September 23, 2023

Twinred ad network review

Twinred ad network review. Hello guys, we had previously reviewed some ads that accept adult sites. Twinred is another great alternative for those who are looking forward to monetize their adult sites. This platform has also specialized in adult services like dating sites, adult content, e.t.c. Therefore, we are going to discuss what you need to know about this platform. In this review, you will be able to know the ad formats, CPC/CPM rates, requirements, payment methods and more you have to know about this network. So, let’s get started.

Twinred ad network review
Twinred ad network review

Twinred ad network review in Detail.

Twinred approval requirements

Today, the requirements for twinred are not that much as compared to the years before covid 19. There current requirements are high traffic coming from search engines. In addition to that, your content should be of high quality. Here are the requirements before the outbreak of Corona virus:
• Those who want to use popunders, their monthly page views must add up to at least 5000.
• To use display banners, publishers are required to attain a minimum page views of 50000 in a month.
• The website should possess a user friendly interface.
• Self click, boot, or fake views on ads are not allowed.

Ad formats

Twinred have the following ad types for both mobile and desktop traffic. They have specialised in popunders but they will offer you with display, full page interstitial ads, web push, video pre-roll, native banner, and direct link.

Twinred CPM and CPC rates

This ad network have high CPM when using the popunders ad format. In addition to that, traffic from tier one countries will also increase your CPM rates. You will be able to earn an approximate CPM ranging from 1-2$ when done right. In a traffic of 20,000 and page views of about 30k dailyk you will an an approximate of 30$ to 35$. Therefore, publishers with high traffic have a chance to earn high revenue. Take a look at the following twinred CPM rates in the table below.

CPM rates for twinred
CPM rates for twinred

Twinred have low CPC or PPC rates, since they offer an approximate of 0.0001 to 0.0005$ per click. The platform has a fill rate of 100%. They offer good cpm for popunder ads so its one of the best popunder ad networks.

Twinred adnetwork Payment details

Payment method

Twinred has limited payment options compared to some ad networks have come across. Users have only three methods of depositing and recieving payments. The payment methods for this platform is PayPal, wire transfer, and paxum.

Payment period

You may have attained the minimum payout required but you have to know when you are allowed to withdraw the money. This ad network will allow you to withdraw the minimum $50 on monthly basis. They will pay you once they collect the money from advertises. Therefore, if their main advertisers fail to pay on time, it may lead to delayed payments.

Minimum payout

All ad networks have minimum payout to its publishers. In twinred the minimum payout is equal in all the three payment methods. Publishers are allowed to withdraw a minimum of $5 to either PayPal, wire transfer, or paxum. That’s good news since the minimum payout is achievable. In their terms, they haven’t mentioned about additional withdrawal fee. However, Publishers should keep in mind that each payment method have a particular transaction fee. For instance, PayPal has a fee of 3% to 5% from your total earnings. In wire transfer, it depends with the institution since some may not be charged anything while others may suffer a hefty amount.


We have discovered that twinred has some great features that match well with their competitors. When it comes to support, they are slightly behind since they only offer support via emails. Publishers or advertisers with any question or want to enquire about something, they are limited to the use of email address. In addition to that, the platform doesn’t have the self service panel for users to make any changes for themselves. The users are forced to contact the administrator for any assistance.

Refferal program

Refferal program is an important part for many users. Many can maximize their income through refferals. Unfortunately, Twinred has no refferal program by now, unless they bring it in the coming future.

Pros and cons of Twinred ad network.


  1. The ad network has a variety of ad format offered to its publishers.
  2. It also allows users to monitize in social accounts.
  3. The platform accept adult traffic
  4. They have a low minimum payment of $5 to their publishers.
  5. The platform has high CPM rates to adult sites and traffic from tier one countries
  6. The ad network offer a variety of ad types, from popunders, video pre-roll, to banner ads.


  1. The platform doesn’t offer refferal programs to help publishers in maximizing revenues.
  2. Their support is limited to the use of email address and has no self service panel. No other important options like live support.
  3. The payment options are limited to three. No other options like E-payment, Payoneer, bitcoin, American express, MasterCard, visa, and more.
  4. They have minimum traffic requirements for publishers hence not good for newbies.
  5. The ads in twinred contain adult ads hence not suitable for websites with no adult traffic.

Twinred alternative

In case you aren’t impressed with this ad network. There are other alternatives on this platform, the alternatives are Popcash, popads, plugrush, trafficstars, Propellerads and exolink. This two ad networks also allow traffic from adult sites. They are slightly similar but you will also find a big difference between them. Therefore, you can read about those platforms to find the best option for you.

Ending thought for Twinred ad network.

Twinred has done a lot to improve on some of its elements in order to compete favourably with their competitors. Hopefully, more features like the refferal program, more payment options, ad formats, and more will be added soon. We have also learned that this platform will favour those with adult traffic. Therefore, adult sites are more likely to thrive since they’ll serve you with adult kind of ads. You can try this platform and see if it’ll favour you. If you had once used this platform, your views will be highly appreciated.

Join Twinred

If you have adult website then Plugrush ad network is best for you.

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