September 28, 2023

ExoClick Best Adult Ad network Review

ExoClick is a great ad network if you own an adult, Lifestyle, or entertainment site! Publishers and advertisers appreciate Exoclick as one of the top networks for adult content. It was founded in 2006 by Benjamin Fonzé in Barcelona, Spain.

Regarding general web traffic, ExoClick has a minor percentage (entertainment, Lifestyle, streaming, and file sharing). Even so, it’s a great spot to visit if you’re looking for an adult-oriented experience. It has grown to a daily audience of approximately 5 billion.

Exoclick Review

ExoClick is a self-service platform with a user-friendly UI and extensive results — these reports are fantastic and one of the most popular features of ExoClick! ExoClick provides a variety of dynamic tags to let you monitor the data you want for your tracking system’s optimization.

This network we suggest as a starting point for understanding the business, particularly the outstanding post-data analysis process and logical processes you’ll need to follow. ExoClick, on the other hand, is a platform where you can learn about the business from the ground up.

Using ExoClick, you’ll be able to promote more effectively online and make more money from your campaigns. You may use our high-impact ad units as AdSense alternatives for your online site and online advertising campaigns.

ExoClick Best Adult Ad network Review
ExoClick Best Adult Ad network Review

Approval Method: 

Approval is a cinch. There is a brief registration form that Publishers must complete to become a member of the Exoclick family. They will have immediate access to their account after submitting this form. Publisher There is no requirement for users to validate their email addresses while registering on this website.

Is There a Minimum Payout?

Weekly payments are sent to the Publisher. PayPal and wire transfer are accepted as payment methods for Exoclick. The bare bones of a winning bet are twenty dollars. CPM, CPC, and Smart CPM are the three pricing strategies that Exoclick uses to pay its publishers. It compensates its publishers for each ad click-through CPC.

CPM Rates for Exoclick

If you have non-streaming and non-downloading websites, CPM rates are not a good fit.

An in-depth study discovered that Exoclick delivers advertisements in the CPC and CPM revenue models to monetize Publisher’s websites. ExoClick’s CPC offerings vary.000002 to.000005, while its CPM offers are in the range of.004 to.009 cents.

As a result of its low CPC, it is one of the least lucrative ad networks in the advertising ecology of mainstream websites, but it excels in the adult-oriented ecosystem.

Offers and Verticals at ExoClick

There are a wide variety of ad formats available on this site. However, we’ll focus on the 

The SmartCPM and the CPM cost models are two options for buying advertisements.

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Models of ExoClick pricing

Adults are the primary audience for verticals. Compared to adult traffic, mainstream traffic may be purchased, but the amounts are modest. Furthermore, the quality of the adult vertical is much improved.

Paying and investing with ExoClick

So, let’s get some cash! ExoClick’s Budget must first be uploaded. We need this to get some high-quality traffic.

Payment Methods

Bank Transfers, PayPal, and Paxum.

Each payment option has requirements for how much money you need to deposit.

You’ll need at least 500 Euros if you send money through a wire transfer. The minimum amount that may be paid electronically is 200€.

Support of Exoclick.

It’s an excellent support rating. In every case, the responses are concise and approachable.

There are two ways to get in touch: using the self-service account contact form on the ExoClick website or via email. Account Managers are assigned to the most significant clients.

 Top Features of ExoClick.

  • Ads are controlled solely by the publishers.
  • Ads from this ad network are free of malware.
  • Google Adsense and pop-under adverts can both be used by publishers.
  • It is more profitable for the publishers to use pop-under adverts than display banners.
  • It is best to use Adult Ads Network for this purpose.
  • Payments must be made quickly and accurately.
  • Publishers may monitor their revenue and performance in real-time with this system.

Program for obtaining referrals: Publishers can get paid for life with 5 percent of any money made by the Publishers they suggest.

24-hour service for customers

Requirements: Exoclick does not require any of the most important ones.

When joining Exoclick Network, no critical criteria or conditions must be met. Listed below are a few examples of non-critical terminology:

Free hosting and domains are not accepted. Compared to AWS, GCP, and Digitalocean, Cloudways offers managed high-quality Cloud servers beginning at $10 per month.

High-TLD domains or any other premium Domain are required. There are no sub-domains allowed here.

Join Exoclick Publishers Account.

