Top 10 Best reels songs for valentines Day

14th Feb is Valentines day, So lets see reels songs for valentines Day. When words fail, music speaks! Music is so therapeutic, honestly we can’t underrate the power of music, it can lift up your energy level from 0% to 100%. On Valentine’s  day it’s all about love, whether a romantic, family or self notion of love, this is a day that you should show those whom you love, affection and let them know how they make you feel.

To ensure that you have a good time during this occasion, it’s vital to play music since this will spice up the whole mood. Below is a list of  best valentine’s songs that you can compile into a playlist for the best of the best output or incorporate them in your TikTok and Instagram reels:

Top 10 Best reels songs for valentines Day
Top 10 Best reels songs for valentines Day

Top 10 Best reels songs for valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by listening to some of the best love songs out there? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, these tunes are sure to get you in the romantic mood. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some music? There are so many great love songs out there, but we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for this special day. From classic love songs to more modern hits, these are sure to set the mood for a perfect evening.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Valentine’s Day songs for Instagram reels and TikTok videos:


Edsheeran, is my all time favourite artist, there’s just a way that he writes his songs and how he delivers it through singing that is magical, how about the instrumentals on his songs? Let me not even talk about it,  in his song thinking out loud, he expresses his hearty feeling to his lover by saying that he will love her till old age” Darling I, will be loving you till the seventies..”

Indeed people fall in love in mysterious ways, by this you can remind your valentine’s how the journey has been so far until where you  currently are at,  maybe you both just found love where you are as Edsheeran states. So this is one of the best 6 Best reel songs for valentine’s Day. This song has over 352 crore views and 1.4 crore likes which show how much trending this valentines day special song is. Use Thinking out loud on Instagram reels.

Thinking out loud Valentines day songs for short videos BGM

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Shania Twain, remains unbeatable, regardless of her longevity in the game. This song has upto 199 million views on YouTube, even though it is an oldschool  love song, which was released 12 years ago,her sweet voice brings out the best in every song. ‘You are still the one’ is a slow song that gives out a love vibe. This song has 21 crore views and 12 lakh likes on YouTube.

Most often, when lovers have  been together for long they tend to fall out, but Shania brings out the vibe. The lyrics “that you are the still the one I run to, the one I belong to, the only one I dream of, the one that I kiss goodnight” this melody overcomes the notion of falling apart or getting bored of your lover since you still want to run to this individual every time. Such an awesome melody that you can dedicate to your lover or add in your valentine’s TikTok videos. Use you are the still one on Instagram reels.

Valentines day songs 2023


This was the ultimate banger, when it was released, almost everyone had mastered it’s lyrics and they could sing along. It’s lyrics are on another level, I’ll always give it a 10/10, “Cause all of me loves all of you, love your curves and  all your edges, all your perfect imperfections give your all of me and I’ll give you all of me..” Just from the lyrics, you can tell that this songs shows how deep the level of intimacy both parties share, thus when you play this song during the valentine’s season it will help you speak out words that you couldn’t.

Furthermore, it goes ahead to state that you love all the imperfections, your partner has, just wow!. Viewers can also relate to it when they watch your Instagram reels, which is the ultimate goal, to have fun and show out to all that the love you share is real. So you can use this Best reel songs for valentine’s Day on 14th February. Use All of you on Instagram reels.

All of you – Valentines day English songs for reels


This song has upto 3.1 Billion views in YouTube, that’s how awesome it is, trust me you can never get bored or tired of this masterpiece. It is the  most romantic song in the history of music and since the inception of romance. Perfect, is just on a league of it’s own, when you incorporate it in your ideal playlist of valentine’s song it should just top the list, because why not? It’s lyrics are super fabulous.

It states as follows: “ I found a girl, beautiful and sweet, I never knew you were this someone waiting for me, cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was, I will not give you up, this time, darling just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own and in your you’re are holding mine…” This was perfect. Use Perfect on Instagram reels.

Best valentines song by ed sheeran


Just the way you are, Is an ideal song for every valentine’s , the beauty with this song is that it never gets old, it was released 11 years ago but trust me, it’s content is still fresh and raw. Hitting the right spots, no wander it has upto 1. 7 Billion views in YouTube. Furthermore, this song, doesn’t limit itself in the lovers arena, you can even dedicate it to your self. It uplifts the self love mood on Valentine’s if your ideal lover is yourself. Another top reels songs for valentines.

