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Top 5 Best robotic MIG welding machines in India

Best robotic MIG welding machines – MIG welding is widely used welding process in the world due to its high welding speed and ease of operation. Industries shifting towards Robotic MIG welding instead of manual welding due to lack of skilled manpower, Increasing manpower, new base metals and reduction in thicknesses. So choosing right MiG welding machine for your project is difficult task, So here we are making it easy for you by listing out Top 5 best MIG/MAG welding machines in India.

What is MIG welding?

MIG welding also called GMAW – gas metal arc welding is process in which filler wire is continuously fed to workpiece by means of wire feeding mechanism and DC current for welding is supplied by Power source. This process can be used to weld vast variety of metals that includes steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, copper, Cusi brazing etc. Also critical applications like Hard facing, cladding, 3D printing can be done using GMAW welding.

What is robotic MIG welding?

In robotic welding traveling of welding torch is controlled by robot instead of manual welder(human). So there are no chances of human error and also you will get repeatable results.

Benefits of Robotic welding over Manual welding.

  • Increased quality of weld – Less rework.
  • Increased weld speed to reduce cycle time.
  • reduces cost of welding by giving maximum output without any rests, lunch and dinner breaks.
  • better safety.
  • Less distortion as heat input can be controlled.
  • Accuracy – Repeatable results reduces reduction in rejections.

As manual welding involves hidden costs like payment of skilled manpower, dependability, training cost etc. Even ifdwelder is skilled he can make mistakes that can cause downtime, production loss and rejection of costly parts. Also during covid time the manpower availability was main challenge so that time many industries started adapting robotic welding over manual welding.

Applications of Robotic MIG welding.

  • Two wheeler frame welding.
  • Fuel tank welding of Two wheeler, 4 wheeler , heavy vehicles and Generators.
  • BIW – Body welding of Cars and transport vehicles.
  • Automotive exhaust systems welding like catalytic converters, Muffler, silencer and exhaust manifolds.
  • Automotive axle welding.
  • Other automotive parts like – drive shafts, suspension system, Swing arm assy.
  • Defence & Aerospace.
  • Yellow goods – Earth moving equipment’s.
  • Trailers and tippers body manufacturing.
  • Railways welding applications.
  • Scaffolding applications.
  • There are many welding applications can be converted in robotic welding

Top 5 Best robotic MIG welding machines in India.

There are many Robotic welding machine brands available India but not every machines gives best output in terms of quality and repeatable results. Also after sales service is key point during buying advanced welding systems. So we have listed best 5 robotic GMAW welding machines considering above points.

Best robotic MIG welding machines in India
Best robotic MIG welding machines in India

1- Fronius intelligent Welding Machines.

Fronius is Austrian multi national company has its production plant in Austria and export to 60+ countries with 91% export ratio. They are rocking the market from last 69 years with their advanced welding systems for manual as well as robotic welding applications. Fronius owes 974 active patents as more than 710 people works in R&D to make welding machine more reliable and perfectly ready for upcoming challenges like advanced metals. Fronius works with third party integrators and robotic OEM’s like KUKA, ABB, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Fanuc etc. to give you complete welding solution as per your requirements.

Robotic Welding solutions from Fronius.

Fronius offers Single wire as well as high performance welding machines. In single wire welding systems Push system, PushPull system and Power drive. For high performance welding it offers TPSi twin and Laser hybrid welding solution.

Robotic Welding solutions from Fronius.
Robotic MIG Welding solutions from Fronius.

Why Fronius is best robotic welding machine in India?

Fronius India has its own headquarter in India with fully equipped technology center. For welding demonstration, Weld trials, Prototyping and training of customers. So its reliable and trustworthy robotic welding machine supplier in India. Best thing about Fronius India is that they take ownership of customers projects and helps customer to solve their welding challenges.

In terms of quality of service provided and customer intimacy no any welding machine brand can beat Fronius. So we have Fronius at first place in our top MiG welding machine brands list.

Worlds most advanced Robotic MIG Welding machines.

As Fronius has more than 700 employees in their R&D center in Austria, They are inventing advanced welding processes that can be reliable in long term race. Fronius has first introduced best MIG welding technology CMT(cold metal transfer) which is widely used in Thin sheet applications in automotive and other industries where reduced heat input is main concern. Now other welding machine manufacturers started copying their technology but not able to achieve the required results and quality yet.

