September 28, 2023

All in one MIG welding Machine that can do MIG, TIG and MMAW

There are many individuals and Industries mainly Construction sites and Workshops looking for all in one mig welding machine in India & other countries as well that can weld MIG, TIG & SMAW all processes in a single machine with easy switchover. So here I am with best in quality, robust design, and better return on investment welding machine.
This machine can weld all GMAW processes means gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG), Specially designed for steel and stainless steel welding applications. Also suitable for aluminum welding. You can do TIG welding as well as MMAW/SMAW welding.

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All in one MIG Welding Machine – Fronius Multiprocess MIG/TIG/SMAW.

All in one welding machine - All welding processes in one machine - Fronius Transteel Multip-Process
All in one welding machine – All welding processes in one machine – Fronius Transteel Multip-Process
Multiprocess welding machine

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So one of the best quality welding machine manufacturer Fronius has the best Multiprocess welding power source that can weld MIG, TIG and SMAW as well. Fronius Transteel multiprocess has the ability to weld all the weld processes mentioned with better standards. You need not to compromise in any of process for quality. All processes run smoothly with better arc stability on the Transteel MP device.

It has 2 gas solenoid valves one for TIG & another for MIG/MAG welding.

How much time Multiprocess system takes to get ready?

Fronius claims to have a changeover time of only 60 seconds but Practically it will take around 1 minute – 5 minutes to changeover from one welding process to another welding process.

All in one MIG welding Machine
All in one MIG welding Machine – 3 in 1 welding machine for MIG, TIG & MMAW welding

Welding machine with easy parameter setting.

You can set all the parameters from the same display, The welding power source setting is synergic. So that you just need to input Filler wire, Gas, wire die. and Job thickness the machine will provide you with basic parameters automatically that will work fine. So you need not to waste time as compared to other manual welding power sources needs separate parameter setting between Wirefeed speed, Current and voltage.

In Fronius power source Just input any weld parameter between these 3 (I, V & WFS) all the other parameters will automatically adjusted. So the synergic parameter setting is the best function of Fronius welding machine allows ease of operation in parameter setting.

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Best MIG welding machine in India.

Area of Application for all in one Arc welding machine.

  • Metalworking trades.
  • Assembly Plants
  • Workshops
  • Steel Construction
  • Maintenance and Repair shops.

So you can call it best welding machine for Maintenance and repair shops.

Advantages of All in one welding Machine – Transteel Multiprocess.

  • 3 years warranty 👍👍 No any other companies will provide you these much. So just buy it and be tension free for 3 years.
  • Flexibility.
  • Different material grades and thickness range.
  • Easy parameter settings.
  • Less training required.
  • Lower investment cost.
  • Highest Quality welds as Fronius always offers.
  • High-quality Service and training from Fronius.

The only cons of the welding device are it’s a little bit heavy as compared to single or two in one welding process.

Available Variants of Transteel Multiprocess devices.

  1. Transteel 2200
  2. Transteel 2700C
  3. Transteel 3500C

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all in one mig welding machine

How to Weld Mig & TIG on the Same Machine?

One thing you need to understand is you can do one process at a time, either MIG/MAG, or TIG or MMA is possible you can’t weld two or more processes at a time. One process at a time is available.

But you can use the same machine for all the processes includes GMAW (MIG/MAG), GTAW(TIG) & MMAW(SMAW).

Only you need to make switchover of certain parts for example, if you want to switch from MIG to Tig on the same machine, Then just attach TIG torch, Place earthing to Positive side, and torch at Negative as TIG needs DCEN polarity. Then change the gas cylinder to pure argon and attach its output pipe to the TIG solenoid valve port. Please test by gas purging button available on Machine prior to weld.

Everything is explained in Operating Manual/Guide and the free expert training is available from Fronius. So don’t worry and rely on them.

Buy All in one arc welding machine in India – MIG/TIG/MMA.

If you want to buy the above mentioned best quality welding machines in India with good discounts. Then contact on below mail id. We will get back to you ASAP.
We don’t just say we will prove it – Fill the form and mention if you want a free demo of the product.

Free welding application proveout support

Yes, Fronius provides support from the start of welding projects like trials, fixing configuration to up to proving your Job like achieving cycle time, meeting test requirements, Quality requirements, and production goal we will help you with free & fast service.
So if you want to plan a MIG/MAG Manual or Robotic welding demo free then contact us at or call at +917030925166

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