Then you can dedicate this masterpiece to yourself appreciating yourself for the way you are, or even incorporate it in your TikTok and Instagram reels. Its lyrics state: “ When I see your face, there’s not a thing i would change, cause you are amazing just the way you are, and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while cause you are amazing, just the way you are.” Use just the way you are on Instagram reels.



This is the ultimate classic old school love song, almost all my love memories are saved in Akon’s songs, his songs never get old, that’s why I’m still jamming to this hit In 2022. It was released 13 years ago, you’ll love this song when you incorporated it in your TikTok and Instagram reels with the pictures or videos of your valentine’s since it will just uplift the whole video to another level.

It’s lyrics state that,” And no one knows, why I’m into you , cause you’ll never know what it’s like to walk into our shoes, and no one knows the things we’ve been through, can never measure to  half the things I’ve put you through that’s why well break through…” This is also viral reels songs for valentines. Use Be with you on Instagram reels.

reels songs for valentines in English

 7- “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Haley Reinhart

Lyrics says “Like a river flows Surely to the sea Darling, so it goes Some things are meant to be” So this is very meaningful love song, and one of the most played song on valentines day. This song has over 1.5 crore views on YouTube and 2.2 Lakh people Liked this Video on YouTube. Its one of the best reels songs for valentines for love short videos. Use Can’t Help Falling in Love on Instagram reels.

Happy valentines day reels songs

 8- “Golden Hour” covered by Kacey Musgraves

 This song is from golden heart lyrics says “Baby don’t you know? That you are re my golden hour; The color of my sky You have set my world on fire & I know, I know everything gonna be alright” These lines touches the heart. This is very supportive song when two lovers facing hurdles in their love story from outsiders. This is another trending reels song for valentines day evening reels. This song got 40 Lakh views on YouTube and 38K people liked this video. This beautiful song is reels songs for valentines. Use golden hour on Instagram reels.

Valentines day reels songs

9. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

This classic love song is the perfect way to start off our list. Elvis Presley’s smooth voice and romantic lyrics make it a timeless classic that is sure to set the mood for a perfect Valentine’s Day. This song trending on internet and uploaded 9 years ago, in 9 years it got 35 crore views and 6 lakh likes. Use Can’t Help Falling in Love on Instagram reels. Use cant help falling in Love on Instagram reels.

Viral reels songs for valentines in EnglishEnglish

10. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding

This catchy tune by Ellie Goulding is sure to get stuck in your head all day long. It’s the perfect song to listen to while getting ready for a date or a night out with friends. Another grate song from movie 50 shades of gray even the movie is about dominating relationship still the song is beautiful. Its trending love song and top reels songs for valentines. This song has uploaded 7 years ago, It got 227 crore views and 1.2 crore likes. This song still hits the heart. Use Love me like you do on Instagram.

English reels songs for valentines short videos

11. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran always knows how to write a good love song, and this one is no exception. “Shape of You” is the perfect mix of playful and romantic, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Its top reels songs for valentines. Another trending song on YouTube has around 586 crore views and 3 crore likes.

12. “All of Me” by John Legend

John Legend’s voice is so smooth and calming, making “All of Me” the perfect song to relax to on Valentine’s Day. The lyrics are also incredibly romantic, making it a great choice for a special day. This song got over 222 crore views and 1.2 crore likes on YouTube. So this is perfect love reels songs in English.

13. “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith

If you’re looking for a song to help you get through a breakup, look no further than Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.” The lyrics are incredibly relatable and the melody will give you all the lovely feels. I personally love this song and used for reels songs for valentines . This song has 115 crore views and 53 lakh likes on

14. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

This timeless love song was originally written by Dolly Parton, but Whitney Houston’s cover is also excellent. This song is uploaded 12 years ago and still its evergreen love song for Instagram reels background. Perfect choice for YT shorts, Reels and Tiktok videos. This song has 133 crore views and 82 Lakh likes.

