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5 Best Tiktok influencers in Canada

5 best tiktok influencers in canada, compiled here. In the current system, TikTok is one of the most loved and used apps ever. All and sundry embrace it because of its ability to bring out the best, it can be used for a variety of purposes, it could be for fun, educational, advertising, among others.

Musicians have also found a way of marketing their songs, which is through creating a dance challenge then allowing people to hop into it. We have influencers in every country, they are usually the people who have huge number of followers and those who most upcoming look upto. As their name suggests, they have an influencing power in them, with them you can be able to market your activities, products or services since most people are watching them.

Canada, isn’t an exception, it has TikTok influencers who do an incredible job, if you’re prolly looking for a list of them then look no further, because we have your back. Here’s a list of the 5 best TikTok influencers in Canada:

5 Best Tiktok influencers in Canada
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Kallmekris- Kris HC

Kris HC, had to top our list of 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada, she is the crème dela crème of this field. With a following of 47.9 million and 2.1 Billion liked videos, indeed she deserves the position of being our number one on the list. Kris, has a massive content that deals with comedy, what sets her apart from the rest is her ability to create authentic content and her consistency. She also runs a YouTube channel, which is excelling.

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Her content, relates with the life in Canada, the culture, situations in the family, among others. She has gotten many partnerships, from both individuals and brands. It’s evident that, she even landed a Cameo role in a television show. Her work, has always been noticed as she does it at per excellence, she gives it her all and we both can see that when you give your best and continue to be persistent then , it will definitely work out. She is definitely one of the 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada.

5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada, image of Chris HC Tiktok account.
Image of Kris HC Tiktok account

Joshrichards – Josh Richards

Josh Richards, is among the 5 best TikTok influencers ever. He has a following of about, 26. 0 million and 1.9 billion, liked videos. Isn’t this groundbreaking? The background history of Richards, is quite exciting. He was born in Toronto, and has been so passionate about business, his love. for entrepreneurship could be noticed from far. Other than that, he loved hockey sports, and that is what drived him to start his first business at only 13 years old. He began selling hockey merchandise, a business that sprouted overtime.

On his page, he displays a variety of content, ranging from skits, dance choreography, lip synced videos among others. Furthermore, Josh has been seen to be a person who recognizes and appreciates talent . This is what lead him to help in establishing the opening of Talent X, a creator agency, that is doing exemplary well. Josh Richards, is the CSO of Talent X.

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With this position, we have seen him doing great things, he provides a good example to those, who yearn to be in this industry. Through him, you can be able to learn a lot, ranging from leadership, entrepreneurship, sports, having fun among others. You can check his page for more. He is absolutely one of the 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada.

5 Best Tiktok influencers in Canada
Image of Josh Richards Tiktok account

Celinaspookyboo – Celina Myers

We had to include Celina Myers in this list of 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada. She has a following of 26.6 million, and about 955. 4 Million liked videos. Her journey is quite different, from the rest she started it off as a writer of paranormal content, she was doing quite good at it because she has about three completed paranormal books that she has published. However, this is not the content that she displays in her page.

Her content is usually, puns, dad jokes and the videos of her while she is sleep walking and the adventures encountered in doing so. This is such a unique content, I mean have you ever seen someone before posting a content related to sleep walking. This is creativity at it’s peek, I guess that’s why she has a huge following. You can definitely consider checking out, her content through the username above. We had to include her in our 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada.

5 Best Tiktok influencers in Canada, image showing Celina Spookyboo Tiktok account.
Image of Celina Myers Tiktok account

Lukedavinson – Luke Davinson

Lukedavidson_ is a TikTok influencer, who has a following of about 13.6 million and 399.5million liked videos. He is nineteen years old, ( 19), he was born on 28th January 2003. Despite of him being so young, his work is doing so well, he is recognized and appreciated by all. He is among the best TikTok influencers in Canada, he started it off from 2019, and he has been seen to progress each day.

He not only runs a TikTok account, but also a YouTube channel, which is doing quite well. He comes from Manitoba, but has been living in Alberta where he settled. Luke, is a comedian, his content is very hilarious, trust me on this, he will leave your ribs aching due to the amount of laughter you will experience. Moreover, he has one of the best smiles ever, one that is unforgettable. You can check it out on his page, and I’m pretty sure you will agree with me on that, it’s even infectious. We had to include him in this list of 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada.

Image showing Luke Davinson Tiktok account.
Image of Luke Davinson Tiktok account

Nilered – Nile

Nilered, is one of the best pages that you’ll ever come across. He has a huge following of, upto 10.1 million followers, and 213.8 million liked videos. He is an expert in his field, since he is a chemist, the unique thing about him is the fact that he brings out the fun in science. When you visit his page, you’ll be able to see his science experiments in form of videos, consequently you’ll not only be entertained but also learn.

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Learning, is a day to day activity as with each day you’ll be able to add more information Into your life. So, if you are looking for a page where you want to learn about chemistry and science then visit his page. Nile red, influences most people from all over the globe, but ideally he is from Canada. You should definitely check him out, he will deliver I have no doubt. That’s why he’s on this list of 5 best Tiktok influencers in Canada.

5 Best Tiktok influencers in Canada, image of Nile Red Tiktok account.
Image of Nile Red Tiktok account

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