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How to create a blog to make money?Make money blogging.

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how to make money with a blog for beginners?

Many of my friends asked me plenty of question about making money with free blog, I am not able to explain them all as everyone is busy with their life, So iam creating this post on “How to create a blog to make money?”

Nowadays, blogging is becoming popular among part timers and for some it become their full time Job, So here i am going to teach you how to create a blog to make money without investment or you can invest some bucks for further improvisation like custom domain, wordpress hosting etc.

But i suggest you to start with free and then progress step by step, So i am making this post create a blog to make money for Newbie and beginners i will start it from step by step.

How to create a blog to make money? Success story.
How to create a blog to make money? Beginners Success story.

What does blog or blogging means?

In older days there are comics, magazines & daily journals to reach the people and make them read whats going on this world.

Nowadays its totally changed everything is merging on internet from newspaper to magazines everything is going paperless and getting merged in world wide web.

So blog means a platform to put your views, opinions about a particular subject, Also blogs can be used to convey Information and expertise you have in specific area.

Is blog is a Website?

Yes. Everything on world wide web is website whether it may be social media sites, downloading sites, live streaming sites like YouTube, online discussion forums, Ebooks sites and Blogs all comes under term Website.

Why blogging for Purpose is necessary?

First thing i want to clear is if you want to start a blog only for making money then stay away from this field, as if you create a blog to make money purpose only, you not get connected with hearts of blog readers.

Start a blog with purpose just like i started it to help people to gain knowledge, help to solve their issues etc.

keep “Creating a healthy informational blog” first priority & Earning money with blog 2nd priority as more healthy content you develop more visitors your blog will attract and more money you make out of it.

So here we start a beginners guide to creating a free or paid blog and making money with it.

How to create a blog to make money?Beginners My Journey explained below..

In my blogging journey i started with free blogspot blog in next step when i earned my 1st income from it after 8 months keep in mind blogging needs lot of patience to earn that’s why i always suggest everyone keeping blogging as a passion or hobby and keeping earning money a last priority.

I started blogging from my Diploma college days as a passion to help people around to download games, movies etc, After 8 months of hard work i got my 1st earnings payment which is only 800 Indian rupees means around 10$ till it took me many months to get my first payment still i was like happiest person in the world to receive my first blogging payment.

Create a blog to make money, blogging free way,
Make money blogging free way

First payment was like a inspiration for me to do more blogging, till then i never stopped i kept improving my blogs with creative ideas, I moved from subdomain to Custom Top level domain( using first payment i received i never stopped here only now i took WordPress hosting – Business plan for my Bloggerguest blog where i pay 130$ per year as annual fee. and i make money using blogging.

All improvisation i have done is with money earned from free blog at start, now i make decent income from my blogs one hosted on free platform blogger and another on paid one wordpress.

After 1st successful earnings from my 1st free blog i took custom domain for that blog kept on blogging with double speed, I managed to blog along with my academic studies as well as was running a shop in our village. After placement also i kept working with blogging and as result of years of experience in blogging i have made many thousand dollars with blogging, being Google Adsense main source of income from blog advertising.

So i will start teaching you how to start a blog that you can monetize in future to earn money out of it.

Do i need Coding/HTML skills to start with blogging?

Not at all, you doesn’t need any HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills to start blogging but having basic html and JS skills may be added advantage.

How to create a Free blog to make money?

There are many free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Wx, Jumla, Hubpages, Tumblr etc available to start with but i will tell you about best one for beginner.

The Best Blogging platform of all times are 1- Blogger from google & Another is 2-Wordpress, Both are very popular blogging platforms 36% of the internet is occupied by wordpress blogs because of its many advantages in SEO and Plugins system.

But Cons of WordPress is that you can’t monetize your free WordPress blog on other hand doesn’t imply such a restriction you have full freedom on Monetization of your free blog. So for newbies and beginners in blogging world i suggest to create a blog to make money free with Blogger.

If you want to create a online store then you must opt for WordPress Business Plan. (create a blog to make money)

How to create free blog with blogger in 3 simple steps?

Step 1-Go to > step-2 Login using your gmail account >Step-3 select your blog Name -domain and Template >Click on create a blog as shown in below image gallery step by step.(1-3 sequentially)

Here you have successfully created a free blogger blog in 3 simple steps, Now the next step is creating quality posts content for your blog.

