November 28, 2023

Top 5 Best Canadian bloggers and how they earn?

Best Canadian bloggers – The digital era, has really brought so much positive impact in our lives. It enables us to learn, have fun, make money, empower others among other meaningful things. Blogging is one of the activities, that has risen due to digitalization. In the current society, blogging is a key concept that can be done by anyone, regardless of where they are from.

Blogging, is the process of opening an online journal, where you get to give your reviews on various subjects, of your interest. Canada, has overtime produced many bloggers, who make a good amount of money from it. Some even depend on it as their main source of their daily bread. They do it as a full time job. If you are inquisitive of who this bloggers are, and how they make their income, then look no further. Since we have your back, here is a list of them. They may motivate you to also start blogging. Enjoy.

Top 5 Best Canadian bloggers and how they earn?
Top 5 Best Canadian bloggers and how they earn?

Top 5 Best Canadian bloggers and how they earn?

1- Àngela Lindon – Canadian health, Food & Recipe blogger.

Angela Liddon, is among the celebrated bloggers in Canada. She does an exemplary job, since everyone recognizes this. She is the award winner behind the blog, Oh she glows. This is a blog that motivates people to glow both in the inside and outside. The input reflects the output. Thus, she’s created a recipe for people to follow and use so that they can stay healthy and fit. In her early years, Angela used to be struggling with eating disorders.

She therefore, decided to pursue a happy and a more healthy lifestyle. Most of her followers love her for her authenticity, unlike other bloggers who copy others, Angela is original. Her vegan recipe is absolutely incredible, since it encourages using of natural products. She earns her income, mostly through blog advertising, where she advertises plant based recipes. Moreover, she also sells her cookbooks which produces a good income. You can check her work. That is why she is on top in our list of best canadian bloggers.

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2- Nadia Elkharadly – Best entertainment blogger in Canada.

Nadia, is one of the best entertainment bloggers Canada has ever had. She blogs all about concerts and fun activities. We all live once you know, so it’s important to have fun . When she’s not doing that she talks about fashion, beauty and style. This is where, she gets to tell her viewers the best fashion tips she uses. In her blog, we’re addicted, she gets to tell her followers an in depth of her beauty, fashion and style journey.

The current era, requires one to be smart and neat always, thus with this information from Nadia, we all get to be empowered. She earns her income through the blog, affiliated marketing where when a certain number of people buy products, she has recommended she gets to be awarded. All you have to do, is join an affiliated program, get a link, place the link in your blog and be paid for the individuals who join from your link. Impressive, right?

 Best Canadian bloggers
Best Canadian bloggers

3- Abbey Sharp – Top food blogger in Canada.

Abbey’s Kitchen, represents all our food desires. She blogs about food. We all love food, I guess that explains why she has a massive following group. She’s so experienced and devoted to her job, furthermore, she is a registered dietician, which assures people that her food is qualified. She owns, Abbie’s Kitchen.

Which is a good website, where she displays dieting in food and makes her own food. Her content is loved by all and sundry, since both individuals and restaurants recommend her. To add the cherry on the cake, she makes recipes that can be used by others. Therefore, regardless of where you are if you follow the recipe procedure, you can have your mouth watering delicacies. She earns her income through the blog, through selling food, recipe books among others.

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4- Michael Geist – Top Canadian tech blogger.

This list, would be incomplete without Michael Geist. He is a professor of law In the university of Ottawa, where he gets to teach his students what the law is. Most specifically in the internet and technological view point . He is also a tech blogger, he has his areas of specificity being digitalization. With digitalization comes so much positivity, however an equal measure of challenges accompanies it. Issues such as privacy, and internet issues.

So, since Michael has specialized in this arena of internet and privacy, he gets to talk to his audience about this vital information and how they can protect themselves. To ensure that digitalization works for their favour. Information is power, so he shares it. He has a massive following group of individual, who want to be equipped every single day. He earns his income, through his law profession, his blog, email marketing, where you can approach him if interested in learning, and you’ll be taught among others. That is why we added him in our list of top 5 best canadian bloggers list.

5- Janine Falcon – Canadian Beauty & Fashion blogger.

Janine, is an incredible beauty and fashion blogger. She owns a blog which is tittled, how to. What she basically does, is that she educates cosmetics enthusiasts, how to use the products to obtain a top notch look. You don’t have to go to a beauty school, for you to know how to apply make up correctly.

You can start following Janine, and trust you’ll be more than equipped. You’ll be taught almost everything you need to know, just at the comfort of your house. Isn’t that incredible? Indeed, digitalization has really made work more easier. Janine, has a huge following because of the fact that, she is consistent and professional. Her work speaks for her. She earns her income, through blogs, digital products – where she shares her experience though online courses. If you are interested you can definitely follow her up, for the best coaching.

It’s evident, that blogging is a career like any other. It requires consistency, discipline, hardwork and passion, for you to build the ideal following group. Therefore, if you are interested in blogging and you are ready to put in the hardwork, the above individuals should inspire you. You can achieve anything in this world, if you set your mind to it and be devoted. Everything is possible. Be a go getter, you have to do it now, with time you will finally be there. Just take a step at a time. All the best. Hope you liked our Best canadian bloggers post.

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  1. Hi there!

    I love discovering new bloggers, and this post on the top 5 Canadian bloggers did not disappoint. It’s always inspiring to see how successful bloggers are able to turn their passions into profitable ventures, and these five Canadian bloggers are no exception.

    First up, Angela Lindon’s focus on health, food, and recipes is particularly relevant in today’s world, where people are looking for ways to live healthier lives. Her ability to share valuable information and create delicious recipes has clearly resonated with her audience.

    Nadia Elkharadly’s success in the entertainment blogging niche is equally impressive. As someone who loves keeping up with the latest celebrity news and trends, I can see why her readers are drawn to her writing style and insights.

    Abbey Sharp’s success in the food blogging niche is also noteworthy. Her ability to create delicious and healthy recipes while sharing her own personal journey with food has clearly resonated with her audience.

    Michael Geist’s success in the tech blogging niche is also impressive, particularly given how rapidly technology is advancing. His ability to stay on top of the latest trends and provide insights into the legal and policy implications of new technologies is no doubt valuable to his readers.

    Finally, Janine Falcon’s success in the beauty and fashion blogging niche is noteworthy. As someone who enjoys keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends, I appreciate the way she combines personal style with practical advice and product reviews.

    Overall, it’s clear that these five Canadian bloggers have been able to achieve success by providing valuable content that resonates with their readers. I’m inspired by their stories and look forward to following their continued success.

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