December 3, 2023

Best Reels songs for ex lover – Valentines Day special

Valentines day is near and many broken hearts search for Best Reels songs for ex lover. Love is a beautiful thing, but we should be prepared to face the aftermath Incase things go south. In the current era one can just wake up and decide that they are no longer interested in you anymore. That’s why it’s advisable to ensure that you love yourself first so that anyone’s love will be extra.

However, sometimes things happen and we have to accept them, as even the strongest person can be affected due to a bleeding heart. Music is so therapeutic, most especially during such moments as you will be able to sort out all the conflicting things in your head. Some search for Best songs for Valentines day reels and some for broken heart shorts.

As much as you’ll have to go through a healing journey, TikTok and Instagram have established reels that can enable you to have fun even as you go through this phase of your life. If you are looking for the best of the best songs to use in your reels for your exlover then look no further, as we have you covered, below is a list of the ideal songs that you can use:

Best Reels songs for ex lover
Best Reels songs for ex lover

Top 5 Best Reels songs for ex lover


This song is a banger! You can take it to the bank, most people have used it for their reels when they were displaying a situation when they were heartbroken. Despite the fact that it was released six years ago, it still sounds brand new In our ears, it has upto eighty seven million viewers on YouTube, so you can clearly tell it’s popularity.

Consequently, this amazing song hits so deep, it not only provides solace but also, it depicts the fact that you may not be the only one undergoing through a hard time, because many people are also going through the same things or even worse. Therefore, you should take heart, as this dark clouds will surely pass, Natalie tells the exlover that , “ he should be back whenever he’s ready, as she’s asking herself where he is, and that they should surrender as she has already surrendered as no one will win this time as she wants him back..” This is one of the best Reels songs for ex lover.

Through her lyrics you can relate to every heartbreak situation. Therefore you can use this song for your TikTok reels or Instagram reels for the best output. Use Surrender on Instagram reels.

Best Reels songs for ex lover for Tiktok and Instagram reels

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Unforgettable has upto 1.3 Billion views on YouTube, it is among the best songs that you can use in your TikTok and Instagram reels, as it talks about how unforgettable your ex lover is. It’s lyrics state that, “ You are unforgettable, I need to get you alone, why not? A good time doesn’t hurt anyone, I have a little drink but is not bacardi, “ the truth of the matter is that, when we are in love with someone we tend to overlook their flaws and when we fall out of love that’s when we realize them in most occasions.

Since one is bitter, they tend to spread negativity about them forgetting that at once they were the apple of their eyes. Unforgettable, recognizes the best of who our exlovers where and appreciates that, so, you can use this song in your TikTok and Instagram reels about your exlover. It shows that you may have part ways but they are still unforgettable. Use Unforgettable on Instagram reels.

Best Reels songs for ex lover for valentines day short videos


I love this song like crazy! How I came to love this remains a history, can you imagine I was dedicated for this song by an exlover after breaking up with him? What we are just discussing about! In most occasions when we have fallen out of love we really don’t know what we feel.

Whether it’s hate or love, that’s why this song will come in handy to help you in your reels. It’s lyrics state, “ Hate me, hate me still tryna replace me, chase me, chase me, tell me how you hate me, erase me, wish you never dated me, lies tell me lies.” you can use this song in your Instagram and TikTok reels when talking about an ex lover telling him/ her how they wasted you and you wish you never dated them. you will like this Reels songs for ex lover and can upload on TikTok, YT shorts and Instagram reels. Use Hate me on Instagram reels.

Best reels songs for ex lover


‘Really don’t care,’ brings a new concept in the love concept, have you ever been into those relationships that are often, on and off? Then this is your song. Truth be told, is that on and off relationships are very draining as this system occurs occasionally.

Thus, Demi Lovato in this song, officially ends up the on and off relationships for good. However, this song took another turn since the fans diverted the original meaning of it to it being an anthem for bullies and haters. Thus, if you are in an off and on relationship then you can use this song to tell your exlover that you are finally over it in your Instagram and TikTok reels. Use Really don’t care on Instagram reels.

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best english reels songs for ex lover shorts


Justin Bieber is known for his great songs, and the song love yourself didn’t downplay him, it delivered it all. It’s lyrics state that, “ Cause if you love the way you look that much, ooh baby you should go and love yourself, and if you think that am still holding on to something, you should go and love yourself,” this amazing masterpiece has upto 1.3 billion views on YouTube, it talks about loving yourself, self love is so vital.

Justin urges the exlover to love herself and move on as he has already moved on. Often we get such type of exlovers those who tend to cling on to us when we have already moved on. consequently, you can use this song in your Instagram and TikTok reels to pass a message to your exlover that you have already moved on and that they should love themselves and also learn to move on. The beauty of it all is that you’ll be able to have fun and also pass your message. Use Love yourself on Instagram reels.

Ex lover songs for valentines day reels

To finalize it up, the above songs can be used in your TikTok and Instagram reels that talk about your exlovers , they are popular and loved by most, thus I have no doubt that you will have the best output. Also read 14 Best long distance love songs for Instagram and tiktok reels

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