Can i Make money blogging using my phone?

Yes, You can blog using your mobile, smartphone there is application called blogger is available on play store where you can login and start blogging, you can also use chrome browser available in your phone to write blog posts but for better experience i suggest using a Blogger Application to write a blog post.

Having a laptop is advantage to Edit blogs html if required, to change template and blog design, to change your blog layout and add gadgets.

Make money blogging using smart phone
Make money blogging using smart phone

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Best Niche/Subject to create a blog to make money.

Create a blog to make money online using your writing skills
Create a blog to make money online using your writing skills

So now you know how to create a blog that can be monetized, But there is question what type of blog you can create? The answer is create a blog about subject which you are aware of, about which you have expertise or basic knowledge to start with,

There are many blog ideas but select only subject that you are interested in for example I like travelling i made a blog related to Travel – Trekking guide and information where i put details of best places to visit in India.

Popular Niches to start a blog?

There are many niches/Categories you can start blog with i suggest to select a niche about which you can write better, Also keep in mind about Competition the popular blog categories like travel, recipes, tech news have high competition so select your category accordingly. I will list some of popular niches below and other remaining will add at end.

Top 5 Profitable blogging categories.

1-Travel Blog

It is one of popular niche of blogging where you can put your travelling experiences with some information about place like road conditions, transport methods available, how to reach their as well as time you needed to complete the trip satisfactorily.

Many Fort trekkers are creating their blogs to express their experience as a hobby but all are not making money some are doing it as a passion only and some blogger are making money out of it. Even you can make videos of travel spots and upload them on YouTube and display it on your blog this way you can make money in 2 way one by Youtube monetization and another by blog monetization. So travel is good niche to create a blog to make money.

2-Food – Recipe Blog

Another popular blog category to write about If you are a food lover & Love experimenting with food recipes you can start a recipe blog where you can put DIY article to explain your visitors about cooking in simple way to understand and with rich media like photos and step by step guide,

Also you can post about best hotels and their dishes in your area, also can share healthy food habits ideas you can also make video upload on Youtube and embed it inside your post this way you can earn money in 2 ways, Youtube monetization as well as blog monetization. So food & Recipe is another best blogging niche to create a blog to make money without investment.

3-Finance Blog

Everybody wants to learn how to earn or save money easily.And this is by far the most successful niche you’ll be getting into. The ad networks like Adsense provides higher cost per click to finance related sites, If you are from field of finance and can manage your budget well then you can teach the same to your blog visitors and make decent income. Here is game changer Personnel finance blog is best for finance experts to create a blog to make money.

4-Health & Fitness Blog.

Health & Fitness is another blogging option which have great potential to generate traffic/Visitors and turn them into earnings,

As many people nowadays always search internet to solve their health issues, search for fitness tips mainly fat loss, body building, Gym, Exercises without equipment’s, Gym routines best fitness products, best diet as per body type etc there is no limitation for content in this blog niche. IF you are gym trainer or Yoga trainer then you can create a blog to make money in Health & Fitness niche.

5-Fashion & Beauty Blog – Never ending niche of blogging.

Here is another trending blog category to create a blog to make money where you can post articles related to Dressing sense as per situation and events, new fashion trends in world or in your country, Hair styles, Ear-Rings and other jewelery here you can make Affiliate earning by selling what you are posting on your blog,

you can put your referral link to buy that product and earn some commission. good example is Amazon affiliates where you can recommend products to your readers and get some commission when they buys something.

Also you can post about Hair care tips, beauty tips, Eg. how to maintain natural beauty? Homemade natural face masks for oily skin/Dry skin, Diet for healthy skin etc.

These are the Top trending blog ideas to generate more traffic and earn revenue. Below are some more idea for creating a successful blog, As these 5 are trending niches but think opposite they also has lots of competition

so try to make a blog that can have less competition and more traffic generation potential, Like online education etc. Below are some more Topics to create a blog to make money.

Some more Blogging niche ideas to make money online free.

