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Top 5 best blogging platforms free

There are many reasons why people opt to start a blog, you can create a blog so that you can promote your brand or business. Others start a blog so that they can connect to people and generate some income. Today, there are many platforms for blogging. With the vast numbers of those blogging platforms, you can be overwhelmed on what choice to select. In this article, we will guide you on how to select the best platforms. Then indicate our Best free platforms we have selected for you, plus their pros and cons.

Top 5 best blogging platforms free to make money
Top 5 best blogging platforms free to make money

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How two choose the best blogging platform ?

Before selecting your blogging platform, you must know what you want from the blog. If you aren’t sure on what you want, you may end up going to a wrong platform. In case you aren’t sure, you can check the following points to guide you.

• Cost- The cost of the platform is an important factor. You should go for those that will fit your budget. Don’t rush for a free offer if it’s not worth what you need.

• Beginner friendliness- Best platform for beginners should be easy to manage, easy to set up, and it doesn’t necessarily need coding skills so as to manage. They must be able to access support freely in case of any help.

• Maintenance- This is also another factor to look at. If your blogging solution takes care of every features and activities for you. Maybe other blogs will give you a chance to do everything for yourself. This will greatly impact your work flow.

• Monetization options- Quite a good number of bloggers start a blog in order to make money. If you are one of them, then select a platform that will work best for you.

The above points will be helpful while selecting your blogging platform. So, you can consider them as am going to let you know the top 5 platforms we have selected for you.

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Top 5 Best blogging platforms free in 2021.

1 – WordPress – Popular blogging platform.

wordpress - Best blogging platform. Pros & Cons
wordpress – top 5 Best blogging platforms free. Pros & Cons

You can open your free blog at, with some of the basic features. You can get advanced functionalities by selecting one of the paid plans. This is a perfect solution for those who want to have complete control over their sites. WordPress is my favourite & best blogging platforms free to join

Pros of wordpress blogging platform

• It is easy to set up. You can create an account as you install.
• Site maintenance is done for you.
• Dedicated and professional in their paid plans.
• It has included hosting, hence less work to deal with.

Cons of wordpress blogging platform

• There are limitations on the free plan. For instance, a subdomain host your blog.
• Monetization opportunities are limited(needs business plan). Also, the free plan is forbidden to make money.

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2 – Medium – Trending blogging platform.

This site was founded by Evans Williams, Who is one of the Twitter founders. In August 2012, medium was launched and has been growing fast since then. In may 2017, this blogging platform have received at least 60 million unique visitors per month. That number is less than that of WordPress, though according to Google trends, the tide may be turning.

Pros of Medium blogging platform

• By signing up, you can begin blogging.
• Elegant writing experience as well as great user interface.
• Content from other services can be included, i.e YouTube, Twitter, e.t.c
• It focuses on content creation, not designing or running the site near it.

Cons of Medium blogging platform

• You can’t transfer users from this platform to another.
• Absence of monetization options.

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3 – Wix – create website or blog

This is a free platform allows you to manage from the front end. This platform has a distinctive feature of drag-and-drop, therefore, not necessarily to handle anything in the back end. It has modern and intuitive design, that is compatible for both advanced and beginners. The best thing about this platform is that, you will enjoy free hosting. You will be required to pick templates, arrange layout then you’ll be set. You will be provided with templates, free and premium themes, available for different purposes. so its is one of best blogging platforms free to join.

Pros of Wix blogging platform

• It doesn’t require coding skills to come up with the site.
• Has free image stocks
• It is easy to set up
• You can customise your site with third party apps and templates.
• Has lots of design options .

Cons of Wix blogging platform

• It has a limited number of free apps.
• You can’t change your site template after selecting it.

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4 – Blogger – Best free blogging platform that can be monetized easily.

This web builder has been available for quite a long time. In 1999, this platform was founded then acquired by Google in the year 2003. This web builder is great for personal use, but not the best option for professional use. The platform works like other web builders. You will be required to create an account before using it. In a simple steps, you will create your account then choose one default theme. You can use your existing email account if you’re interested in signing with this platform.

Pros of blogger platform.

• You will set up your site within few minutes and it’s free to use.
• Technicalities like maintenance, hosting, and more are done for you.
• You will enjoy Google offerings like storage of images on Google drive.
• It has anti-comment spam and tracking measures.

Cons of blogger platform.

• You are able to include additional features in your blog.
• Has few design options.
• New features or updates are rare

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5 – LinkedIn – Blogging platform business & professionals

You may have not seen this one coming. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is one of the best free web builder. This platform has many users enjoying this amazing platform. LinkedIn has active businesses and professionals, it is reported that it has at least 30 million active businesses. The platform has also a good number of marketers across the globe. In linkedin, it doesn’t require any technical while publishing your work. You can publish your posts via the widget located at the top. Just click ‘start a post’ then convert your status into a full view by selecting write an article on linkedin. After accessing the full view, you will find the editing features like adding images, text formatting and more.

Pros of LinkedIn as a blogging Platform.

• It’s good for business and professional blogging.
• Simple and clean design.
• Easy to use. Your profile has publishing platform.
• Made up of like minded audience.

Cons of LinkedIn as a blogging Platform.

• Less customize options
• Not able to schedule your posts to be published in future.
• Best suits businesses and professionals
Note – you cannot monetize using linkedIn

Best blogging platforms free for business & professionals, Best blogging platforms free to make money by ads monetization.

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