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Best reels songs for rainy season in English.

Warm clothes, a book and a cup of coffee are the ideal accompaniments to make your rainy days jovial. Naturally, during rainy seasons most activities are on hold, since you have to be enclosed. Instead of worrying about the future or reminiscing about the past, you can use this time to relax, this is the time that you can appreciate yourself for all the accomplishment that you’ve done. Moreover,, you can use this time to upgrade your skills, through reading books, listening to podcasts among others.

To ensure that your days are not boring, you can create tiktok reels and incorporate music, as we all know it never disappoints. If you’re probably wondering where to get songs that you can use for your TikTok and Instagram reels, that are centered on rainy days. Then look no further because we have your back. Below is a list of rain songs that you can use:

Best reels songs for rainy season in English.
Best reels songs for rainy season in English.

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Best reels songs for rainy season in English.

1- “THE RAIN SONG” BY LED ZEPPELIN – Instagram reels songs on Rain & Love.

As the name suggests, we can clearly get what the song is about, it is an old school love song. It was released around ten years ago but trust me it will still give you chills. It has up to twelve million views on YouTube, the song talks about love. Therefore, you can play this beautiful masterpiece during the rainy seasons as you are indoors on your background.

More so, if you want a song for your TikTok and Instagram reels, then you can pick this as your ideal song. You will be able to insert videos of you enjoying yourself indoors regardless of the rain. Its one of the best reels song for rainy season videos. This song has 10 Lakh views on YouTube.

best rain reels songs for YouTube shorts, Tiktok & Insta reels

use the rain song on Instagram reels

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SZA is a talented musician no doubt, ever since she released this song it has been on repeat mode in my playlist. Her soothing voice just upgrades this masterpiece to another level, have I told you about her creativity? Unlike other songs, ‘good days’ does not have a repetitive rhythm, thus this makes it so unique to interact with.

The lyrics state,” Good day in my mind safe to take a step out, get some air now let your edge out, too soon I spoke you be heavy on mind..” with this on your playlist you’ll get the vibe that, bad days don’t last and soon everything will be normal, soon the sun will be out and you’ll be back to your normal schedule.

You can also use this song, in your TikTok and Instagram reels whereby, you’ll be able to add the song in your rainy video. For example, you could be sipping some coffee with some few raindrops out. Consequently Good days has up to sixty five million views on YouTube! So its one of the best Monsoon song for Tiktok and Instagram reels on rainy season videos. This song has 6.4 crore views on YouTube.

best English songs on rain for Instagram reels and Tiktok shorts

Use good days by SZA on Instagram reels This song is trending on Instagram over 103K people made reels using this song on Instagram.


The lyrics of this song state that, “ I’m gonna love you, like no one loves you come rain or come sunshine, high as a mountain deep as a river, come rain or come sunshine. I guess when you met me it was one of those things, but don’t ever bet me..” it is an old school love song that was released twelve years ago.

It has slow tunes that can enable you to do something else while it’s playing on the background. You can be able to read a good book while still listening to it as it rains, the beauty with this song is that, you can also dedicate it out to what you love, a good example could be writing.

You can be able to listen to this song as you write, and declare that you will never stop writing come rain come sunshine. Consequently, this masterpiece, can be a good song to insert in your TikTok and Instagram reels. Thus, in your rainy videos when you are doing what you are passionate about you can add it, informing your viewers that nothing will ever stop you from doing what you love, not even rain. So its best tiktok song for rain reels or short videos. This song has 19 lakh views on YouTube.

Best reels songs on Rain english

Use come rain or come sunshine song for Instagram reels

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4- “ I THINK I LIKE IT WHEN IT RAINS” BY WILLIS – Rain tiktok & Instagram reels song.

As much as we have those individuals, who hate rain seasons there are those who love it. I was once conversing with a friend of mine, and he told me that as for him, he prefers the cold winter season. This is exactly what Willis is talking about in his songs, there’s just some joy that comes from the fact that it’s raining. Another best reels song on Rain for TikTok & Instagram reels.

You can be able to get a good sleep when it rains, the warmth of the blankets during such periods are just on another level. Part of the lyrics, “ I think I like it when it rains, call up some friends so that we can have fun, ooh lord I wish things were the same..” thus, when you are having friends over during rainy seasons in your TikTok and Instagram reels you can always add this magical song. This song has 2.6 Lakh views on YouTube.

Best tiktok songs on Rain

Use I think I like it when it rains song on Instagram reels. This is another popular Insta reels song has 26K reels.

5- “UMBRELLA” BY RIHANNA FT JAY Z. – Best Love Rain song for Reels.

I couldn’t complete this article without adding this gem. The lyrics say it all, “ Because, when the sun shines we’ll shine together, told you I’d be here forever, said I’d always be your friend, took an oath I’mma stick it out till the end , now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella, you can stand under my umbrella Ella eeh..” it gives out the love mood.

During the rainy seasons when you are indoors with your partner, then you can also listen to this song while assuring, each other that you will always support each other, even when storms come you will still shelter each other. Furthermore, you can use this song in your TikTok and Instagram reels that involves a rainy season.

Where you will display that you will always provide an umbrella for those who are close to you, and they can stand under your umbrella. Your viewers can also learn through this that nothing should be an obstacle towards something good, as love will always win. So its another trending rain song for reels on Instagram, Tiktok & YouTube shorts. This song has 280 crore views on YouTube.

Best Instagram reels song on Rain

To finalize it up, the above songs can be used for your TikTok and Instagram reels during your rainy seasons, have fun while using them. All the best. tags – Best reels songs on Rain, Best monsoon reels songs in English, Best tiktok songs for Rain videos.

Use umbrella song on Instagram reels. Another best trending song on Rain. Used by 11K users on Instagram.

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