September 23, 2023

14 Best ways to make money as a blogger

Some individuals will look at blogging as a hobby. However, you can make good revenue as a blogger if you’ll do it right. So lets see best ways to make money as a blogger. Maybe you are looking forward to start your own blog or you are a blogger, but wish to exploit how to make money or increase your revenue. Then you are at the right place. will give you a step-by-step guide on how to get started making money on blog.

Just believe in yourself as a blogger, and you can earn more than 10,000$ per month. By selecting the appropriate niche, publishing great content, building traffic, and more. Undoubtedly, you are on your way to earn big from your blog. But how will you make money as a blogger? Without further ado, here are the awesome ways to earn in blogging.

How to make money as a blogger?
How to make money as a blogger?

Top 14 ways to make money as a blogger.

Many of my friends blog visitors keep me asking questions like, how to make money blogging as a beginner?, Fast & easy methods to make money as a blogger? etc so here are the answers to all the questions of Bloggers as well as beginners.

List of 14 Ways to make money as a blogger.

1 – Add banner adverts to your websites & Earn advertising revenue.

This method of monetization is popular to many bloggers. You will earn through placing banner ad in your website.
Those ads are categorized into two, namely;
The CPC/PPC ads– this are banner ads that you can place in your content or side bar. From it’s name, pay per click (or cost per click), you’ll be paid in every click a reader makes on an ad.

CPM ads- this is another category of ads, whereby, a blogger is paid per a certain number of viewers to an ad. For instance, it’s name cost per 1000 impression, you’ll be paid in every 1000 ad viewers.

The common network for placing ads is Google Adsense. Therefore, no need to be closer to the advertisers. Luckily, google offers ads that are relevant to your content. In case Adsense doesn’t favor you, there are vast options to select from, for example Adsterra, Plugrush, Popads and Popcash. So blog monetization is one of Top & popular way among bloggers to earn money.

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2- Including affiliate links in your site.

Affiliate links is another great method to monetize your site. A blogger will receive a unique link that track his/her code. Then you will be required to add that link either in your content or as an ad. Once someone purchase something through your link, you’ll receive a certain percentage of money. The advertisers know if the buyer comes from your site through that unique link. You can utilize this great opportunity via amazon associate or businesses and advertisers that offer affiliate program. So many bloggers making money using affiliate marketing.

3- Sell your own digital products & content.

Apart from advertising other people’s items in your blog. You can also sell your own digital products and generate good income. The products including e-books, images, videos, online courses, plugins, themes and more. If you are looking forward select one of this avenues. Don’t assume that you are developing an item that your readers require. It is wise to hear from your readers as a blogger. Then make a useful digital product that will suit their needs. So if you are very good in any subject or has great skills then you can create a blog to sell them & make money as a blogger.

4 – Write sponsored content.

This is another best way to earn as a blogger. Here, you can approach businesses or they may approach you to write about their products. This method works best when you have a strong audience. Consider writing articles that are similar with your content. So write unique articles, earn good amount of visitors then you can start making money as a blogger by writing sponsored content. I have got upto 50$ for sponsored articles which is high enough for 2 hours work.

Top 10 Ways to make money blogging.

5 – Offer services.

You can also make money through offering services in your blog. You can offer services that are similar to your blog topic. Some common services are like graphic design, freelancer writing, and catering services.

6-Teach an online.

Online courses is also a great way to generate income. When taken seriously, you will make good income in your blog. A blogger wouldn’t require to teach many topics so as to make good revenue. With just a few courses, you can utilize your knowledge to generate income. You will make one time payment or recurring payments on subscriptions, your model will matter a lot.

7-Write guest blog post for media outlets.

When you are good in a certain topic. Brands with their own blog or members of press may ask you to contribute in a particular topic. When you get that opportunity, don’t shy off but contribute what you can. In case they don’t have idea about who you are, don’t hesitate to give out your details. A quick email is one of the best way to take your blogs name outside there. So guest posting is one of popular way to make money as a blogger.

8- Product review.

You can also approach some businesses to write reviews about their products. Once done it right, you will be earning some good cash.

9- Offer consultation services.

Consultation service is needed in almost every niche. you can opt to charge every hour of advice. Therefore, you can utilize your knowledge to generate income.

Top 10 ways to make money as a blogger
Top 10 ways to make money as a blogger

Top 5 ways to earn money on blogger.

10 – Offer coaching services.

Coaching services is a similar method to consultation. However, in coaching you deal with a particular individual unlike consultation where you deal with a team or organization. You can come up with several package you’ll offer. For instance, hourly consults, unlimited email consults, or DIY packages. So you can be a mentor & make money being blogger.

11 – Site sponsorship.

Similar to sponsored content and banner ads, you will make money. However, some advertisers will not be satisfied with sponsored content and banner ads. To get that full meal deal, the advertisers banner ads will be mentioned in your pop-up. Moreover, their logo will be in your blog’s banner and more.

12- Premium gates content.

Premium content refers to charging some of your content to the visitors. Simply put some fantastic information in paywall. The visitors will be required to pay, in order to access those content. Some plugins like paid membership pro or memberpress will enable you to set up your paywall within 10 minutes. So you can offer some valuable content to visitors that they cant get anywhere else & can ask for membership or one time payment for the same. So bloggers can make money with their valuable content.

13 – Create a business directory.

You can compile a list of what your readers mostly ask for recommendation. Then use those findings to approach related business and come up with your business directory. You can get started via a plugin called business directory plugin.

14 – Job board

As a blogger, you can also get good results when you opt to create a job. Apparently, many of your visitors will be returning to your blog. You will also make money while offering a valuable service. For instance, the popular job board called Problogger of Darren Rowse charges around $70 per month listing. In his 70 listings every month, he makes solid earnings in little investment of money and time.

So thanks for being with us till the end of article Best ways to make money as a blogger. In future we will also share different ways to earn money online apart from blogging. Some will be free and some may need investment.

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