September 28, 2023

Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT

Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT – Today, we will talk about the best tiktok songs for Transgenders/LGBTQ. Transgenders, it is a growing theme in the modern society, a statistics study has shown that among two fifty people atleast two of them are non- binary. Different people have different tastes in life and the more you recognize and analyze yourself the more you will realize who exactly you are and what you are comfortable with.

Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual etc.
Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT

As per now, at least some LGBTQ members have recognized and accepted themselves and they are not afraid to show it publicly. The problem comes in when some individuals come from a society which do not appreciate the transgender mechanism. Most of this people tend to shy and battle with issues on their own.

Music plays a key role almost in every sector, thus also in the transgender world, musicians have developed music to ensure that non- binary members appreciate and enjoy themselves. If you are looking for the ideal place to get a collection of this music, then look no further because we have your back. Below is a list of songs that you can use for transgender reels in TikTok and Instagram.

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Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT

Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT
Best reels songs for Transgenders/LGBT


When we talk about the best song for a transgender reel, then this song tops my list, it is exactly what you’ll need to hear. Taylor in this song, tells her haters to calm down and stop hating, because all that hate is not helpful at all. The public has resonated very well with this song since it has up to 6.8million views, that’s how incredible it is.

Therefore, you can add you ‘ need to calm down’ to your TikTok or Instagram reel to inform your haters that they need to calm down and respect your decision. This song has 27 crore views on YouTube & 15K users used this song for making reels on instagram. use You need to calm down song for LGBT instagram reels.

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Daughter by Loudon wainwright, whenever I listen to it, it often gives me a certain vibe that is two in one, in that you can be both a child and still parenting yourself. Life is a journey thus you can’t know everything about yourself in a specified period, it requires time for you to figure everything out.

You’ll often make mistakes, learn from those mistakes get on your foot and find your way out. Daughter, indicates that parenting often is not that easy, when nurturing the new born whether they are non- binary or normal kids you will face a variety of challenges.

Sometimes you maybe harsh when you’re required to be lenient or you may be lenient when required to be harsh. All this will determine the kind of a child you will mold. Therefore, the song daughter can be used in the transgender reels both in TikTok and Instagram reels as it not only passes a message but it has a slow music tone, that is so soothing. This song has 17 Lakh views on YouTube.

Lesbian reels songs for TikTok & instagram videos

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She, is a song that was written long ago, around ten years ago, it’s lyrics state that, “Are you locked up in a world that’s planned out for you, are you feeling like a social tool without a use? Scream at me until my ears bleed, I’m taking heed just for you.” Most often, transgender always feels like they are caged up, since most of them grow up in a straight family and everyone envisions out for them to follow suit, thus forcing them to be in a world that is not planned for them.

Therefore, this song brings out the essence that when they find out who they are, they should go ahead and serve their purpose regardless of what anyone tells them to do. ‘She’ is the ideal song, for every non-binary person as they get to tell the world that they are serving their purpose with no shame. Thus, if you incorporate this song in your reels it will bring out nothing but the best vibe. This song has 68K views on YouTube & 1196 users used this song for making reels on Instagram. Use she song for Lesbians Instagram reels.

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Both sides now, represents the modern way of living, where people will always have something to say. Some are positive while others are negative, in his view he says that, when people discover that you have changed and you are now a non- binary contrary to what they expected.

They’ll start speaking and acting differently, a good example is that you may realize that you will start loosing friends. Like in the last bit of the song it states, “ Now old friends are acting strange, they shake their heads, they say that I’ve changed, well something’s been lost but something is gained.” The lyrics are clear that the transgender individuals will loose some friends through their decisions, but above all they’ll also gain.

Therefore, when you add it in your reels it will show that you are fully aware of the decision you are making and it’s consequences. This song has 1.1 crore views on YouTube & 725 users used this song for making reels on Instagram. Use both sides now song for LGBTQ Instagram reels.

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Leonard Cohen in his song, a thousand deep kisses whispers to individuals that, you live your life as it is. He encourages non- binary people to live that life as if it’s real and not just a mere delusional, he asks all and sundry to be real with themselves and what they believe in.

They should be willing to sacrifice everything so that they can enjoy who they are rather than pleasing others when deep down they are hurting. This song, can make a beautiful reel as it encourages Individuals to be proud and to believe in themselves as that’s what matters. This song has 85 lakh views on YouTube & 702 users used this song for making reels on Instagram. Use A thousand kisses deep song for non binary Instagram reels.

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‘Kings and Queens,’ is an awesome song as it was once used during the LGBTQ campaign. The individuals stated that love is love, whether it is between people of two opposite sex or those of the same sex. Love is still love and everyone should be allowed to express love how they feel it serves them. At the end of the day we are all human with different takes on ideas, so no one should be denied the freedom to express themselves.

A line in this song states that, “ To all of the queens who are fighting alone, baby you’re not dancing on your own..” through this verse it gives consolation to everyone who thinks that they are battling LGBTQ alone. ‘Kings and Queens’ is an awesome song that can be used in the transgender reels as it has one of the most amazing instrumentals ever.

With this song in your reels, you can never ever go wrong, as you will be having fun, and at the same time passing a message to all your viewers that love is love and you appreciate yourself just the way you are. Isn’t that incredible? Therefore, you all can try the above songs for your transgender reels as they will deliver. All the best! This song has 6.4 crore views on YouTube & 47K users used this song for making reels on Instagram. Use Kings & Queens song for Transgender Instagram reels.

Best LGBT reels songs for Instagram, Youtube shorts and TikTok

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