15. “At Last” by Etta James

This classic soul song is the perfect choice for a romantic night. Etta James’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, and the lyrics are incredibly romantic. It’s the perfect song for a slow dance or a romantic evening. This is old English song for valentines reels. This song got 5.3 crore views and 4.2 lakh likes on YT. At last is best Valentines BGM for short videos on YT shorts and Tiktok.

16. “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra

This song is absolutely timeless. The lyrics are very beautiful and the melody is lovely. It’s the perfect song for a first dance or any other special moment. The way you look tonight is one of the top reels songs for Valentines background music. This song has around 6.9 crore views and 3 lakh like on

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Reels songs for Valentines Day

1. History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love and affection. This holiday is rooted in the Roman festival Lupercalia which was held in February. It was named after the Roman god Lupercus who was believed to have protected sheep from the wolves. It was also a time for fertility celebrations.

Reels songs for Valentines Day
Reels songs for Valentines Day

Young men would use a jar to draw the names and addresses of women during the Lupercalia festival. The festival would see them paired up. This practice may have been the source of Valentine’s Day card exchanges.

Pope Gelasius I, a 5th century pope, declared February 14 a Christian holiday in memory of St. Valentine. Although it isn’t known why he chose that date, one theory suggests that he wanted to overtake the pagan festival Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day was not associated with romantic love until after the Middle Ages. The idea of courtly love was very popular at that time. This type of love was often romanticized, but not always fulfilled. This was a time when courtly love poems were very popular. Many of these were written in honor a Valentine woman.

Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in a secular manner in the 18th century. This was when Valentine’s Day cards first appeared. This tradition was quickly adopted and Valentine’s Day cards began to be mass-produced in America by the end of the 19th century.

Valentine’s Day today is celebrated in many countries all over the globe. It is a day for loved ones to share flowers, cards, and gifts. It’s a day for some people to show their love and affection. Others celebrate their love for one another. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter how you celebrate it! You can also use these true love reels songs.

2. Why Valentine’s Day is Celebrated

Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th every year, is celebrated annually. This is a day to show your love and support ones. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways, but the most common is to send your loved ones flowers, cards, and chocolates.

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love and affection. It is a day for many people to show their love and affection. You can exchange gifts, enjoy special meals, or just spend time together. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married, Valentine’s Day is a special day to cherish. So create great memories with reels songs for valentines.

There are many theories as to the origins Valentine’s Day. One theory that Valentine’s Day originated is the Roman festival Lupercalia. The festival, which was celebrated every February 15th, was a celebration for fertility and purification. Roman men would sacrifice goats or dogs to make the festival more holy, then whip women with the hides. This was believed to increase the fertility of women.

Another popular theory states that Valentine’s Day is derived from the ancient Celtic festival Imbolc. The festival celebrated the start of spring and was held on February 1. This was also a time for people to exchange gifts and show their love.

Valentine’s Day is now celebrated worldwide, regardless of its true origins. Valentine’s Day in the United States is one of America’s most beloved holidays. People exchange millions of chocolates, flowers, and cards each year with their loved ones.

A Reels video is a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Reels are an easy and fun way to show your love to the world. Reels can be used to make a festive and fun video you can share with family and friends.

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3. Who Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an important day for couples. But did you know there were many ways to celebrate it? You might be surprised to learn that some people exchange gifts while others enjoy spending time together.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This blog post will share three ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day special. Also we already shared trending reels songs for valentines short videos BGM.

Exchanging gifts is a popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can give your partner something they have been looking forward to or something that will help them in their daily lives. If your partner complains about not having enough storage space, you might consider getting them a storage unit. You could also surprise your partner with a new piece or jewelry if they have been longing for it.

Spending time together is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can do anything, from a romantic date to just spending time together at home. You can choose something you enjoy together if you aren’t sure what to do. You could, for example, go hiking together if you love hiking. You could also make a romantic dinner together if you enjoy cooking Hope you will like our reels songs for valentines too.

If you are looking for something different to do Valentine’s Day with your partner, there are many options. You could go on a wine tasting tour or take a dance class. It doesn’t matter what you do together, the important thing is to enjoy it.

Whatever your choice, Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with love and you can create and save memories by creating short videos using these best reels songs for valentines.

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