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Popcash review – best Popunder ad network.

Popcash has developed with time to be one of the well known ad network. Probably, you are familiar with this ad network which started from a simple idea like many other platforms. In 2012, popcash was founded by Radu and Alex then begun to develop. The platform begun by selling desktop traffic then later in 2013, mobile traffic was introduced. Since mobile traffic was introduced, it begun it’s success journey. So lets explore Popcash review.

By 2015, the platform had about 500 million visitors per month. In this article, we have the popcash ad network review. The review has everything you need to know about popcash, including the payment options, popcash approval process, ad formats, payment threshold, and more. Therefore, let’s get started.

Popcash ad network review
Popcash review – popunder advertising network

Popcash review – best Popunder ad network.

Popcash review for Publishers
Popcash review for Publishers

Popcash approval process

Popcash is your option if you have enough traffic in your site. This ad network has good CPM rates you’ll get to know as you read on. Popcash will easily accept your site/blog if your traffic is decent. The site accepts any type of site including adult sites. The approval process normally takes a maximum of 12 hours. If you’ll find this platform impressive, you can consider and get approved.

Easy to use system

This is a topic that we must consider in our review. A good number of ad networks seems to be tricky to use especially by newbies. Luckily, this ad network has an easy UI to use comfortably. If you have just encountered this platform for the first time, you will easily understand it. The ad code from popcash can be integrated by any site. Moreover, they offer blogger and wordpress plugins to help in integrating the ads.

Popcash Payment options

Some ad networks will give you had time in recieving your payments. Popcash has made it easier for users since it has a variety of payment options. The payment options offered by popcash includes, PayPal, paxum, WebMoney, Skrill, Bank wire, Bitcoin, and Payza. Once you’ve requested for your payment, you’ll receive your cash within 24 to 48 hours. To get payments, the popcash team will check the quality of your traffic. Meaning, any form of bot or fraud activity will result into delayed or cancellation of payment.

Popcash payments - Methods, Threshold & min Payment
Popcash review payments – Methods, Threshold & min Payment

Join Popcash Popunder ad network.

Popcash minimum payout

In our review above, we’ve discovered that popcash has a variety of payment options. But what is the minimum amount of money you’ll be able to receive from popcash. Popcash has one of the lowest payout compared to many ad networks. The minimum payment you’ll get on paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, ripple, and Skrill is $10. In Payoneer, you’ll have to attain a minimum amount of $50 to receive your money. In bitcoin and Ethereum, you’ll have to attain a minimal amount of $150.

Payment period

You might have reached your minimum payout and wish to withdraw your earnings. Some ad networks will restrict you to withdraw per week or month. Popcash is very different and it’ll allow you to withdraw daily given that you’ve attained the minimum payout. This is one of the biggest advantage to many publishers like me.

Popcash CPM rates

Popcash normally pay in form of CPM. Meaning, your money will be calculated per one thousand views. In popcash, CPM rates will vary depending on quality of traffic, the country where your visitors are coming from, and niche of your site. If you are receiving traffic from tier 1 countries like Canada, USA, United Kingdom, and France. Then your CPM rates will range from 1.5 to 4$. Those rates are the highest compared to other countries where you’ll get at least $0.2. Due to its high cpm rates popcash is among best Popunder ad networks.

Popcash referral bonus

You might be looking forward to maximize your income in popcash. Therefore, popcash review has got your back since it has the referral program to improve your earnings. Once those new publishers will join the platform, you can get 10% bonus from their earnings.
Popcash support
Popcash has a great support to both the advertisers and publishers. You will receive proper attention and quick response as possible. Anyone with an issue can contact them through Skype or their email address.

Worldwide coverage

Some ad networks will support traffic from specific countries. If an ad network for example supports traffic from USA and tier 1 countries alone. Publishers who get traffic from other countries won’t be able to monetize via those ad network. Popcash as network supports traffic from any part of the world. Therefore, you can monetize from any niche in any part of the world. The platform also supports any language.

Popcash Ad types

In mobile traffic, popcash supports popunders only. In desktop traffic, you will also monetize using popunder ads.

Requirements to join popcash

To use popcash, you have to know and attain their requirements. Just like many ad networks, there are rules to follow in popcash. Despite this ad network accepting adult sites, a publisher is not supposed to host illegal content. Secondly, the ad code should not be modified. Lastly, sending fake traffic to their site is an offence. hope you will love this Popcash review.

Pros and cons of popcash

In our popcash review, you may have encountered the best services offered by popcash. Here, we have compiled all the advantages of popcash below:

  1. It can be incorporated in your site together with AdSense. Just make sure you’ve complied with AdSense policy of not using more than 3 ad networks.
  2. Popcash have multiple payment options.
  3. The platform has a user friendly interface.
  4. Approval of your site will be as quick as possible.
  5. The company has a dedicated support team.
  6. The minimum payment offered is low.
  7. You’ll be able to get payments in daily basis.
  8. You will receive a referral bonus of 10%

Cons of popcash

Popcash has also some disadvantages. This is a very important part you need to be aware of. Therefore, here are the disadvantages of this ad network:

  1. It only supports one type of ad format, the popunder ads. This will not favour publishers who need other ad formats like, in page, popups, anchor ads, and more.
  2. If your traffic is not from tier 1 countries, you will receive less CPM rates.

Popcash Payment proof

Popcash payment proof

Join Popcash Popunder ad network.

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