November 28, 2023

Top 5 best native advertising networks.

Unlike the past, many publishers and bloggers have now ventured into native advertising networks. The native ads have many advantages over other traditional advertising systems. One advantage of native ads is how it blends with the site content. Therefore, a reader will be able to go through those ads without noticing they are advertisements.

Moreover, native networks will enhance the chances of clicking ads since they’ll make your content more interesting and relatable. The use native ads have increased in many publishers, including top news sites. With increasing popularity of this ad network, we should expect it to stay for long. So lets explore best native ad networks for publishers and advertiser’s.

Top 5 native advertising networks
Top 5 native advertising networks

Advantages of native ads over display ads

Native advertising will offer most, not only to bloggers but also advertisers. The following are some of the pros of using native ads.

1 –They don’t disrupt like display ads.

Native ads can blend well will your content, hence making them less disruptive. Moreover, viewers will greatly enjoy the content flow and the non disruptive display.

Native ads are beneficial to Content viewers, publishers, and advertisers.

All these kind of groups will love natives for different reasons. Content Viewers will enjoy the content flow displayed by native ads. Advertisers will benefit since they’ll generate a higher rate of engagement from users. Higher engagement will improve the CPM rates, hence increasing the ad revenues.

2 –Native ads can be used in any platform

This is another great advantage of native ads. They can be served by any ad platform. Therefore, advertisers and publishers can place ads on any social media platform and device.

3 – They boost sponsorship.

Through sponsorship, brands are able to advertise themselves on site content. Therefore, Sponsorship will enable advertisers to reach target market via native ads without disrupting the users experience.

4 – High click-through-rate (CTR)

Native ads have high-click-through-rate(CTR) compared to other typical display advertisment.


Top 5 best native advertising networks.

1 – Taboola

Taboola is a popular platform in delivering native ads. This platform delivers new as well as interesting content to people. Thanks to their vast topical information, service and product recommendation, in simple terms, interesting, entertaining, and engaging content. Taboola is engaging users across the globe, with over 1.4 billion unique users monthly.

The platform is currently working with some of the engaging and innovative sites, including USA today, daily mail, NBC, Tribune, ESPN, Fox sports, business insider, and more. The best thing about this network, it has good cost per click (CPC), plus maximum CPM and RPM rate, approximately 2.00$. the platform offers a minimum payout threshold of $100. Moreover, taboola enables marketers to use modern advertising like Geo-targeting in placing native ads.

Taboola - Innovative native ad network
Taboola – Innovative native ad network

2 – Outbrain

In 2006, outbrain was established and has become the top native ad network in terms of advertising and visibility. To display quality ads, this platform use filters. They have also created their name in this industry and currently working with big companies. One of the top company they are working with, includes sky news which has more than 10 million page views per month. They announced recently that they will merge with taboola then charge their name. With their reputation, they will undoubtedly dominate if they become one. But their objective is great, working together so as to compete top brands, including Facebook, and Google.

outbrain - Top 5 best native ad networks
outbrain – Top 5 best native ad networks

3 – MGID

This is another awesome native ad network for publishers. This ad network was launched in 2008 and has spread to millions of sites. The platform is also friendly to affiliate marketers, with a minimum deposit of $100 you are ready to go. Publishers are required to have a minimum traffic of 90,000 per month. This company has partnered with over 31600 publishers across the globe. Their ads are used in several countries, including USA, Europe, Canada, Asia pacific and other countries.

MGID has a variety of targeting options like browser, targeting OS, browser language,  Geo, and mobile connection. Moreover, this ad network supports a variety of ad formats, for instance, sidebar widgets, header content, and video. You can try this native advertising network and enjoy a minimum threshold of $ 100, plus a variety of pricing models like CPM, PPC, and Revcontent

MGID native advertising network
MGID native advertising network


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4 – Revcontent

Revcontent is somewhat a newbie who’s striving to connect advertisers with publishers. This native ad network has partnered with some of the premium publishers across the globe, including Wayfair, Forbes, conde Nast. It recommends up to 250 billion unique content every month, thanks to their great technological advancements. Moreover, you will enjoy a dedicated management team for your account to ensure better performance. To join this network, your traffic should not be less than 3 million. The supported ad formats, including   Revcontent also supports CPC (cost per click) and CPM (payment per a thousand viewers). You will receive a minimum payroll of $50.

revcontent ad network review
revcontent ad network review

Join Revcontent now

5 – Nativo ads networks

This is also one of the top native ads network that has dominated the industry, with an experience of only five years. Though you might not have heard much about this ads network. However, if you are a media publisher, this is an Ideal solution for you. Nativo has served ads to some of the premium publishers, including time Inc, Dow Jones, and The wall Street journal. This platform has no minimum requirements to be part of it. Also, you’ll get a minimum payout of 50$ only. With nativo, you’ll be given a chance to select either vCPM and eCPM monetization method.

Nativo - Online native ad network
Nativo – Online native ad network

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6 – Triplelift

Triplelift - Best Native ad network
Triplelift – Best Native ad network

In 2013, triplelift was founded hence it’s somewhat fresh in the native industry. Despite this platform being a newbie, it has worked hard to create reputation, therefore making into the list of best native advertising. This platform has encouraged publishers across the globe, due to it’s transparency and convince.

This platform will provide you with customer support team and an account manager for assistance in your ad campaign. The platform includes ad formats like in-feed, video ads, in-article, and carousel format. It also offers both CPC and CPM pricing models, with maximum CPM of $3.00. Moreover, their are no minimum traffic requirements to be part of this platform. Once you are in, expected a minimum payment of $50. If you are looking for adult native ad network then Plugrush is best choice.


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