Fronius offers advanced welding processes like PMC (Pulse multi control, LSC-low spatter control, CMT (cold metal transfer), PCS (Pulse controlled spray arc) with these advanced MIG welding technologies any welding application can be converted into robotics. They also offer free demonstration of their robotic welding technologies at their technology center in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

Fronius Robotic MiG welding video

Welding Processes – characteristics available with Fronius robotic welder.

  • STD synergic – Universal, Root, Dynamic.
  • Pulse – Universal, Dynamic, PCS.
  • LSC – Universal, Dynamic, Galvanized, Root, LSC advanced, LSC openroot etc.
  • PMC – Universal, Dynamic, PCS, PMC Mix, PMC multi arc, PMC mix drive, PMC ripple Drive.
  • CMT – Universal, Root, Dynamic, CMT mix, CMT cycle step, Gap bridging, Galvanized etc.

Contact details for getting robotic welding solution for your challenges.

Mail –; Call – +917030925166

Know more about fronius Welding machine – Fronius Robotic welding machine.

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2- Panasonic robotic welding.

It is another welding solution provider in India, whereas they are not able to get quality equivalent to Fronius but one benefit about them is they provide Robot as well as welding machine as complete package. They are also operating in Industry from last 60 years. They are also operating in many countries offers solution for MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Panasonic offers manual as well as robotic welding machines and services.

Panasonic robotic MIG welding.
Panasonic robotic MIG welding.

Robotic welding Machines/technologies available at Panasonic.

  • Super Active Tawers.
  • Super Active Tawers HP
  • HBC – heat balance control power sources.
  • Super active wire feed process.
  • Along with above advanced solutions they offer technologies like HD Pulse, SP-MAG2, MTS CO2 etc.

You can contact panasonic to get robotic welding solution on their contact US page.

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3- Miller® Welding Automation.

Miller is United states based company produces high quality welding equipment’s from 1929 they have variety of products and welding technologies but only thing that lacks in India is their support they have very limited staff in India so you can face service issue & every industrial professional will not go for good product if there is absence of after sales service.

Robotic welding Machines/technologies available at Miller.

  • Hercules Automatic MIG welding system.
  • Performarc robotic welding system.
  • Versa Pulse wel process
  • Accu-Pulse weld process
  • RMD – Regulated metal deposition technology.

Know more about Miller welding here.

4- Kemppi Roboter welding.

Kemppi is family based company operating since 1949 in Finland. Now it serves over 70 countries with its robotic and manual welding systems. Its also has subsidiary in India having robotic welding application center in Pune.

Robotic Welding power sources & Processes at Kemppi

  • Welding Power sources – A7 MiG welder, KempArc Pulse and KempArc synergic.
  • Max welding processes – Max speed, Max cool and Max position.
  • Wise welding processes – WiseRoot, WiseFusion, WiseSteel, WiseThin and WisePenetration.

They also have under-progress so less service manpower available so in terms of service we cant able give more information about kempi.

Kemppi robotic welding system
Kemppi robotic welding system

Know more about Kemppi Robotic welding machines.

5- SKS welding systems.

SKS robotic MIG/MAG welding system India
SKS robotic MIG/MAG welding system India

SKS welding systems is German MNC company, They have introduced robotic welding power source in 1989. Considering made in German brand you can expect good quality product from them. Previously they were operating in India though dealer but now they have launched their subsidiary in 2021 so it is new company for Indians as very low power source density is there in Industry and being new company they have limited employees strength so far so we cant rate their after sales service yet.

Currently SKS welding systems are known for their quite good performance in Automotive Exhaust industry , They don’t have presence in other industries yet. The unique technology they offer is Power joint torch which can give torsion free cables so less failures of MHP’s.

SKS welding systems machines and processes available for robotic welding.

  • Power source model available is LSQ.
  • Processes Available – GMAW STD, Pulse, KF-Pulse, MIG brazing, Micro-MIG, Micro-Mig CC.

Know more about SKS Welding systems India here.

Final Conclusion.

Considering equipment Quality, After sales service, Technical capabilities and technology in terms of advanced welding processes. We recommend Fronius robotic welding power source as they don’t just sell machine they will provide you complete solution. Even they will first give you demo on your welding project/Part and if you are happy with quality then only you can buy the machine as they always say seeing is believing other power sources you can also try. Please comment which robotic welding power source you are using and how are the results you got!

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