September 23, 2023

Juicyads ad network review

Publishers and affiliates worldwide can take advantage of JuicyAds’ adult-targeted advertising opportunities. This self-serve platform appeals to all marketers that buy and sell traffic because it has built-in anti-fraud solutions and sophisticated targeting features. Publishers may monetize their traffic through desktop and mobile inventory with JuicyAds, an ad network. Popunders and banners are the only ad formats available on the platform, although JuicyAds offers juicy rates of CPM to sites in select geographic regions.

There is a self-service interface for users to run their campaigns, and the network’s customers can request a minimum payout of $25 on demand. Advertisers who introduce new customers to JuicyAds will receive a commission of 20% of the platform’s revenue produced by the new customer.

Juicyads ad network review
Juicyads ad network review

Popunders, banners, native advertisements, and navigational tabs are among the ad forms accessible. The PopUnder adverts launch in a new window concealed below the active one and appear upon a random click in the active window. Only CPM campaigns can use popunders.

Banner advertising is usually image-based banner ads of conventional and non-standard sizes. It’s possible to use this format for CPC and CPM campaigns alike. RON (Run of Network) and DIRECT BUY banner advertising are available for advertisers (buy placements from a specific website for a set price for 7, 14, or 30 days).

A native ad is an image banner ad designed to blend in with the content on a publisher’s site. The landing page is the destination for users who are being redirected here. Like popunder advertisements, native, interstitial ads appear on top of the main window, obscuring the content. Only by clicking on the ad will users be able to reclaim their lost access. The VAST or Digital Video Ad Serving Template is in alpha testing for in-video banner ads. Video pre-rolls and post-rolls appear before or after a video service’s content.

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Options for tools and focusing

Affiliates can select from a variety of targeting choices when creating an ad campaign, including:

  • Type of Device
  • Browser/OS
  • Language
  • Geopolitical Areas of the United States
  • IP
  • According to Alexa
  • Connection
  • Hourly/Day Parting
  • Both a Blacklist and a Whitelist should be maintained.
  • Niche/Channel
Juicyads adult ad network
Juicyads adult ad network

JuicyAds Pros:

  • Some GEOs have high CPMs, such as the Far East and Russia.
  • Self-service tool for campaign management
  • JuicyAds offers a 20% referral bonus on direct ad sales made through this program.
  • Offer-back URLs allow advertisers to recoup any traffic that is not sold.

JuicyAds Cons: 

  • The control panel for the administration is not intuitive to use.
  • Customer service is solely available via email.
  • Admin panel is tricky to use

Formats for displaying advertisements

In addition to Voluum, PeerClick, CPVLabPro, and NiftyStats, JuicyAds also integrates with several other tracking solutions. Affiliates can also use split-testing, APIs, and S2S integration. Assistant and SexyTechnology as two examples of cutting-edge technology used by this network.

Rule-based auto-optimization on the platform, called Assistant, keeps your campaigns safe from wasteful traffic sources.

  • A new anti-fraud solution and an S2S tracking system were released in 2014 by SexyTechnology to ensure that only quality traffic is delivered to your site.
  • Navigate to the section on advanced tools in the guidelines to learn more.

Promotions and bonuses

For new and existing customers, the JuicyAds network offers a variety of specials throughout the year. Signing up for the newsletter, following JuicyAds on social media, and checking out the blog are the best ways to stay updated on the latest developments.

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Program for the Promotion of Recommendations

Publishers can earn even more money with JuicyAds thanks to the company’s active and lucrative referral program. The site that referred a publisher to JuicyAds can receive 20% of the company’s commission on direct ad sales for each publisher they brought on board. Since many other platforms give a commission of between 5-10%, this could be advantageous for publishers who are used to referral programs. Modes of payment

For payment, affiliates can use various methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Paxum, or even wire transfers.

A minimum deposit amount must be met depending on the account’s status. Direct Buy campaigns start at $50, RON banner advertising (CPC and CPM) start at $100, and CPM popunder campaigns start at $50.

JuicyAds charges only a 25 percent fee on any revenue generated as a service to publishers. Advertisers pay publishers using one of three payment models: CPC, CPM, or CPA. Ad placement on a publisher’s site is based on the ad’s ability to generate revenue. Advertising and publishing are both protected by the network.


If a publisher has a query that cannot be answered in one of these languages, a translator tool is available in the JuicyAds chat interface.

Any issues about the service can be answered by contacting the Help Center on the platform at any time. If the situation is more complex, such as an error in the ad code, the site provides a “ticket” function that connects publishers with the appropriate technical team members. Alternatively, publishers can contact JuicyAds via the company’s website, which sends responses via email.


Using and staying on JuicyAds requires publishers to adhere to various rules and regulations. Among these is a prohibition on the following: Changing the code provided by JuicyAds to suit your needs. For questions about this, publishers must go through the platform to get an answer.

An “excessive” number of adverts, a domain that is “mostly ads,” or a website with little value to visitors. Click fraud and other “manipulation” are the goal of draining advertising funds.

Violent, obscene, hateful content, and illicit money-making enterprises. To promote unlawful activities, such as bomb-making, sharing harmful code, and more.

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Juicyads Payment proof

Juicyads Payment proof
Juicyads Payment proof


Publishers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of joining JuicyAds before committing. There are excellent CPMs in Russia and Asia, as well as features like a self-service platform, which can make operating a campaign a lot more straightforward. For those questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ section, there are several choices for customer support, such as live chat and ticketing systems.

On the other hand, there are a few flaws with JuicyAds. Compared to other networks, its banner ad prices are below average, and the admin area for editing campaigns is cumbersome. However, for publishers willing to overlook these features, JuicyAds offers additional incentives, including a referral scheme that can help them earn even more money from the service.

There are plenty of incentives for publishers to use JuicyAds to make money, making it an overall well-balanced ad network.

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