6-Technical Blog – Tech reviews

Another blogging niche to create a blog to make money many bloggers prefer this niche, Here you will face lots of competition but worth trying if you have expertise and sound knowledge in this niche, Here you can post review about electronics gadget, Smartphones comparisons, Laptop configuration and reviews, PlayStation reviews video games and reviews,

Also you can help solve common problems in Android and Apple smartphones as well as with Laptops. for example – How to reset forgotten password without loosing data on windows 10?, how to hide photos in smartphone? Top 10 budget smartphones etc.

7-Blogging Tips -Just like mine.

You can also start a blog to teach people how to blog?, Ideas to improve your blog, How to get traffic to your blog? etc. etc. But starting your blogging career with post about teaching others doesn’t make sense as you just introduced here as a beginner so start with some other topics, learn more and more then you can start a Blogging related blog. You can create posts just like this one “how to create a blog to make money”

8-Lifestyle Blog

this blog category can sometime mixup with other categories as well because Lifestyle Blogging means writing about what you do in day to day the popular one is Mommy’s blog where mothers tell about challenges they are facing while parenting babies and how they face and solves common problems with parenting,

Another Lifestyle blogging example is Home decor and designing where people teach others how to beautify your homes etc, The next is DIY means do it yourself blog where you teach readers how to do certain things by yourself without help of experts. also some pet lovers, plants lovers, flowers lovers post their expertise and knowledge in animal and plants parenting to help others to do the same properly.

9-How to’s blog – If you love answering.

If you like to give people a solution for their common problems then you can create a How to type blog where you can put articles on How to make your baby sleep in day?, How to become slim in 15 days? How to get 6 packs in 30 days?, How to make your girlfriend happy? How to impress egoist girls? How to claim your website on Pinterest? etc etc. SO How to question solving niche is one of the best niche to create a blog to make money.

10-Photography – Monetize your Passion.

Many people do photography as a passion, some people buys costly DSLR cams just because of photography hobby just i did 2 years ago, So you can convert your passion into money making source, You can click photos from many genres like Nature, Water (seas, rivers), Birds, Animal life, Plants, Forts, Buildings, painting photos, more popular Statue photography, waterfall photography.

In my view photography alone is not a good ideas i suggest you to merge your photography skills with other niches like Travel where you can capture photographs of places you visit and post on your travel blog with information about place, your travel experience and attach photo gallery , Also you can post information about bird along with your bird’s photos this way you can attract more traffic and in turn can make greater revenue out of your blog. So there are many opportunities to create a blog to make money in this niche.

11-Downloading Blog’s – Ebooks, Videos, Movies, Info. PDF, Games etc.

This blog category also has large scope to make profits out of your blog articles, here you can make upcoming and new movie reviews also you can provide downloading links below it you can use file links of other sites so you need not to upload it by yourself,

You can also make secret videos revealing something precious to visitors and locking the content so users can buy it, You can also make downloading website like short whatsapp status videos where you can upload those links and monetize them to earn money per click on it, same applies to all type of downloading links you will make money per click on shortened download link as well as make money out of ads on your website pages. So this blog category has great potential to create a blog to make money online many ways.

12- Education – Passion to teach. (School, Engineering, Law, Doctors)

If you have great passion about teaching you can create a education blog where you can make Youtube video classes, Science tutorials and post them on your education blog this way you can make money by Youtube monetization as well as with website advertising, you can also post tips for students like Easy way to write essay, how to give great speech?, Join or not to join coaching classes?, Best timings to do study? etc.

You can also make engineering blog where you can make good income out of it, by providing engineering students tips related to their academics as well as making maths, design classes videos explaining the engineering subjects, also you can upload Power point presentations that will help engineering students as its included in their syllabus to present on subjects.

One more idea is to post ideas like Top 10 Easy Project ideas for final year engineering?, Top science projects for school competition?, You can also post informative things about engineering like how to improve your presentation skills,? how to prepare for Campus interviews? Top engineering companies to work for, what after engineering? business ideas you can start after engineering. So anyone with teaching skills can create a blog to make money in this category.

Below are 100+ Profitable ideas to create a blog to make money.

Here are listed 100+ niche ideas to start a blog, by doing more sub categorization of major blog niches, you can cover whole niche or

you can also make a blog for specific sub-category like just writing about yoga asanas out of health category, you can blog about all hobbies or you can select some of them like video games and physical games,

Also you can combine sub categories in batch to create a blog for example under Internet niche there are many subcategories available around 17 so instead of writing about all i will combine SEO, Blogging, Make money online and Blog marketing inside single blog as these all terms are related to each other, another example we can combine niche no 80 -83 inside one as all comes under electronics.

