September 28, 2023

Onion as a spice – Taste & Uses in Cooking

Onion Taste, uses how to use onion for cooking as a spice

 onions are pungent and bitter before cooking, and slightly sweet when cooked. Unlike many other spices, onions do best when added to your recipe early in the cooking process.

onion a spice for cooking
onion a spice for cooking

Uses of Onion as a spice

  • Making breakfasts like kande pohe,upama every spicy breakfast contains onion.
  • Making subjies
  • making curry
  • In every type of curries onion is Must used in Indian cuisine.
  • In chicken fish and other non veg recipes
  • Every hot and spicy recipe uses onion garlic and ginger.
  • for making masala rice,chicken biryani,veg pulav and various Rice recipes.
  • Making onion pakoda.
  • Also served to eat with food as a condiment.

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How to use onion in Cooking?

  • Generally for most dishes its chopped in small pieces.In making breakfasts its chopped.Chopped onion is added in hot oil and then friend until it gets orange color.
  • In curries its added in Paste form also in chopped form.
  • For masal rice,pulav,biryanies it chopped in big pieces.

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