November 28, 2023


The most simple and known way to monetize mobile apps, it’s definitely through -app ads. If your choice of monetizing is through – app advertising, then look no further! Because we’ve got you! Here is a list of the best ad networks for Android apps.



1.Audience network- by Facebook.

Facebook Audience Network, will help you to make money with your Android app just by the touch of a button. All you need is: a Facebook account and a mobile app available on the Google play store, from there you’ll start making good cash.  Facebook Audience Network, works globally and highly supports the do it yourself monetization approach, thus you can easily set up and earn from ads.

2. Mopub – by Twitter.

Mopub is among the biggest mobile ad networks for app developers and publishers globally. So, mopub serves four types of ads which are: Banners, Native, Rewarded and Interstitials. Thus, in this case a network which is supported, will give you access to various bid strategies like network reporting, advanced building among others

3.Unity Ads.

Unity ads is recognized by most people in the gaming arena. The best thing about it is that, it not only supports apps on Androids but also, those of iOS moreover, it optimizes for LTV. It supports the following currencies: BRL, USD, CNY,EUR,JPY, KRW. To add the cherries on the cake unity, let’s you display different types of ads such as: banners, AR ads, videos etc.

4.Yahoo App publishing.

Yahoo app publishing exposes you to thousands of high quality Gemini advertisers of Yahoo . It serves you banners, full screen and native ads on your app. It also enables you to gain access to Flurry Analytics as well.

Media net is among the crème Dela crème of the advertising companies.  It is popularly known for its ability to create an original way of display to search. If you’re new to that then, display to search is a format of advertising which is often regarded as the best aAdsense. In you’ll be served with, display, native ads and contextual.



Tapjoy , is among the oldest monetization tools.  It supports the Android apps extremely well,  and also others like iOS and mobile web. It offers Rewarded video, playable ad formats, offerwalls and video Interstitial.  It’s distinguishing feature is that:  Instead of just showing regular app ads, they offer users to get Virtual currencies that users can spend to unlock content in the app from publishers.


StartApp operates in a smart manner. They have seven type of ads: Interstitial, virtual reality, 360 ads, Splash , video ,MREC Banners  and playable. With all this, startapp ,will give you the most engaging advertisements. This app can help you get high eCPMs and fill rates through their innovative ad units.


This is the next generation changing monetization app, it really does a good job in monetizing mobile games in particular, the best feature about fyber that makes it outsmart others is the fact that, it combines a million audience of advertisers with smart as monetization technologies.

9. Smaato.

Smaato is an all time go to, it serves over one billion global users on their mobile devices, let’s break this down roughly: more than 90,000 publishers, 10,000 advertisers , and over 90% of top 100 ad Age brands. Breath- taking, right? Smaato has a platform known as SPX, in this area publishers can be able to access an ad server , RTB ad exchange, private marketplace capabilities and many more. To add icing on the cake, they help publishers increase as revenues with dynamic demand, in this case impression yields are maximized on a single impression basis.

10.Index exchange.

Index exchange gives publishers access to advertisers globally, and also those from Agency Trading Desks. Index exchange, has really made work easier by allowing integration to be done by a team of skilled engineers allowing publishers to focus on what they are best in, rather than struggling with technical elements. Unlike others, index exchange puts in all the effort required to ensure ads meet quality standards furthermore, the ads get to be screened individually so that people publishers won’t have to worry about fraud or malware. Making everyone’swirk easier and safe!!

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Open X provides over 900 premium app publishers access to worldwide advertisers. It has a wide range of ad formats and integration options. The various ad types include: Interstitial ads, banner ads, rich media and various video ad formats.  OpenX maximizes their yield through both open auctions and private market places with access to premium mobile demand . So, basically it has over 135 Mobile first demand partners and over 11,000 advertisers.

12. Chartboost.

Chartboost has over 300,000 games. Their ad exchange offers publishers access to a big mobile gaming audience, relevant, user friendly and real time bidding ads for monetization. They offer varieties of ads including: rewarded video, interactive ads, native ads and more. Their advantage is that both of them have full transparency and control in the chartboost dashboard.


Adcolony offers : award-winning video, display and tech media ads that  are two in one in that, they not only generate the publishers app revenue but also, improve the users experience. In the context of custom ad units they offer both full screen, vertical, in feed placements and many more.


Rhythm one is  a multi-platform in that it helps mobile app developers and web publishers maximize their revenue. The company really gives it their all to ensure, publishers have gained access to hundreds of partners worldwide within it’s network, also it is able to provide a variety of solution incase a problem arises. This problem solving occurs to both sides both, client side( header bidder and proprietary tags) or the servers side ( Google exchange bidding) solutions, this process ensures that rhythmone members will find greater value from publisher partner inventory thus this, will lead to higher bid rates, revenue, cPMs  among others. This has been noticed that, publishers in rhythmone have seen upto 40%increament in their revenue.

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