Best blog niche ideas to create a blog to make money
Blog niche idea to create a blog to make money online free

Niches to create a blog to make money completed here.

Summary till Now on Post “Create a Blog to make money online free”

we have learn’t about

01-what is blog?, 02-Is blog is a website? 03-Is blogging for purpose is necessary?, 04-My journey in blogging career shared, 05-Is it necessary to know html & other coding languages to start a blog?, 06-how to create a blog to make money in 3 simple steps and 100% free?, 07-Can i Create a blog to make money using smartphone or tablet?, 08-Then finally we gone through Top 10+ blog niche ideas to create a blog to make money again we further discussed 100+ sub categories and niches to start a free blog and earn money out of it.

Note- I am using page-breaks in this post as it is lengthier to maintain reader experience, So click on next page number to further read in this topic-“how to create a blog to make money online?”,

So after selecting a niche for a blog its time to start actual blogging by posting articles, so content on next page is important as it about 01-How to create your first post on Free blogger blog? Then 02-What is best time to monetize your website and start earning money? 03-How to get traffic to your website? 04-& our main topic How to create a blog to make money? 05-Different ways to earn money on your blog? Also i am going to share how i am making money on my blogs, So keep connected keep reading.

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How to create your first post on

You can create post using Your phone by using blogger android App or using desktop.

How to create your first post on

once you create a blog > login to your blogger account > Then click on new Post button as seen in below screenshot.

How to create a first post on
How to create a first post on

Then Add Main Post title, example – How to earn money? , In between paragraphs use images as well as subheading, add keywords in heading as well as paragraphs, Example – Subheading – How to earn money from blog?How to earn money on youtube? etc. in paragraphs you can try to input keywords in natural way example keywords in paragraphs – today we are going to learn how to earn money online without any investment, by different ways , by blogging, youtube videos and earn money using affiliate selling.

how to create a blog to make money on blogger?
how to create a blog to make money on blogger?

So here we learn’t how to create your first post on your free blogger account, So keep creating more and more posts, to get more rank on google and more traffic to your blog.

Keep following my blog after this post i will create a series of posts on how to improvise your blogger blog to make it SEO friendly means to come at top search results in google. So keep following and visiting blog for more improvement ideas for your free blogger blog.

Successful Ways: “how to make money with a blog for beginners”?

I will going to share here best 5 ways to make money on your free blog, i will start from best and mostly used money earning method on blog.So lets go through the last and most important part of our blog Post(create a blog to make money)

tags – Make money blogging, how to start a blog to make money, how to start a blogging business online without investment, Free ways to make money on blog, how to make money with a blog for beginners.

1-Adsense Monetization: Display ads on blog and make money.

The worlds best advertising network, that displays ads your sites and pays you for clicks on it is AdSense, AdSense is also highest paying CPC(cost per click) ad network, their CPC goes upto 1$ per click depend upon quality of your traffic.

As adsense is best ad network to earn money on blog they have certain requirements and policies to get approved for their monetization program. The best Thing about them is that traffic quantity of your site doesn’t matters to them the thing matters is Originality and quality of your content, Design of your website etc.

Before applying for Google Adsense check out & confirm that you meet below requirements.

  • Your blog should have atleast 15 Posts.
  • Your blog should have important pages like Home, Contact us, Privacy etc.
  • The articles your blog must not be Copy pasted so post quality and original content otherwise you will get rejected.
  • The length of articles on your blogs must be above 300 words minimum and better to have 600+ for better SEO.
  • Try to wait for at least 1 month before applying adsense till the time try to make more quality posts.

Also Read: How to get Adsense Approval for free blog?

Once you meet above adsense approval requirements listed above. Then apply for adsense. (I can say surely that adsense is best niche to create a blog to make money so work hard to get adsense approval)

How to Apply adsense using your free blogger blog?

Login to > Go to Earnings > if your blog is Eligible with basic requirements to apply for adsense then it will display you apply for adsense link > otherwise it will say – “Your Blog doesn’t currently qualify for adsense” so if you see this message then you are not eligible for adsense for now so create more posts regularly, and check again , as shown in below image.

