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Best MIG welding machine in India – Manual.

Hello welding experts if you are looking for Best mig welding machine in India then you are at right place here I am introducing you The allrounder MIG/MAG welding machine that can weld Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel & almost all weldable metals in the world. It can weld ferrous as well as non ferrous materials so ideal for Welding, Brazing, Hard facing, cladding & many welding challenges. So lets take a tour of Best MIG/MAG welding power source available in India.

Best MIG welding machine in India
Best MIG welding machine in India

Best MIG welding machine in India – Compact & Durable.

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Fronius TransSteel Pulse – The Real Allrounder MIG/MAG Welder.

Yes, You heard it right. Fronius make TransSteel Pulse power sources are rocking the market the reason is its all rounder capability, Durability, Economical pricing & Ease of operating. Fronius recently launched Pulse for its Transsteel series which made this legendary mig welding machine real allrounder as due to pulse now there are dedicated synergic lines available for MIG/MAG welding, MIG Brazing of CuAl & CuSi & SS/CRNI/Stainless steel MAG welding. So it can weld all weldable metals in the world. So we call it best MiG welding machine in India.

Fronius TransSteel available Welding Processes.

  • MIG/MAG pulse welding
  • MIG/MAG standard synergic welding
  • TIG welding
  • Manual metal arc welding.

As in above list you can see Transsteel power source can also do TIG & MMAW/SMAW welding along with MIG/MAG.

MIG Welding machine for all metals – Aluminium, Steel & stainless steel etc.

As this power source has a Pulse it has dedicated synergic lines for Aluminium, Stainless steel & MIG brazing of CuSi & CuAl filler wires. You may have question how to avoid globular transfer during steel welding? the Transsteel pulse is the answer Pulse is designed to deliver low spatter welding even in globular currents range & even gives better control over heat.

Benefits of Pulsed MIG Welding Machine.

  • Lower heat input
  • Low spatters
  • Better & flatter bead appearance.
  • Vast range of materials can be welded.

10 Reasons to choose fronius TransSteel Pulse Mig welding machine.

As there are many power source manufacturers offers Pulsed arc welding so now you may have question why only Fronius so below are some key points after going over you will select fronius only as your welding partner for sure. So how it is best mig welding machine? see below features to know.

1 – Superior weld quality.

Fronius welding machines are always known for its superior weld quality. There are different weld characteristics available for different applications, joint configurations & weld challenges. So I bet Fronius will give you best weld results & this is the key point you must choose Fronius instead of remorsing.

2 – Multiprocess & Multi Metals.

As already told Fronius transsteel pulse power source supports MIG/TIG & MMAW all major welding processes. now there are dedicated synergic lines available for Aluminium, sateel, SS & MIG brazing so it is allrounder machine you must go for.

3 – Competitive Pricing.

As Fronius is Top brand in Welding technology, You may think its too costly. but Fronius came up with competitive pricing for this range of Mig welding machine. There is no major price difference between other Pulse mig welding machines and Fronius mig welding machine but there is difference in quality of build and weld. Fronius will give you best product & reliable weld quality.

4- 3 years Warranty.

Fronius offers 3 years of warranty for TransSteel mig welding power source. So this proves durability of power source.

5 – Excellent Tech support & service.

This is the primary reason of Fronius’s success in welding industry. Fronius will not just sell you machine. They will help you in proving your job to meet customer requirement & weld quality requirement.

6-Seeing is Believing.

Fronius will first prove your job & weld quality then you can take a call whether to go with it or not.

7-Dedicated weld characteristics for your welding challenges.

Yes Fronius has different weld characteristics and synergic lines to help you prove out your job & critical application. upto 167 different weld characteristics available. / Steel, CrNi – Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Metal Cored, Rutil Flux-cored, Basic Flux-cored, Self-shielded / 0.8 – 1.6mm wire diameter / Eight different gas mixtures. below are some of Major weld characteristics of Fronius transsteel power source.

  • Steel root – Assists to get better penetration in root run of weld also good gap bridging characteristics.
  • Steel/Pulse dynamic – concentrated & hard arc gives higher speeds and deeper penetration.
  • Pulse PCS – PCS is pulse controlled spray arc in which you will get benefits of Pulse-Heat control & Spray – Higher deposition & deeper penetration. So combined benefits of Pulse and spray transfer can be achieved with PCS characteristics.
    these all makes it best mig welding machine.

8-Spot & Stitch function.

This is the intelligent function of Fronius TransSteel power source where you can set spot size you wanted will produce same spot size every time. Also you can do interval/stitch welding by setting interval brake time between each spot so will produce beautiful weld appearance & ideal function for thin sheet welding & Gap bridging.

9 -Synchropulse – Get ripples in weld without weaving.

With the “SynchroPulse”, the welding power alternates between two operating points at a frequency of up to 5 Hertz. As the change between high and low current facilitates welding in a vertical up position, for example, it is possible to produce a pronounced seam rippling on aluminum alloys. So welder can produce good aesthetic weld even with less skill as weaving eliminated. Below are the images showing results of SynchroPulse on steel & Aluminium welding. So it is Best mig welding machine

Fronius SynchroPulse - Aluminium welding
Fronius SynchroPulse – Aluminium welding
Fronius Synchropulse on steel welding.
Fronius Synchropulse on steel welding.

10 – MIG welding machine to increase productivity.

With fronius Transsteel pulse you can achieve upto 70% rework reduction & upto 30% increment in welding speed. So your overall productivity will get improved.

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Save upto 5 Easy jobs.

You can save your set parameters on easy jobs option. So if someone disturbs parameters. Single click on easy job will retrieve your saved job data. Also useful to save jobs for different thicknesses and metals so your welder just needs to click on job number and starts the weld. so lesser chances of mistakes and more accuracy and precision in terms of weld quality. This feature also qualifies TransSteel as best MIG welding machine in India.

Fronius Transsteel Available Variants.

  • TransSteel 3000C Pulse (inbuilt wirefeeder – compact version)
  • Transteel 4000 Pulse (Split version)
  • Transteel 5000 Pulse (Split version)

Best MIG/MAG Welding machine that gives you better ROI.

As Transteel Pulse will increase weld speed so productivity will get improved, also reduction in spatters will require less manpower & grinding wheels (Also electricity) so it will save huge cost. If you are switching from transformer to Inverter technology it will save your electricity. One more point is same machine can do MIG/MAG, TIG & MMAW as well so your investment on additional machines will gets saved. So you will definitely get your investment returned in short span. That’s why we call it best mig welding machine in india.

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Best MIG welding machine in India.

Contact below to get free demo of Fronius products or to buy them.

Mail : ; Call : +917030925166 .

Fronius TransSteel – Best mig welding machine in India

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