December 3, 2023

Best time and day to post on Instagram.

Best time and day to post on Instagram – Social media platforms are now part of our lives. Billions of people visit social media everyday. Since the introduction of Instagram as one of the social media platforms, it has grown rampantly. Billions of people visit Instagram everyday across the globe. Before looking for the best time and day to post on Instagram.

Hopefully, you’ll try to create a compelling post that will attract many followers. Maybe you are running your business on Instagram, looking for likes, or whatever. You must consider posting your content or posts at an appropriate time and day since latest post are given priority. Therefore, We have done a research for you on the best time and day to post on Instagram. We have offered tips to find the best time and days to post, best day overall, best time to post reels and going live. Please continue reading to the end.

Best time and day to post on Instagram.
Best time and day to post on Instagram.

Best time and day to post on Instagram.

Tips in finding the best time to post on Instagram.

Use Instagram insights

Different locations have different insights. Weather you are in California, USA or anywhere in the world, getting the most active time, age range, and gender is very important. This information will help you to reach your target audience, maybe young, old, women or men. You’ll be able to identify the time your audience are most active.

Use a third party tool

Several platforms will help you in social media analytics than insights. The following platforms will help you in scheduling your Instagram posts, for example buffer, Autogrammer, HubSpot, tailwind, Hootsuite, and more.

Go for engagement.

Posting the best time is important, but don’t forget to create a post that is attractive and appealing. The best post has great captions, clear photos/videos and more.

Identify when your followers are online .

You must check and research when your audience are likely to be online. Most of your audience have a specific time and day they most visit their Instagram accounts. For instance, if your account is made up of students, they might be busy with school during the day hence not the best time. Maybe check in the evenings after school or Friday to weekend.

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Experiment with posting times.

After determining a range of different time in a day when your audience are online. Then, it’s time to try posting on those times to identify the appropriate hour. Just pick the time when your audience are online and start posting within those periods. This will enable you to track the specific time you will get more engagement rate. For example, if you find out high number of followers are online between 6 to 10pm. Schedule your posts at 5,6,7,8,9, and 10pm, then note the engagement rate per post. Additionally, don’t forget to identify the time and day you made that post.

Take data from your top performing post.

In your business or personal account, you might have once made a post that performed well. That best performing post will help you in determining the best day and time to post. You can either do it manually or looking at the Instagram insight data. Moreover, you can also use tools like trendHERO to track your account performance then determine the best time to post.

Best time to post on Instagram by day of the week .

In the findings, we discovered that Instagram accounts varies depending on your audience. Different Instagram accounts have different times when engagement rate rises. In this article, we will take you through the best time after a research was conducted across the globe. The research was conducted in up to a million posts on accounts with different number of followers. The following was the conclusion on the best time and day to post on different zones.

Best time to post on Monday on Instagram.

On Monday, the best time for sharing your Instagram post is 12.00pm to 1pm. We concluded that many will want to begin the weak strongly at work, then during the lunch break, they’ll take a break as they visit their Instagram accounts for feeds.

Best time to post on Tuesday on Instagram.

On Tuesday, you can make your post on Instagram at 9.00 am. Moreover, in the morning between 8-9 engagements are also strong then peaks at about 9.00 am.
Best time on Wednesday
On Wednesday, you can make your post at 11.00 am. The day also stand out in the overall engagement rate.

Best time on Thursday

On Thursday, the most active time on Instagram is 12.00pm. The period between 11.00pm to 12.00pm has high engagement across the universe.

Best time on Friday.

Your post are likely to thrive at 2.00pm on Fridays. This day seems to have a consistent engagement rate from morning at around 7 am then shoot at 2.00 pm.

Best time on Saturday.

Saturday being a weekend, make your post in the morning at 9.00 am before people proceed to their respective weekend plans.

Best time on Sunday

On Sunday, make your post in the morning at 7.00 am. In this day, a consistent engagement rate is experienced from 12.00pm to 8.00pm.

Best time overall to post on Instagram.

After analyzing data of different Instagram accounts and thousands of posts. The day that is the best for sharing posts is on Wednesday, 11.00 pm.

Best time to post Instagram reels .

Instagram reels is another great way to grow your Instagram engagement and attract followers. According to recent data, reels receive about 300% more engagement compared to a regular video. According to research, the best overall time to share reels is at 9 am on Monday, and 12 pm Thursday.

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Best time to go live on Instagram.

One of the best way to create a strong relationship between You and your followers is going live. This time also allows you to interact with followers who haven’t talked to you before. It is very important to go live when a good number of your audience are free. This will allow high turn up on your live video, hence you should select the appropriate time. According to statistics, the best time to Go live on Instagram is from Monday to Friday, either 12 pm or 7 to 9 pm. Make your live video when your audience are on lunch break, out of work or on holiday.

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