September 23, 2023

10 Best video editing apps for Tiktok and Instagram reels

Best video editing apps – Tiktok and Instragram have become the in thing as today’s social media platforms. They allow users to create and share short videos called reels. You can record yourself doing songs, dances and cooking lessons then post them as reels for viewers. Tiktok and Instragram have inbuilt video editing tools that make it easier for you to do what you love.

However, there are a variety of apps that make reels creation on Instagram and Tiktok more robust. You can ramp up your production value and gain more viewers on both platforms. This article will show you several apps that are best in editing and creating reels on Tiktok and Instragram. Read on to find out.

1- Beecut – The simplest video editing app.

Beecut is a video editing app for Tiktok reel creators. It is designed for production of good quality reels and is easy to use for beginners. The app contains filters, cropping, rotating picture- in- picture effect, transitions, cutting and much more. The design is also beautiful and it would look pretty on your phone. The interface in Beecut is easy to use and simple. The five aspect ratios for your reels include portrait (9:16), widescreen (16:9), square (1:1) and TaoBao (3:4). Find the app on Google Play store or Appstore. So its Top & Best video editing apps for android, IOS and PC.

10 Best video editing apps for Tiktok and Instagram reels
10 Best video editing apps for Tiktok and Instagram reels

• A number of crafted videos
• Customize the duration of videos
• Multiple transitions you can use
• Video exports supported are 1080p, 720p and 480p
• It is free in pricing

Download Beecut for editing short videos.

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2- Inshot – short Video editor & Maker.

InShot is a popular video editing app found free on Google Play and Apple Store. The app allows you to make and edit videos by using features like music effects, trim video, blur and more. You cannot go wrong with InShot, even if you are a beginner. You can easily understand it since it is easy and simple to use. The audio and visual effects in the app are a good way to add more attractive features to your reels. Another Best video editing apps I am using it for my YouTube videos too.

Inshot - Video editor & Maker
Inshot – Video editor & Maker

• Video trimmer/ cutter
• Movie style filters
• Saturation effects
• Multiple videos combine feature

Download Inshot to edit Instagram reels.

3- Quik

This app can be found on Google Play store or Apple store. Quik is free to use for TikTokers. It has various features like slow motion and fast motion movement. You can trim videos, add text, frames and more. The languages offered by Quik include English, Chinese. Spanish and French. You therefore have a lot to explore when creating reels with this app.

• Multi- language support
• Easy to record and edit videos
• Simple to use and explore
• Multi- platform sharing features

4- Lomotif – Best video editor for Tiktok video making.

The app is found free on Google Play store and Apple Store. It can be used be reels creators to add music to their videos in TikTok. The music library feature in the app comes in handy when you want to add hits to your videos. The music library also holds a variety of music; the oldies and contemporary music.

• Emojis, add titles and filters
• You can rearrange clips
• Add titles and texts to videos
• Hyperlapse videos
• You can import videos and photos from other apps

Download Lomotif short video maker

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5- Timbre

Timbre can only be downloaded in Google Play Store. It is simply designed to make it easy for Tik-Tokers to easily cut and convert video and audio files into interesting reels. You can adjust video and audio play back speed. Timbre can also be used to trim, cut, compress and merge video as well as audio clips.

• Video GIF
• Remove, split, change speed features
• Audio and video cutter and joiner
• You will be able to convert video files into various formats

Download Timbre video editor on Playstore

6- Clips – Video editor for making reels.

This app found in Google Play store allows Instagram users to add fun and interesting captions for Reels easily. The tools in the app also enable you to create 15- second Reels. You can also transcribe accurately what you will be saying in the Reels. The app also has colours and font size of text that you can choose from for your text. Clip comes in handy when you want your Reels to have an intro message and outro message.

• Colours and font size features
• Emojis, animated characters , stickers
• Intro and outro message features

7- Adobe Rush

This feature is found in Google Play Store. The basic features found in this app enable the user to create interesting Reels. It has a fast feature that enables users to publish content easily and quickly. Its one of best video editing apps for Tiktok and Instagram reels.Its one of the premium app among best video editing apps for Tiktok and instagram reels.

• In built templates for Instagram Reels
• Easy- to- use interface
• HD export video features

Download adobe rush to create Instagram reels faster

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8- KineMaster – Mobile video editor for short videos.

This app allows your Instagram Reels look flawless, professional and of high quality. KineMaster app is downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store apps. Its another popular and best video editing apps.

Best short video editing apps
Best short video editing apps

• Clear sound effects
• High Resolution
• Record Voice overs
• Shape masks
• Motion graphics

Download Kinemaster for Iphone and Android here

9- Splice

This app gives your Reels a sense of Hollywood touch. It has a simple design that makes it easy to use even for beginners. Instragram users can change and edit background videos , thus giving them an eye- catching finish. You are sure to create quality content that attracts many viewers when you use Splice.

• Changes background videos
• Zoom effect
• Trendy filters
• Pan

Download Splice video editor for making reels

10 – Canva’s Video Editor

One of the best video editor for Instagram Reels. This app is found in Google Play store. Apart from photo editing and graphic creation uses it has, this app is also a good video editor. You will surely get high quality Reels that will attract more viewers. So you can consider it one of the best video editing apps.

Canva's Video Editor
Canva’s Video Editor

Download canva video editor for tiktok videos

• Has a scheduler that automatically posts videos
• Exporting, scheduling and publishing features
• Contains free images, texts and illustration for your videos.

Final word

Once you have one or more of these best short video editing apps, you will easily create the best TikTok and Instagram Reels. No matter which app you decide to use, creating slick videos will go a long way in attracting more viewers. Now you have the too you need to create the good Reels. All the best as you try them out.

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