September 23, 2023

Trafficstars Review – online advertising network.

Trafficstars Review – If you are looking where to monetize adult traffic or you want to know much about traffic stars. then you have to read this ad network review. Traffic stars came into the Market in the year 2014 and has been working till now. The platform is now receiving a daily impression of at least 4 billion. In this review, I will share with you everything about this ad network. You will be able to know the CPM rates, minimum payout, and more about this ad network. Therefore, take a look at the following features about

Trafficstars Review - online advertising network.
Trafficstars Review – online advertising network.

Trafficstars Review – online advertising network.

Trafficstars requirements

This is a topic you must know before thinking about joining traffic stars. Trafficstars has its requirements just like many other ad networks. In trafficstars, publishers who promote the following content are not accepted.

  1. Sales or promoting alcohol drinks, drugs or related products
  2. Content in hacking
  3. Promotion or Selling of weapons like fighting knives, firearms, e.t.c
  4. They don’t allow any other illegal content or any content with illegal activities.
  5. They don’t accept new sites that lack content for monetisation. Moreover, they don’t allow tools that drive fake traffic or fake clicks on ads. Your website approval or denial will depend on traffic stars. Though, once you have complied with their policy and rules, you will be easily approved.

Easy user interface

This is a great advantage to users in this platform. This platform will favour both experts and newbies. Anyone can comfortably do all the activities in this platform, ranging from campaign name, launching ad campaign to campaign creation process.

Trafficstars ad format

Trafficstars will offer their users with both mobile and desktop and models. Their ad formats are quite a good number hence you can have a list to select your favourite. The ad formats in this platform includes native ads, banner formats, pop-unders, push advertising, in page push notification, in page interstitial ads, video pre-roll, X pre-roll, and video IM slider. Its one of Best popunder ad networks.

Offer types

With those vast formats of ads mentioned above, it’s time to identify the types of offers in trafficstars. This platform will give the publishers and advertisers a chance to select from the following offers, that’s CPC, CPM, DCPM, and CPMV.

CPC and CPM rates

When it comes to CPC and CPM rates, we have analyzed and found out trafficstars offering higher rates compared to other adult ad networks. The network also share up to 60% of their revenue to it’s publishers. Therefore, publishers have high earning potential. Popunders are the ad formats that generates high CPM rates. When using popunders, you will get high CPM to traffic from United States compared to other countries. The popunders CPM rate in USA is 1.91$ while in banner ads is 0.03. you can see that big difference when it comes to selection of an ad format.

Payment methods

Trafficstars have a number of payment and deposit methods to its publishers and advertisers respectively. The payment options are paxum, PayPal, wire transfer, epayservice, cosmopay, MasterCard, visa, and American express.

Minimum payment and deposit

We’ve learned that Trafficstars have many ways of payment. You also need to know their minimum payment which is $100 in either PayPal, epayservice, paxum, wire transfer, or cosmopay. The minimum amount one can deposit is 100 USD which will serve as the daily budget during the ad campaign. In case you violate trafficstars rules they’ll not offer you with payments. The worst thing you will loss your account including your earnings without being warned. Hence, we advise you to check and read their terms and conditions keenly.

Payment period

How long will you wait before recieving your earnings from trafficstars? Here is the answer as well as good news to many publishers. Trafficstars allows weekly payments unlike other ad networks that will pay you only in monthly basis.

Refferal program

This is a great way to improve users income but unfortunately trafficstars have no refferal program.

Trafficstars safety and security

This is another guarantee topic you should be aware of. When it comes to safety and security, traffic stars have done the best. They offer their users with clean ads and protect their sites from any cyber attacks. Their ads are free from vulnerability and spam, also offer standard ads. With this quality services and ads, users can maximize revenues and monitize their sites with ease.

Trafficstars support

This platform has a great support services to their users. They have build a list of guidelines and FAQ where you can find answers to many questions. In case you don’t find your answers, you can just forward your questions to their support team and it’ll be solved within 24 hours. Furthermore, customers are offered with a personal account manager to help them in any issues and maximize their revenue. You can contact the team via


The platform also offer their users with tracking features, hence, the users can achieve their goals. Users can track their impressions, campaign ROI, conversation, and other activities.

Pros and cons of using trafficstars

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of trafficstars


  1. This ad network is the king of adult traffic. It has high CPC and CPM rates when compared to other adult ad networks.
  2. The support offered in the company is good. It has a great individual support, you’ll also access their support via Skype.
  3. It supports a variety of ad formats
  4. Their platform has a simple interface which is user friendly.
  5. It has an easy campaign edit and campaign creation.
  6. It cover audiences across the globe.
  7. Trafficstars have no minimum traffic requirements to approve your website.
  8. They offer users with real time statistics.
  9. You can receive payments in different ways.
  10. It allows users to perform self service from self service panel.


  1. The platform doesn’t offer refferal program.
  2. Their CPM rates favour adult traffic and countries like USA.

Final thoughts

Trafficstars is an upcoming ad network with but powerful features. I hope publishers and advertisers have gained something useful from our trafficstars review. We think this platform will favour adult sites. Have you every used it? You can also share your experiences in comment section.

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