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Lohgad fort trek information and history. (Iron Fort)

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welcome to Bloggerguest and Bhatkanti travel vlogs today I will share my Lohgad fort trek experience with you i will share important lohgad fort information and history. Will cover lohgad fort difficulty level, trek time required, how to reach? , history, information & things to carry during lohgad trek.

Lohgad fort trek information and history.
Lohgad fort mansoon trek information and history.

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Lohgad fort trek information and hsitory.

Lohgad fort Lonavala location & height.

  • Country – India
  • State – Maharashtra
  • District – Pune
  • City – Lonavala – Located 68KM from Pune and 89KM from Mumbai.
  • Height of Lohgad fort – 1033 meters. 3389 feet’s.

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Lohgad fort trekking difficulty level.

Lohgad fort is very easy to trek & ideal for family trip. On our trip even differently abled people were trekking the fort easily.

Lohgad fort in Winter
Lohgad fort in Winter

Lohgad fort history.

Lohgad fort has very ancient history with many dynasties ruled it at5 different points of time Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Yadavas, Bahamanis, Nizams, Mughals and Marathas. Shivaji maharaj captured Lohgad fort in 1648 AD from Adilshahi sultanate but in 1665-66 Mirza Raja Jaysingh acquired 23 forts of Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj during Treaty of Purandar the lohgad was one of the fort. Shivaji Maharaj captured it again in 1670 & he used to keep his treasury there then Aurangjeb captured it in 1700 and again Balaji Vishwanath acquired it . Bajirav II ruled the fort in 1802 until it went in the hands of british under colonel prother in 1818. Luckily the fort is still intact.

Lohgad Fort travel vlog on Youtube in Marathi

lohgad fort information in english

What is the best time to visit Lohgad fort?

The best time to visit the fort is in Mansoon & winter. In winter try to visit early morning before son becomes hot as it will dehydrate you and you will feel exhausted. This applies to all the forts.

How to reach Lohgad Fort?

The best way of travel is by your own vehicle by Car or motorcycle. You can also go by local from Pune or Mumbai. From Pune you need to get down on Malavali railway station from there you can hire rickshaw or Taxi.

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Places to visit Lohgad fort.

Below are the tourist attractions you can visit near Lohgad fort.

  • Bhaja Caves
  • Visapur Fort
  • Tung Fort
  • Pawna Dam
  • Korigad fort
  • Tikona fort
  • Malhar Gad
  • Karla caves
  • Bhaja caves
  • Bedse caves

Lohgad Fort trekking Experience.

Me(ketan), Nilesh and Shrikant were came for trekking lohgad fort. when we started our trek from base we saw group of differently abled people were climbing the fort after having a word with them we understood that they did more than 100 treks till the date.

handicapped people climbing the fort
handicapped people climbing the fort

Then we paid entry fee, The entry fee for lohgad fort is 25 rupees. during the trek you can see pavana river & Tung fort aerial views. On the fort top you can see Visapur fort as well. Then you can see strong walls of fort(masonry fence of stones). After some trail we saw Ganesh Entrance (Ganesh Darwaja) the gate built very smartly as gate built behind the walls so cannot be damaged by canons. after entering the door you can see canons made up of cast irons still intact.

Canons on lohgad
Canons on Lohgad

Near Ganesh darwaja you can see a Sanskrit Inscription dated 1 November 1790 which is record of restoration of Ganesh Gate by Nana Fadanvis. There is small room with windows made to keep eyes on enemy. After short walk we seen Dindi Buruj & there was a place used to attack enemy by canons effectively.

After 20 steps walk you can see a room(barn) called dhany kothar made for storing cereal. Then comes Narayan darwaja (gate) near to Narayan darwaja there is main Gate called Hanuman darwaja which has carvings of lord hanuman. Its built in such a way that no any canon grapeshots reach the gate that why it is main entrance to the Lohgad fort.

After Hanuman gate when you reach on top of fort you can see a Lime extraction wheel which was used to crush lime required for construction work.

Lime stone crushing wheel / Chunyacha Ghana on fort
Lime stone crushing wheel / Chunyacha Ghana on fort

Infront of Lime extraction stone there is Iranian style Tomb. the tomb is still intact. It is said that The daughter of Aurangjeb was buried here but there are no proofs available. Besides the Tomb there is a Royal court (Raj-Darbar). After walking 20 steps there is Lord Shiva temple with shivling, Then you will see a Tryambak Lake (having eight corners) and adjacent small drinking water chamber. The water from Tryambak lake gets filtered and comes to small chamber which you can drink.

After walking some distance there is biggest lake on the fort named 16 cornered elephant lake (Hatti talav). There is Inscription on stone tells that it is built by Nana Fadanvis.

16 corners hatti talav on Lohgad
16 corners hatti talav on Lohgad

You can see 2 dargas (Islamic worshiping place) which shows Shivaji Maharaj used to respect all religions. Then we gone to last point of fort called Vinchu Kada or Vinchu Kata (Scorpian sting/Tail in English) which got its name due to its design like sting of Scorpion.

Vinchu Kata or Vinchu Kada (Scorpian's Sting) point on Lohgad Fort
Vinchu Kata or Vinchu Kada (Scorpian’s Sting) point on Lohgad Fort

We have missed some ancient caves of 1st and 2nd century. So if you have time you can count on those caves. One of the cave has inscription in Brahmi script in a Prakit language influenced by Sanskrit.

Friends Lohgad fort trek experience was excellent. So you can visit the place in Mansoon and winters & we highly recommend the place to everyone.

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