September 27, 2023

Dreamhost review, pricing, performance & 6 interesting topics

Dreamhost review, pricing, customer support and more, compiled here. When you talk about some of the best web hosting providers, dreamhost is undoubtedly one of them. Dreamhost has continued to grow since it was established. Today, it supports more than 1.5 million websites in the world. One of the main reason why many have picked dreamhost as their option. It provides some of the affordable services in the web industry.

The platform has some of the affordable months-to-months pricing for it’s customers. You won’t be necessarily required to break the bank in order to acquire their services. Moreover, dreamhost allows new users to try their services they desire within 97 days. In simple terms, you will be given a 97 day money back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not impressed with their services, you can still ask for compensation within those days. You should note that the money bank guarantee doesn’t apply everywhere. You can check our dreamhost review, pricing, customer support to learn more about this web hosting company.

Dreamhost review, pricing, customer support, and more.
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Dreamhost review; types of hosting provided

In dreamhost, we have five different types of hosting to its customers. Most of the beginner users will pick either wordpress or shared hosting. Some advanced users will go for hosting that will offer full functionality on their sites. For instance, they’ll go for dedicated server, VPS, and cloud server hosting. Let’s look at the 5 types of hosting below.

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WordPress hosting

This is one of the common web hosting for a number of users. Dreamhost provides wordpress hosting and one advantage is that the WordPress comes when pre-installed. Other benefits on wordpress hosting including, free SSL certificate, automated backup, free email hosting, free privacy protection, and more others.

Dreamhost review, pricing, customer support, and more

Managed VPS hosting

This is another type of hosting offered by Dreamhost. This hosting type means resources will be allocated to your site. It will not only improve the site speed but also the general performance.

Dreamhost review

Managed dedication server hosting

This is the third type of hosting we will talk about. If you need top speed, this type of hosting will offer the best. Here, the entire server will be offered to you.

Managed wordpress hosting

This is a great type of hosting for users who are looking forward to run their site on wordpress. In this type of hosting, wordpress will come when already pre installed. It also offers one click restore and on-demand backups.

Cloud server hosting

This type of hosting will absolutely favour many web developers. This type of hosting will give you back end access plus more other services.

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Dreamhost review; pricing

In terms of price, we have the starter and unlimited. The starter includes one website, with 50 GB storage, email account, and more. The starter Normally begins with $6.99 per month (billed annually). It also comes with free domain with 12 or 36 months.
The other type of dreamhost pricing is the unlimited.

In this one, you are allowed to have unlimited websites, storage, database, and email accounts. The approximate price here is 12.99 monthly, calculated annually. You can check on dreamhost official website for more details on price and the breakdown. The price for dreamhost is normally lower at the beginning but increases with time on renewal.

Dreamhost review, pricing, customer support and more

Dreamhost review; customer support

This is another thing we had to talk about in this dreamhost review. Basically, customer support has a big role in web hosting business. You may encounter some technical problems or even looking forward to consult about something. You will need a reliable customer support from your host. In dreamhost, there are a variety of customer support to the customer.

The first one is 24/7 email tickets which is popular in many hosting platforms, we also have phone support. Additionally, you will be able to have a live chat with an agent ( between 5.30 AM to 9.30 pm PT). They have also extensive knowledge and community forums where you’ll learn a lot of things. You will be able to find up to date knowledge, and more other explanations and tutorials.

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Dreamhost review; Ease of use

This is also one important factor to consider when looking for a good hosting platform. In dreamhost, the interface is easy to understand and navigate through it. The platform uses custom built control panel. It’s UX is not bad and it functions well, including it’s effortless set-up process. Generally, you will find the platform user friendly. It’s absolutely one factor to consider in our dreamhost review.

Dreamhost review; Performance

We cannot close this dreamhost review without talking about the performance of this hosting company. Performance is very important when it comes to websites. Apparently, the performance of the website will either encourage or discourage visitors from using your website. In dreamhost, they have proved themselves to be reliable, fast, and powerful. A number of cheap web hosting companies doesn’t offer great performance. However, this platform will give you a great performance at a cheaper price.

Dreamhost review.

Dreamhost review; Security

Security is a critical topic on our dreamhost review. We all need a secure hosting company to be sure of the safety of our sites. Nobody would wish that their site to be attacked by malwares, hackers, or viruses. Therefore, security is a very crucial topic when it comes to selection of the appropriate hosting company.

In dreamhost, they have included some of the basic security features as well as the more advanced ones. No need to worry since the security features are included in every package. Some of the security features in dreamhost are free SSL certificate, domain privacy protection, custom web application firewall, daily backups, and more.

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Pros and cons of dreamhost

We have looked at some of the crucial topics in our dreamhost review, we can now look at it’s pros and cons. The pros and cons will help you in decision making.

IMG 20230909 090913 Dreamhost review, pricing, performance & 6 interesting topics


  • The platform has been recommended by wordpress
  • Easy to install WordPress with 1-click
  • It has a reliable customer support
  • Free SSL, domain, and privacy
  • Daily backups available and are automatic
  • Has 97 day money back guarantee
  • Has a variety of products
  • It is cheaper than many hosting providers
Dreamhost review. image showing security.
Free SSL, domain, and privacy


  • No money back guarantee for dedicated plans and VPS.
  • The live chat support is not available for 24/7.

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Final Word

The above is our dreamhost review, you can therefore make your dec from the above review. You have also seen some of the advantages and disadvantages on our dreamhost review. We wish you all the best as you are looking for the appropriate hosting company for your website. Thank you for reading our dreamhost review.

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