September 28, 2023

5 Best Crime Investigative series on Netflix

5 best crime investigative series on Netflix, compiled here. Netflix, is the real deal in the current society. It provides you with all types of movies and series that you can watch. Usually, they have two offers, one that is offered for everyone and the other one that requires one to upgrade. Once you upgrade, you are able to access all types of movies without any restrictions. Moreover, you are able to select the type of content that you want to consume, so in this section, if you want to watch some of the 5 best crime investigative stories then look no further.

Investigative series, are those series that basically, try to investigate something that has happened in the series while bringing you along with them. You can learn a lot from this series while at the same time have so much fun. So, below is a list of the 5 best investigative series that you can watch on Netflix, they are:

The Sinner

The sinner, is one of the 5 best crime investigative series that you’ll ever get to watch on Netflix. What sets it apart from the rest is the fact that you don’t really need, any prior knowledge so as to understand the flow of this story. You can dive into it directly and binge watch it. The sinner,was directed by Derek Simmonds, and it derives it’s original network from the United States of America. At the beginning of each season, the perpetrator of a crime is usually revealed. So, the main question that is usually answered in the series is the why question.

Why did the individual actually do it? And this right here is the reason as to why most of us enjoy watching investigative series, since we get to see how the truth unfolds with time. Currently, the sinners has four episodes on Netflix, that you can look for. The first season, is about a mother who murdered a stranger on the beach, followed by the second which involves, a missing girl and a cult and the third one is about two men who made a pact while in college. Follow them up to get the gist. It really deserves to open this list of 5 best investigative crime series.

5 best crime investigative series, the Sinner.

Making a murderer

Making a murderer, is a series on Netflix, that is created by Laura Ricciardi and Demos Moira. It’s original network is Netflix, this series provides you with one of the best fascinating investigative series ever. In this, Netflix was able to bring out the story of Steven Avery, this was a man who had been wrongly convicted because of a brutal assault.

So after this, he basically sued the law enforcement and while in the middle of the suit he became a suspect of a brand new crime. In the investigative series, the first episode plays thirty years in the life of Steven Avery. It is compared to the Serial series , which gained so much popularity because of its greatness. It gets to involve us into the movie and now not only are we viewers but also, critical jury members who are so keen at how things unfold. Check this movie regarded as one of the 5 best crime investigative series on Netflix.

5 best crime investigative series.


Collateral, is one of those series that you just can’t forget adding them to the list, because of how impressive it is. with the movie considered as one of 5 best crime investigative series and available on Netflix. You will absolutely love it, read to know more about it. Collateral, was created by David Hare and derives it’s original network from BBC two. It is a four episodes series, which takes place in London. It occurs within a period of four days, it all starts after the shooting of a delivery pizza man.

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Collateral, is a United Kingdom Prestige Series, that you can’t miss. Some of the most incredible actors include, the Academy Award Nominee, Carrey Mulligan, who acts the role of Kip Glaspey. She refuses to accept the fact that maybe this murder was a random one, she is determined to look into the case and come up with facts that led to the murder of the guy. She believes that there are hidden things that she will unveil. Moreover, the series has other topics in it ranging from politics, race to social implications. Absolutely one of the 5 best investigative crime series ever.

5 best investigative series, collateral.

Dead to me

Dead to me, is an Original network work of Netflix, which was created by Liz Feldman. It is absolutely one of the 5 best crime investigative series on Netflix. In this story we have two ladies who meet at a grief support group, they are Christina Applegate who acts as Jen, and Linda Cardellini who acts as Judy. The husband of Jen, had died after a hit and run road accident some three months ago, on the other hand, Judy’s fiancee had died of a heart attack about eight weeks ago.

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This makes them to establish, a close level of friendship as the two share grief in common. This sprouts their friendship and it grows. The sense of humor in this masterpiece is on another level. The beauty of it all is the ability of the show to have a balance of pathos and humor. It keeps each in check without over focusing on one and neglecting the other. What a wonderful series to make our list of 5 best crime investigative series.

Dead to me series movie cover.

Dirty John

Dirty John, is one of the 5 best crime investigative series on Netflix. It was created by Alexandra Cunningham. Based on its tittle, it already gets you into the inquisitive mood, where you try to question what is happening and what led to this name. Dirty John is a true based investigative Netflix series. What sets it apart from the rest is, how fast things move, thus you have to be extremely keen and serious so that you can spot what is happening.

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In the second episode, cracks begin to be seen in the beautiful life’s of John and Debra. Eric BANA, acts as John while, Connie Britton acts as Debra. The series moves so fast to thriller horrific scenes that will keep you glued on your screens. What a fantastic movie in this list of 5 best crime investigative series. In the story, Debra’s mother, Jean Smart acting as Arlene, seems to accept the new man in Debra’s life despite all the red flags that can be seen. However, she supports this idea with a statement that, “ I love him because he loves you.” You’ll really learn a lot from this gem, look into it for the best exposure!

5 best crime investigative series

This are our 5 best crime investigative series on Netflix. You can get all of those movies on Netflix and enjoy. This is our list for today but you can expect changes in future depending on trends.

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