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Exoclick Review – Adult ad network.

Exoclick is an ad company founded in the year 2006. The platform grew with time and now it is ranked among the top 5 ad networks globally. It not only work as an ad network but also as an ad exchanger. The platform serves over 8.4 billion ads in a day. The platform provide services to both advertisers and publishers. Indeed, their services are good since it has worked with large companies like birdview, 888 holdings, and Ladbrokes. If you are a publisher sharing adult content, Exoclick is for you since it accepts adult sites. Moreover, Exoclick is also unique from many ad networks since it offers over 20 ad formats, you’ll see in this review. So, continue reading.

Exoclick Review – Adult ad network.

Approval process

Publishers can access the Exoclick website and apply easily. Publishers are required to fill a small form with their demographic queries. Once they complete filling those forms, they will access their accounts immediately. Publishers can register their sites and also confirm their email addresses.

Exoclick Review - Adult ad network.
Exoclick Review – Adult ad network.

Requirements to join Exoclick

Exoclick have a number of requirements you should know before wasting your time applying for it. This platform don’t accept sites with shared or free hosting like Tumblr or blogspot. They also don’t accept sites with copyright or sites with offensive or illegal content. Moreover, sites should have enough content for monetisation. Using tools that will generate fake traffic and click is an offence. Exoclick won’t accept sites with excess advertising. Lastly, the ad zones should remain active in order to get payments. Ad format

Exoclick has many ad formats. The ad formats are offered in form of desktop ads and mobile ads. Here are the ad formats offered by Exoclick ;
• Desktop ads- Native advertising, billboard banner, display banner, in-video banner, popunders, sticky banners, in-video ads, pre-roll in-stream video, direct links, video banners and instant message.
• Mobile ads – display banners, instant message, pop-unders, mobile redirects,

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Payment method

Exoclick will allow you to get your earnings in different ways. You will be paid through wire transfer, paxum, Payoneer, cryptocurrency, and PayPal. Each payment method have different minimum payment.

Minimum payout

We have seen Exoclick supports different methods of payment. The minimum payment in paxum, PayPal, and Payoneer is $20. Payment in wire transfer is 500$ without bank charges, same amount in cryptocurrency. In Web money, the lowest amount you can request is 200$. Publishers are payed in three different models, includes CPC, CPM, and smart CPM. In CPC, publishers are payed in every click while CPM is paid per Impression.

Payment period

Once you’ve reached your minimum payout, a number of ad networks will not allow you to withdraw till end months. However, Exoclick has a slightly lower payment period of one week. Once you’ve attained your minimum payment, you can request your payments at the end of the week.

Exo click support

In case you have any issues or questions you’ll wish to enquire. Exoclick support offer services throughout the week, therefore you can ask questions, or forward to them any concerns. You will also find some of the most asked questions or search your questions in FAQ section. Despite this platform offering the best customer service, you won’t be able to access this service via Skype or online chart.

CPM and CPC rates of ad network.

Exoclick will pay you per visitor click (CPC) or in every ad view. Exoclick offer high CPM rates though they don’t include Asian countries traffic. Also, CPM are not good in non download and non streaming sites. In terms of the amount of money received per Impression. We have reviewed that they have higher cost per Impression, that’s CPM. General cpm is 2-4$ per 1000 views . When it comes to CPC, they have very low CPC. Their approximate CPC ranges from .000002$ to .000005$ making them one of the platforms with low CPC rates. Though this platform is good in adult traffic.

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Exo-Click referral program

Several ad networks like adcash have refferal program. Exoclick have also the referral program to help you maximize your earnings. If you become a member of Exoclick and have friends, you can still invite them to join you. Once you’ve invited someone to this platform, be it a friend, fellow publisher, or family. They will benefit from the company as you’ll also benefit indirectly, you’ll get 5% of their earnings. There are a variety of methods you will use to invite new members. Provided you have your refferal link, you can send them via email, WhatsApp or even post it in your site.

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Pros and cons of Exoclick adult advertising network.


  1. The ads offered in this platform are clean, free from viruses, malwares, e.t.c
  2. The ad network will pay publishers within a short period of time. You won’t require to wait for one month, within a weak you’ll get you earnings.
  3. You can receive your payments via a variety of payment options.
  4. Compared to many ad networks, this platform allows adult traffic.
  5. Once you have content in your site, their approval process is easy and fast.
  6. Some ad networks have limited their traffic to tier one countries like USA. However, Exoclick allows traffic across the globe.
  7. Publishers can maximize their earnings on the refferal program.
  8. They have a reliable support service to their customers.
  9. Another great advantage we must include is their anti ad blockers.
  10. They have stable and high CPM rates in European countries.
  11. They have video tutorials for you to understand everything.


  1. They give technical support via one social platform, only in email address.
  2. Despite this platform covering the whole world, they don’t calculate CPM rates from Asian traffic.
  3. Some ads send the visitor to ad page from site.
  4. Though their support is good but it is limited to email address.
  5. They mostly prefer adult sites.

Final thoughts on Exo click review.

Since this ad network was developed in 2016, it has done a lot on some of their services. The platform will not only examine their ads but also your site from viruses, malware, and other attacks. The platform is suitable for adult traffic and you’ll recieve high CPM. It is a good platform but it’s still lagging behind in cpm their rates. So exoclick is one of the best adult ad network like Plugrush.

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