How to apply for adsense on free blogger blog How to create a blog to make money?Make money blogging.
create a blog to make money using adsense free

Once you be eligible for adsense click on apply > Then submit application by filling required details> They take upto 2 weeks to complete approval and quality check process > then they will send you approval mail if you meet their criteria that your approved for showing adsense ads on your blog, after approval again go to earnings tab and Setup your ads as shown in below image.

Adsense approval How to create a blog to make money?Make money blogging.
how to setup google adsense on free blogger blog to earn money online?

If you are not able to get approval from adsense for monetization then don’t worry there are many other online advertising networks available who accepts all kinds of blogs, So you can join those ad networks and put their ad codes in your blog.

How to add third part ad codes in your blogger Blog ? click here.

2-Youtube Monetization – Double your Earnings.

Along with blogging you can also make money on youtube videos, Just create a video about what you are posting on Blog then in description add your blog post URL/Link and in your post add Youtube video link, In that way you will get traffic both way, Yotube > Blog and Blog>Youtube so you will earn double by Ads in your youtube videos and also with adsense ads on blog.

But getting approval on youtube is Tougher than adsense, below are some youtube monetization requirements.

  • 1000 Subscribers.
  • 4000 hours of Watch time in last 12 months.
  • 10000 lifetime views.

Achieving these requirements is hard still make video and upload on youtube as this way you will get tafffic to your website. (see next method on create a blog to make money)

3-Link Shortener’s – Ideal for Downloading blogs.

Here is another method to create a blog to make money by monetizing download links, If you have a downloading blog then you can add ads inside your download link by shortening them, Means before downloading content he needs to go through ad page for 5 seconds then only he can download, This way whenever visitors click on your shortened links you will get paid, and Shrinkearn are some Url shortening services that pays you money for your download links.

4-Affiliate Marketting – Earn commission on sale.

It is one of popular method to create a blog to make money, The affiliate commission earning method can be used by almost all blogging niche, they just need to recommend products to their customers and will make commission on every sale, For example if you have Tech blog you can make a review about a Mobile or Laptop and at the end of review you can post your affiliate link by which users can buy that Laptop or mobile, similarly fashion and beauty bloggers can sale Dresses, jewelry, beauty products to their visitors, Home and decor bloggers can sell decorating material , Book reviews bloggers can post books buying affiliate link at end of book review.

How to earn Affiliate commissions on Free blogger blogs?

There is nothing difficult in it you can join Affiliate companies like Amazon affiliates, flipkart affiliates, etc There are many affiliate companies working with different range of products and services so its is good method to create a blog to make money by affiliate marketing, youtube is also good place for affiliate marketing where you can showcase products and reviews and put affiliate link in description to buy that product.

Amazon affiliates best program to make money on your blog online
Amazon affiliates best program to make money on your blog online

Here is List of Best Affiliate programs in India.

  • Flipkart Affiliate Program.
  • Shopify Affiliate Program.
  • Amazon India Affiliate Program.
  • Hubspot Affiliate Program.
  • Apple Affiliate Program.
  • Snapdeal Affiliate Program (Through Affiliate Network)
  • Know More about Top affiliates program in India click here.
Create a blog to make money using affiliate marketing.
Create a blog to make money using affiliate marketing.

5- Sponsored Articles – Nice way to get paid to post on your blog.

Once your blog gets established on internet, Then you can make money by posting sponsored content for other services, companies, products on your blog get paid per post basis, For example i post ad networks reviews on my blog after 1 years i started getting mails from the ad networks to review their network on my blog, and they paid me between 10$ to upto 50$ for only one post that will require hardly 1 hour to make.

In sponsored articles you can make money by below ways, but most important is your blog should be well established and getting good amount of traffic.

  • Articles written by the sponsor and posted on the blog
  • Articles written by the bloggers per requirements of business
  • Adding links to existing content
  • Reviews of services and products
  • Give away for Hosting post.

To join Sponsored articles Pay per Post basis Join

Bonus/Additional Way to create a blog to make money online is to teaching others to make money using different websites and adding your referral link at end by which you will get 5-20% commission of users joined under your link.

So here we completed our list of Top 5 best ways to make money on free blogger blog.

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