saying that he will call out three times before putting the Atma Linga.

The young Bhramachari is none other than Lord Ganesh, who tricks Ravana by placing the Atma Linga on the ground; the furious Ravana, who decides to shatter the Atma Linga into pieces, breaks a tiny bit of it. One of the few shattered pieces was believed to be the origin of the ancient shrine on top of which the tall Lord Shiva Statue was built; this is how Murudeshwara temple came to its existence.

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Murudeshwara Temple History in Hindi.

If you want to see & Hear the history of Murudeshwara then watch below video.

Murudeshwar Temple History in Hindi.

Architecture of Murudeshwara Temple – 2nd Tallest Statue of Shiva in the world.

2nd Tallest Statue of Shiva in the world.
2nd Tallest Statue of Shiva in the world.

The statue of Lord Shiva is located on top of a tiny hill called Kanduka Giri. It is 2nd tallest statue of lord shiva in the world. The ancient shrine has a complex to its addition of around 20 stories which encloses the Ancient Linga. There is two concrete-based elephant flank along the way, which leads up to the ancient temple.

Near the Ancient temple, you can visualize the great statue of Lord Shiva, which devotees lure all around the world. This statue was donated by philanthropist and businessman R.N Shetty and was sculpted by a passionate team led by Shivamogga’s Kashinath; there is another added fact of how this statue was placed to get direct exposure to the rising sunlight from the horizon of the ocean.

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Murudeshwara – The Tallest Gopuram in World.

Murudeshwara - The Tallest Gopuram in World.
Murudeshwara – The Tallest Gopuram in World.

Murudeshwar has 2nd tallest Gopuram in The world. The Ancient Gopura stands at the height of around 123 feet which provides a magnificent view of the Lord Shiva Statue with its ancient sculptures webbed around mystical stories; this Gopura has a lot of text tied to it, while there has been a lot of recent addition to its external structure to protect its precious artform and appearances.

The Gopura is known for its powerful aura and warm spiritual ambiance; Murudeshwar temple is known for its ancient story of Lord Ravana and mighty Shiva, which spins down how interesting this temple is not only for the devotees but to the travelers who lure for exciting stories and exciting history which belongs to this beautiful land of greatness.

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Murudeshwara temple and its known facts.

There are other statues which include that of Sun Chariot through the lanes of a park, representing how Arjuna receives Gettopadesham from the mighty Krishna, other sculptures reflecting Ravana being tricked by Ganesha, and other statues such as Shiva in the form of Bhaghirnath flowing through the river Ganga around the tiny hillock spread around it.

The temple is completely restored with recent additions with the bit of exception of Sanctum Sanctorum, which remains dark pitched, retaining its cold composure. The temple’s main deity is Lord Shiva, also known as Sri Mridesa Linga or Murudeshwar. The devotees daily perform sevas like Rathotsava and Abhisheka.

Rudrabhisheka, where we can view the deity by placing ourselves at the end of Sanctum, where you can visualize the Linga is decorated with oil lamps held in the hands of the devotees. The Atma Linga is known for its magical powers enclosed inside its concrete sphere of the spiritual world, tied to its tale as a descendant of Lord Shiva owing to its immortal powers, which are exceptional in their way.

The Murudeshwara Temple located along the lines of the Arabian Sea is a visual to watch by every person interested in traveling through the times and passionate about unfolding unknown facts of one of the great ancient shrines of our nation. This temple receives donations in various forms, be it jewelry, money, or other conditions. With added additions, this temple provides residence to different travelers from far lands under the roof of the spiritual world.

You can add this destination to your to-do list. This is one of the most significant temples for its tall stature and Gopura and its ancient stories tied to its roots underneath the traveling time, which is worth pondering as you scroll through this screen.

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