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Propellerads review, CPM rates & Payment proof.

Propellerads review – The best CPM ad network. In 2011, Propellerads was founded. It just begun as a basic idea then grew with time, today its providing up to 8 million ad impression daily. Propeller ads has several advantages as well as disadvantages to both publishers and advertisers. In this article, we will let you know everything about this ad network. You will be able to know the ad formats, the CPM rates, minimum payment, and more. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative ad network or looking forward to earn with 2 different ad networks. Here is the propellerads review.

Propellerads review
Propellerads review

Propellerads review, Rates & Payment proof.

PropellerAds ad network is both publishers and advertisers friendly. This ad network is easy to use and can navigate inside comfortably. The ad network will not consume your time while trying to analyze the best type of ads for your site. You will just use the multitag code, as it will select the best ad formats for your site. Moreover, advertisers will also benefit from this platform. Apparently, the platform will drive enough traffic for their advertisers. Also, it will target the particular group of people who are likely to be interested on those ads.

Ad network that accepts all websites & Blogs.

This is one awesome thing about using propellerads. Sometimes AdSense and some ad networks may reject your website. Luckily, propellerads accepts any website, has no minimum traffic requirement or age of your site. Therefore, any new publisher will be accepted in this platform. Moreover, propellerads is compatible with AdSense. Hence, you will still run ads together with AdSense.

Propellerads payment details
Propellerads payment details

Payment threshold

Propeller ads recently updated their payment threshold. Luckily, their payment threshold was reduced to $5, that’s the amount when using PayPal and WebMoney. Moreover, their payments are cleared by an automated system to avoid errors unlike manual payments.

Payment method

We have seen propellerads have low payout threshold which is a great advantage. Thereafter, you have to know how you will receive your payments. This ad network has a number of payment methods. You will receive your payments on credit card, web money, PayPal, Payoneer, E-payment and Bank transfer. Once you’ve reached the payment threshold, you will receive money after 30 days. However, every mode of payment have their respective payout.

Propellerads CPM and CPC rates

Some ad formats have one way of generating income. In propellerads, you will generate income in every ad click, that’s CPC and per Impression, that’s CPM. CPM rates will vary on different factors like geographic location, type of site or device. Though, propellerads is popular due to higher CPM rates compare to many ad networks.

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Propellerads Features.

Global coverage

You may be recieving traffic from different parts of the world. Propellerads is everywhere, therefore you can monetize every traffic. This ad network supports non English websites hence you’ll be able to use it anywhere.

Clean ads

When looking for an ad network, don’t just look after payments. It is also important to pick an ad network that won’t affect your website and visitors. Propellerads is reliable when it comes to the type of ads. This as network offer quality ads that are free from obscene content and malwares. They achieve this through manual automation and the help of technology.

Adblock bypass

This is a unique feature by propellerads. Some visitors may have installed ad blockers hence reducing the revenue a publisher will receive. Propeller ads allow publishers to monetize even on those who have installed ad blockers. This platform achieve this technique by using non intrusive ads(native ads) instead of standard display ads.

Propellerads vs Adsense
Propellerads vs Adsense

Propellerads Review – Ad formats

As a publisher, you may prefer some ad types in your website. This ad network allow you to monetize with different types of ads. They also offer their ads in different languages for your visitors to understand those ads. If you prefer specific ads that will perform well in your site, the following are types of ads offered by propellerads.

  1. Native direct ad– this are type of ads where you earn by driving traffic to a link. You will drive traffic by placing those links in your site, social media traffic and more.
  2. Pop under ads– this is another ad network by propellerads. Pop under are ads that pop behind the original site in another window. This ad format is seen in popular sites that attract paid traffic.
  3. Push up ads for mobile– this is a common ad in mobile devices. Just by touching or scrolling, an ad window is activated resulting into pop up ads.
  4. Interstitial mobile ads– This ad format normally cover the screen. It appears at transition points when navigating in the site.
  5. Banner advertisement– this are the most common ads that even newbies can tell. This ads are normally used inside the app or site layout. They may be appear between the contents or at the bottom.

Is propellereads Compatible with AdSense?

AdSense is a popular and well developed ad network. Therefore, publishers normally strive to monetize with this platform. If you are using AdSense and wish to increase your revenue. You can implement Propellerads since it has been designed to work smoothly together with AdSense.

Pros and cons of Propellerads

Pros of Propellerads.

  • Propellerads has no specific traffic requirements. With any traffic you will be able to join.
  • Has several payment options like Bank transfer, PayPal, E-payment, Payoneer and more.
  • Their payment threshold is low, for instance you will withdraw as low as $5 in your PayPal account.
  • Has multiple ad formats and supports several languages in their ads. Therefore, publishers can monetize in many places using their preferred ad format.
  • Has ad blockers bypass. This is a great advantage that’ll benefit many publishers. They will be able to monetize in readers who have installed ad blockers.
  • It is compatible with Google AdSense. If you are looking forward to improve your earnings. Propellerads is compatible with AdSense hence you will be able to monitize in two platforms.

Cons of Propellerads.

  • Despite this platform accepting any kind of site. Low quality websites receive low CPM rates.
  • The non English sites have low revenue.
  • won’t be able to monetize on adult content websites.

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Propellerads Payment proof

Propellerads Payment proof
Propellerads Payment proof

Must Read – Propellerads review in details and payment proof.

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