September 28, 2023

Best TIG welding machine in India – Manual & Robotic.

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Here I am with best TIG welding machine in India for robotic as well as Manual applications. There are many TIG welding machine manufacturers available in India but choosing right one is the big task, so here I will help you in choosing right GTAW welding machine for all your welding tasks. Using GTAW we can weld stainless steel, nickel, chrome, copper, aluminum, bronze, and even gold, silver.

Best TIG welding machine in India for Steel, SS & Aluminium
Best TIG welding machine in India for Steel, SS & Aluminium

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Best TIG welding machine in India for Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steel etc.

Fronius TransTig & MagicWave TIG welding series.

Yes, you heard it right. Fronius is best welding brand deals in MIG/MAG, TIG & MMAW arc welding processes. In GTAW welding segment fronius has TransTig – DC Tig welding machine & Magicwave – AC/DC Tig welding machine.

Best TIG welding machine for Steel & stainless steel Welding.

If you are looking to weld ferrous metals like Mild steel & stainless steel then Fronius TransTig series is perfect match for you as it provides stable arc & also comes with integrated Pulse function helps you controlling heat & producing good aesthetic weld.

Best TIG welding machine for Aluminium.

Due to Al2O3 oxide layer TIG welding of aluminium require AC current for which Fronius has a AC/DC power source called Fronius MagicWave. In AC positive cycle of AC provides cleaning action & negative cycle achieves weld penetration, Thats the reason AC is used for aluminium welding as to weld aluminium efficiently we need to remove oxide layer. Fronius MagicWave TIG welding machine have a AC balance function where you can control %ge of penetration & cleaning option. So it is ideal machine to weld aluminium efficiently.

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Fronius Manual TIG welding machines.

Fronius gives complete robotic tig welding solution with any robot make, With filler & without filler & also Cold wire TIG, Hot Wire tig available.

  • TransTig
  • MagicWave

Fronius Robotic TIG welding machines.

  • TransTig
  • MagicWave
  • ArcTig

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Functions available in Fronius- Best TIG welding machine.

Below are the advanced functions available in all TIG welding machines of Fronius.

1 – Spot Function

In Spot function you can set the weld time so arc will be on for defined time only helpful in producing same size tacks every time & also helpful in welding thin sheets in controlled heat.

Spot function

2- Stitch function.

Here you can set spot time & spot break time, which make the arc intermittent produces controlled heat & excellent weld aesthetic.

3 – TAC function

With TAC, one spot is all it takes for tacking, because the pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them jump together in next to no time, to make one single weld-pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal.

4 – HF Ignition

HF Ignition – The touchless and gentle high-frequency ignition is the easiest option for igniting the arc.

5 – Touchdown Ignition

Touchdown ignition can be used in particular for sensitive application areas. This allows electromagnetic interference, which can occur during HF ignition, to be avoided.

6 – AC Balance

Must have function for aluminium welding, Note – Available only with MagicWave series (AC/DC machine)

7- Tig Pulse

With TIG Pulse you can produce welds with lower heat & also you will get better weld bead aesthetic.

8 – Cap Shaping

As you know steel requires sharp tungsten end & Aluminium requires ball shaped tungsten end so fronius has Cap shaping function which will automatically form a ball at tungsten end. Note – Available only with MagicWave series (AC/DC machine).

Contact below for Free demo of Fronius MIG & TIG welding systems.

Email – Call – +917030925166

So thats all about Best TIG welding machine in India, Hope you loved article as well as Fronius TIG welding machine features. See Yaa in next article.

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