ExoClick’s advantages and disadvantages


The greatest adult ANs, plenty of top-shelf platforms, excellent targeting, a broad range of ad formats, and handy advanced features combine to provide a high amount of premium TIER 1 traffic.


Not the most affordable competitive clicks; not ideal for Tier 3-focused offers; one-sided network; tight and diligent moderation; not all that suited for TIER 3-focused offers.

So, which of the following adult niches is Exoclick well-suited to?

The adult is more of a subcategory that pertains to a wide range of verticals than a distinct vertical in and of itself. That’s why it’s so large and expansive. If you’re an adult, you’re probably looking for video storage services that you may access via a paid membership or by purchasing the products directly. The majority of people are not like this.

  • Dating is a common theme in adult entertainment. It has gone from social media inclination to full-fledged escort services. The most commonly used method is the SOI model, which requires the user to input their email address, or the DOI model, which requires the user to verify their email address. Models that need customers to provide their credit card information are also included in this category. And it’s easy to acquire these conversions, as evidenced by practice. 
  • Besides, webcam resources are actively sought by users. This sub-niche has a greater conversion rate than related ones. Instead, it would be best to look for deals that pay for each newly registered user (without the need for tokens) and subscription-based websites. Inexperienced affiliates should steer clear of these models. Without virtually pinpointing your targeting parameters, you risk missing your target audience: Nutra. This is a subcategory with average performance metrics. 

The Conclusion

Exoclick is a great tool but a little too advanced for beginners. If you don’t like the quality of your Nutra landing pages, we propose adding pre-landings as a personal evaluation of the product.

Exoclick is one of the highest-paying ad networks on adult streaming websites after a thorough evaluation. It’s a no-brainer, then.

Exoclick Review from my old Website.

Exoclick is the best ad network for adult, dating, gaming and entertainment websites, gives 100% fill rates give pays very high CPM and CPC rates. It is Spain based ad network, They pay publishers on time and have multiple payment processors as a payment option, Payment proof of ExoClick also attached in the Payment details section of this page. They also offer multiple ad formats and banner sizes, Also offers Popunder, Cost Per Miles banners and Cost Per Click.

Exoclick CPM, CPC Rates

They have very high rates for adult websites they give CPM up to 2$ per 1000 impressions for banners and text ads. For popunders up to 4$ Ecpm. and CPC are more than 0.05$ per click. Don’t judge them on their CPM rates because even their CPM rates seem very low their CPC is very high along with CPM you will also earn CPC 0.03$ + per click means 30$ per 1000 clicks minimum. It is the highest paying ad network for dating websites, Live Cams, Nutra, Tutorials and Gaming websites.

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How to start Earnings with ExoClick?

1-Join as a Publisher by filling the basic details in the form
2-Go to sites and Zones option.
3-Select New Site Option and fill the required details.
4-Wait for website approval, once approved click on the New zone option select your ad format and proceed it will give you code put it in HTML of your website wherever you want to place an ad.
5-That’s all done now enjoy earnings with Exoclick network.

Exoclick Ad formats

They offer multiple ad formats,
For Web-sites they offer Banner, popunder, sticky banner ad, instant message ads.
Available banner sizes for desktop.
300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300.

For Mobile-sites they offer banners, popunders, instant messages, interstitial banner and full-page interstitial.
Available banner sizes for Mobile.
300×50 & 300×100

Innovative Native Ads

In post-
Recommendation Widget Ads that look like content.

Their native advertising offers a fully customizable widget that features images and a short text: title and description.

Their native ads are fully responsive across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Exit Native ads.

Native Exit Recover Abandoning Visitors Our Native Exit format detects when a visitor moves their mouse off the page(typically to close the tab), and gives you one more opportunity to engage.
Native Interstitial.
Full-screen slide in overlay Interstitial ads slide in to cover the full screen and can be dismissed by the visitor easily if desired. The slide in delay can be configured along with the frequency that a visitor will see the ads.

Exoclick Payment Proof

Exoclick Payment Proof
Exoclick Payment Proof

Exoclick Approval Requirements.

Exoclick Accepts websites from below listed Niche & also pays high rates for the below categories.
Adult Entertainment & LifestyleManga & AnimeStreaming & File sharingThe only requirement is you must Have Top Level Domain.

Join Exoclick Publishers Account.

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