November 28, 2023

Cancer types & causes and its underlying grave factors

Cancer types & causes : Imagine yourself in a hoodie with a wallet placed on your back pocket, waiting for your friends at a countryside movie theatre for a sci-fi thriller to spend your Sunny Sunday morning. As soon as you place few steps towards your screen, you realize that the boring age-old advertisement of Cancer is being played per the censor board rules.

Then out of the blue, you sweat profusely amidst the air conditioning spread across the hall, you feel uncomfortable with every second ticking on your wristwatch, you feel a stabbing pain in your chest and think that something is out of the box. Then you realize it’s time to hit on the road towards a local hospital to analyze this situation.

Cancer types & causes and its underlying grave factors
Cancer types & causes and its underlying grave factors

After visualizing your condition, doctors prescribed few scans, which surprisingly made you a victim of the vicious spreading disease you saw in the advertisement advertised at the movie theater the Cancer.

Cancer types & causes with underlying factors.

Cancer, the term which often twists every one of us without any doubt, undoubtedly is a vicious disorder that depends on the level at which it is present inside you. However, still, there is always a chance for your survival through this process. Being aware of yourself regarding the underlying factors of Cancer can be handy enough to make you set in a safe spot because you don’t know when you will be the next victim of this spreading agent. Here are the top factors linked to Cancer and how these factors might hinder your regular slice of life.

As known for its grave tumors, Cancer includes more than one factor to brim it up to the surface; while some aspects are known for their functions, the other ones are still under developmental research by the leading scientists. Sometimes it’s your circulating hormones, while the additional time, it might be your recurrent genetic abnormalities that showcase Cancer inside you.

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Here are the most common cancers prevalent in our world.

Prostate cancer-Commonly has seen in Men
Breast cancer-Commonly seen in Women
Lung cancer-Commonly seen in both Men and Women
Brain tumors-Commonly seen in children
Acute leukaemia-Commonly seen in children
The urinary bladder is cancer-Commonly seen in Men
Thyroid cancer-Commonly seen in Women

Now let’s explore different factors responsible for causing various types of Cancer-

1-Age factor for cancer

Age is an important factor linked to this vicious disease. Cancers have a higher prevalence in individuals above 65 years of age; to explain why age plays a key role, we have to understand few important things.
As your age advances, there might be visible alterations in your cell, or there might high risk of exposure to harmful carcinogens, or your primary immunity might not be able to cope up with cancer agents since your immunity system weakens as your age advances.

Some tumors affect older elites and hinder younger children, too; for instance, neuroblastoma, nephroblastoma, retinoblastoma, and other cancers are more prevalent in children than in adults. Overall, age is a crucial factor for the survival of Cancer inside your skin-wrapped solid body.

2-Is Gender factor responsible for cancer?

Unfortunately, Cancers are more prevalent in men than in women, with a pack of little expectations listed in the medical journals and reports. Cancers related to Breast, thyroid, gall bladder, and hypopharynx are cancers that are common in women in particular.

As the movie theatre advertisements say, Lung Cancer is the most common Cancer in Men worldwide, while Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in women worldwide. The primary explanation of why different cancers are tied to different genders is differences in the hormones constituted in different genders.

3-Is Genetic factors are cause of Cancer?

For few decades, researchers have always had a list of contradictions on how heredity plays a crucial role in deciding what kind of Cancer you might face in your near future. The chances of developing cancer in a person who is a relative to another person suffering from Cancer are 3 times greater than an average unrelated person. Cancers of ovary, colon, breast, brain, and melanoma are common cancers occurring in people having a genetic history of patients diagnosed with Cancer.

While there are few cues to lower the risk of attaining Cancer, the chances are still prevalent for a person having a comparative history of a relative diagnosed with Cancer. You can start choosing a new lifestyle to counterattack the chances of developing a tumor inside you; maybe you can begin attending different counseling sessions by leading analysts and researchers who might understand your situation beforehand and try to dissolve any cancerous agents if they existed which can comfort you as a person to escape from this severe disease.

4-Does Hormones cause cancer?

Hormones like estrogen might trigger the underlying cancerous agents swimming through the red pool. Women who receive the therapy of estrogen have a high risk of acquiring endometrium cancer. Adenocarcinoma is another type of Cancer prevalent in adolescent daughters of mothers who had gone through estrogen therapy during their pregnancy.
In animals, the same hormone might induce mammary tumor virus; it is a virus prevalent in mice when high doses of estrogen are administered experimentally into them.

5- Consumption of steroids & Cancer relation.

Consumption of steroids like anabolic steroids by people like athletes to gain muscle mass or improve the tone of success in their performance can give rise to the development of malignant and benign cancers of the liver, which will worsen your life span and tear you into pieces in no time.

Cancer is a self-sufficient agent amidst its growth-promoting factors; it proliferates like a forest fire in no time. Changing your perspective on this particular topic can amend new ways of understanding the treatment of Cancer.

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Like following a new diet plan or hitting the gym thrice a week, or reading articles or blog corners related to new and old disorders and creating awareness among your peers, helping out your near and dear from confusion, anxiety, and stress if they acquire Cancer is what all we have to do to counterattack this disease or any disease, after all, we are sensitive humans with solid souls and immeasurable patience which can heal us of any illness through the tides of time and tension.

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