November 28, 2023

Beautiful Birds & Flowers Photography around my Home in morning.

Birds photography
Birds photography

Hey guys, hope you all are utilizing lockdown time for some learnings, reading and creativity.I don’t know name of this bird.Can anyone know about it?

Here I clicked some photographs in Refreshing morning around my home. It’s out of plan activity I have done, early morning I gone to terrace for morning exercises, but I seen some birds around my home.

Refreshing Morning photography
Refreshing morning birds photography.

After seeing beautiful birds I am not able control photographer inside me. so I ran downstairs and took my camera for Clicking photos of those awesome birds bit till I reach to terrace top I found birds flown away.

But I decided to capture then anyway, so I took my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera with me and started looking for those birds and finally I got them also got some beautiful pictures worth sharing on internet.

Bird staring posing to camera
Bird staring posing to camera🤪🤣

I welcome everyone in comment section and will be thankful if you can tell the name of this bird, Can you?

More Birds Photography.

While searching for birds photos I found some flower plants there, in the morning sun rays flowers were shyning like gold. So here are some flowers and plants photography.

Beautiful Flowers, Leafs & Plants photography.

Here is final pic of beautiful sunrise with trees in foreground gave super awesome beauty to scene. Here is last photo of Morning sunrays falling on trees.

Mornings and evenings are most beautiful scenarios of nature & I love to be with nature and capture them on camera and store the memories in heart. So here I shared some of photographs as it’s my hobby i love to share it and get praise from friends and followers. So let’s wait for another photography session and more beautiful captures. Till the time bye bye.

Don’t forget to Comment your views on these photographs and nature.

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"External Information with Credits - Mastering Bird Photography is a step-by-step process. It is easy to make the first step on your way to becoming a world famous bird photographer. The easiest way to get started with bird photography is to get at least a 200mm long lens and go to the park or your backyard. Birds are accustomed to humans in parks, so it is easier to reach them than birds in wild forests or fields. Birds near the footprints are usually very friendly and will not frighten you if you are a little patient. You will learn how to make friends with birds and get some pictures as a gift."The above paragraph is from- Birds Photography Tips


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